Buccal Fat Removal 

The buccal fat pad is around a fat mass located in the hollow area near the cheekbones. All of us have buccal fat pads. It is their size that gives our face its shape. The size of buccal fat pads varies from person to person, depending on age, weight, and genes. In this regard, Buccal fat removal surgery involves modification of the buccal fat pads for a smaller and more prominent face.

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What is buccal fat removal surgery?

Also called Buccal Lipectomy or cheek fat removal, Buccal fat removal is a surgical procedure opted by people to reduce chubby cheeks and get a more angular face. The Buccal fat removal surgery aims to create soft transitions between different parts of the face like the upper, mid, and lower face. The Buccal fat removal procedure is either performed on its own or in combination with other cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty to improve the contour of the nose, botox, or lip augmentation. The aim is to give you a youthful counter and an enhanced face shape with permanent results and zero scars.

When Buccal fat removal is necessary

Buccal fat removal is an elective procedure. It is done to improve the cosmetic appearance of the face. It is generally opted for when you have a wider face on a comparatively thinner body because of a prominent buccal fat pad. People having genetically chubby cheeks or weight-induced chubby cheeks that persist even after losing weight can opt for the Buccal fat removal surgery to improve their facial contours. Overall, it is indicated if you are not satisfied with your cheek structure or round face and want an angular face to improve your self-esteem.

Eligibility for Buccal fat removal surgery

1) He is age suitable for the procedure, i.e., above 18 and below the maximum age limit for the surgery
2) Has a round face with chubby cheeks that can be surgically contoured
3) Is not severely overweight
4) Does not have any serious systemic conditions
5) Knows what to expect of the surgery
6) Is preferably a non-smoker with no history of drug abuse.

While the above parameters describe the ideal candidate for the surgery, there are ineligibility criteria as well. Candidates having Parry Romberg Syndrome, a condition causing one side shrinking of the face, are not eligible for the procedure as it may produce an uneven contour. Additionally, candidates with a narrow face are not ideal candidates for the procedure as it may cause the cheeks to look sunken post-surgery.

Apart from these, some requirements are not really standard, but your surgeon might ask for them to be met before finalizing you for Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai. Therefore it is ideal to consult your doctor/surgeon beforehand and clarify all doubts regarding the Buccal Fat Removal surgery.

Preoperative evaluation and care for Buccal fat removal surgery

A detailed evaluation of your face along with the rest of the body is mandatory while evaluating for the procedure. You will need to inform the practitioner about your history of systemic conditions as well as allergies to medications if any. Before finalizing you for Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai, you will be asked to get some blood tests done to check for systemic conditions, if any, that might impact your surgery. A facial analysis with pictures will be done before the surgery.

Once deemed eligible, you will be asked to stop any prior medications you were using, especially anticoagulants. You will need to abstain from smoking and drinking along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle for at least 2 weeks before your Buccal Fat Removal begins. On the day of the surgery, you will have to stop eating the night before the procedure for the general anesthesia to be administered and reach the Dubai clinic at least 2 hours prior to the Buccal Fat Removal surgery.

During Buccal fat removal surgery

Irrespective of the clinic you visit in Dubai, you will be first administered local or general anesthesia depending on whether you are scheduled for only buccal fat removal surgery or a combination of other surgeries alongside it. An incision will be made inside the cheeks, and the fat will be removed from there so there will be no visible scarring after the Buccal Fat Removal surgery. After the procedure, the area will be stitched with dissolvable sutures, and you will be shifted to the ward for postoperative care.

Buccal fat removal- Post-operative care

Post Buccal Fat Removal surgery, you will be monitored for any changes in parameters like blood pressure, persistent bleeding, and overall condition. The general anesthesia will begin to wear off in 3-4 hours, after which you will be given a disinfectant mouthwash to prevent infection in the sutures. You will be allowed to go home after the surgeon has ascertained your stable condition and will need to arrange for someone in Dubai to drive you home.

The outcome of the Buccal fat removal surgery

You will not see the results for at least 2-4 months after the procedure because of the residual swelling and bandages. After the sutures dissolve and the swelling improves, you will see a noticeable change in your facial contour. It is a permanent surgery, and you will not have to undergo any touch-up procedures post this surgery. Ensure that you diligently follow the postoperative care of your Dubai clinic and report for designated follow-ups to enable the surgeon to monitor and aid in your recovery properly.

At Bizrahmed, Dubai, we have the best doctors to help you make your Buccal Fat Removal procedure a hassle-free affair.

Benefits of Buccal fat removal surgery

Buccal fat removal surgery enables you to obtain a rejuvenated facial shape along with an improved facial appearance. You can get well-defined cheeks and a prominent jawline with it. It is a permanent procedure. Provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle after it to ensure that the rest of your body is by your face, it can tremendously boost your self-confidence along and subsequently improve the quality of your life for years to come. You can talk to an expert in Bizrahmed, Dubai, for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

In general, the cost for Buccal fat removal in Dubai varies depending on whether you want to add a little bit of enhancement or go for a significant buccal enhancement. Various factors like the buccal condition and the enhancement techniques play an important role in determining the cost of the buccal fat removal procedure in Dubai. Some people have heavy buccal fat that needs extra enhancement, leading to a more costly Buccal fat removal procedure.

Additionally, the location of the clinic in Dubai, the experience of the practitioner, and other additional surgery costs like medications and anesthesia determine the exact cost of the Buccal fat removal procedure.

It's better to clear all your doubts through an expert for Buccal fat removal in Dubai as soon as possible.

During your consultation for Buccal Fat Removal, the doctor should also provide you with certain guidelines as to how to prep before the surgery and what the aftercare should include. Consultations with surgeons are as important as surgical procedures when it comes to Buccal Fat Removal. In this regard, Bizrahmed would be your ideal bet for a hassle-free and painless buccal fat removal procedure in Dubai.

Irrespective of the best clinic you visit in Dubai, there will be some swelling and discomfort post-surgery that will gradually reduce in 10-12 days. You will be advised to avoid strenuous activities for at least a week after the procedure. You can shower and have light activity post-surgery but refrain from swimming and strenuous exercising, not at least under Dubai hot climate. Aerobic and cardio are to be avoided for at least a month after the surgery. During this time, liquid or soft food is advised with antiseptic mouth rinsing and medications to heal the wounds. You can rejoin work in 4-5 days but only if it does not involve strenuous activities.

Like any other surgery in Dubai, buccal fat removal surgery comes with a list of potential risks and complications. Risks of anesthesia complications, weak facial muscles post-surgery, poor healing, salivary duct injury, persistent pain with prolonged inflammation are associated with buccal fat removal surgery. But with an ideal surgeon In Dubai, advanced surgical technologies, and proper post-operative care, these risks can be avoided. That said, it is important to discuss and have an idea of these possibilities before the surgery and go for it with a clear mind. In this regard, Bizrahmed, Dubai, has the best clinical modalities to minimize your post-surgery risks. Talk to our buccal fat removal surgeons today.

An ideal plastic surgeon in Dubai is the answer to your prayers to get the contour you desire. It is important to choose the best doctor in Dubai to get the best results for your Buccal fat removal procedure. The following factors should be taken into consideration while searching for the ideal surgeon for you in Dubai.

The surgeon should-

1) Have 10+ years of experience in Buccal fat removal surgery

2) Have positive reviews about his skills and expertise

3) well understand your expectations about the surgery

4)  belong to a reputed clinic with ample modalities for Buccal fat removal surgery

At Bizrahmed, Dubai, we have the best doctors to help you make your Buccal Fat Removal procedure a hassle-free affair.

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