What is Rhinoplasty? 


Rhinoplasty or nose treatment is an invasive form of plastic surgery used for surgically modifying the nose. Also called the nose job, Rhinoplasty is used to improve the size and shape of a deformed nose present since birth or acquired due to accident, disease, or any factor. Rhinoplasty can also be used to modify the effects of previous unsatisfactory surgery or treat the damage caused by blunt or penetrating trauma. It is according to the Rhinoplasty type, that the extent of the procedure is, it can either be an open or closed rhinoplasty procedure. 


Are You an Ideal Candidate For Nose Reshaping? 


  • You are above 16 years old as the nose becomes fully developed and eligible for surgery by this age. 
  • You are not satisfied with the shape or overall size of your nose compared to the rest of your face.   
  • You have nose structure problems resulting from birth or acquired through illness or accident that need surgical correction.  
  • You have nasal tumors requiring both surgical and cosmetic correction. 
  • You have practical expectations from plastic surgery and are willing to abide by the surgeon’s treatment plans and follow his pre with postoperative advice. 

For any doubts related to the Rhinoplasty or if you want to query about nose surgery costs in Abu Dhabi, let the team of Bizrahmed help you. 


Rhinoplasty Procedure 


You will be advised to be comfortable in a loose, free-flowing garment and be administered general anesthesia on the day of your surgery. An interior incision will be done on your nostrils or the base of your nose by the surgeon to get to the cartilage or bone beneath the nose to modify it. Depending on the type of Rhinoplasty, either only the tip of the nose with the cartilage will be modified, or there will be complete removal of tissues and addition of fillers as per the treatment plan. Your bodily parameters like pulse, saturation, and overall blood pressure will be constantly monitored throughout the process. Post this plastic surgery; a nose cast will be applied onto your face, and you are shifted to the in-patient area for further monitoring till your anesthetic effects wear off.  


Rhinoplasty Operational Techniques


When looking for a nose job in Abu Dhabi, you will frequently come across these two options- Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty. Closed Rhinoplasty has less downtime and is mostly used on patients needing reshaping of the nasal tip. The healing time and the postoperative complications are significantly lesser in this procedure. Also, there is no visible scarring because of the incisions on the nose’s interior part.  

Opened Rhinoplasty is a much more invasive procedure that is required in case of extensive reconstructions. It also opts-in revision rhinoplasty, a repeat rhinoplasty performed in cases of unsuccessful or failed Rhinoplasty. Open Rhinoplasty involves making precise incisions and allowing a detailed view of the nasal tissue for better corrections. On the downside, the complication risk along with the healing time is more significant in open Rhinoplasty. Scarring is apparent in the initial stages but gradually fades away in a few months. However, you don’t have to worry about the complexities when you have the best surgeon for Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi. 


Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Abu Dhabi, UAE


If you prefer to be treated by an experienced surgeon well known for Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Bashar Bizrah would be your ideal bet. With 25+ years of experience in 38,000+ scarless Rhinoplasty surgeries, Dr. Bizrah has become a celebrity doctor in the Middle East and the UK. Patients come for his treatment worldwide for his bespoke command over Closed Rhinoplasty, which has already been acknowledged as one of the notable influences in the Rhinoplasty world by the USA classification of 2019. 


Benefits of a Nose Job 


  • It helps provide facial balance by increasing or decreasing the size of the nose in proportion to the rest of the face. 
  • It provides cosmetic relief and, in turn, boosts your self-esteem.  
  • It relieves breathing problems caused by a structurally deformed nose.  
  • It enables you to get rid of life-threatening tumors sometimes associated with your nose. 

However, all these benefits are inevitable when you go for the best surgeon and clinic for Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi. 


Rhinoplasty- Aftercare 


After the anesthetic effect, you will be required to stay in the clinic overnight or allowed to leave, depending on your postoperative situation and general condition. You cannot wear glasses for a few weeks post-surgery and will be required to shift to contact lenses for the time being. It is essential to maintain a semi-solid diet and refrain from hot foods during this time. Driving, strenuous activities, and even blowing through the nose along with gently brushing the upper part of the teeth should be refrained for at least 3-4 weeks post-treatment. Lastly, loose-fitting clothes should be worn throughout the healing period, avoiding pull-over garments to avoid any pressure on the nose cast. At Bizrahmed, we offer bespoke aftercare to our patients post their Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi. 


Nose Job Recovery 


Just after the surgery, there will be pain, soreness, and inflammation with bruising. You will not be able to see the effects of your plastic surgery because of the nose cast. The nose cast will be removed, two weeks prior to the surgery, and the inflammation and bruising to dissipate, after which you can get back to work. But strenuous exercises, swimming, and wearing glasses should be avoided for the next few weeks after the surgery. Within 3-4 weeks after the surgery, after removing the nose cast and reducing inflammation, you will notice an improved shape of your nose. The effects will improve, and it will take 4-6 months to visualize and enjoy the full results of plastic surgery. 


Rhinoplasty Cost in Abu Dhabi 


Rhinoplasty cost in Abu Dhabi depends on several factors like 

The severity of nose deformity- Nose with more significant damages or more prominent humps will require additional treatment apart from the main procedure.  


  • Surgeon and Clinic- When you go for an experienced surgeon and a reputed clinic, the nose surgery cost in Abu Dhabi may shoot up even by 30%. 
  • Type of Rhinoplasty surgery- Open Rhinoplasty, in general, is a more invasive and time-consuming procedure that requires greater precision and skill, which makes it generally more expensive than other modes of Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi. 
  • Additional costs like that of anesthesia, medications used and advised post-procedure, in-patient charges, and follow-up visits also decide the overall cost of such plastic surgery to some extent. 

If you want to receive an approximate quote for your nose surgery cost in Abu Dhabi, get in touch with the Bizrahmed team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country is best for nose surgery?

Currently, Dubai is the best for any plastic surgery. The last decade has seen Dubai emerge as a hub for trade, recreation, and hospitality, making it a favorite travel destination. With the adoption of the Dubai Health Tourism Strategy recently it has established itself internationally among the best places for plastic surgery and nose surgery, attracting an increasing number of people from all around and abroad for a nose job in Abu Dhabi. 

How does Rhinoplasty work?

Rhinoplasty surgery works by making surgical cuts over the nose and surgically modifying the cartilage to alter its shape for a cosmetic or a functional purpose. Cosmetic purposes include a disproportionate nose compared to the rest of your face or an aesthetic issue with your nose. Practical purposes include an accident-induced fracture or a sinus-induced problem that can be resolved by rhinoplasty surgery. The procedure works, provided you are getting treatment at the best clinic under the best doctor having a minimum of ten years of experience in Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi. 

How long does the nose job treatment take?

The time duration of nose job treatment depends on the type of rhinoplasty surgery being performed. While Closed Rhinoplasty involves making fewer changes to the nose taking (1-1.5 hours), Open Rhinoplasty involves extensive changes to the nasal tissue and cartilage, taking almost 2-3 hours for completion. However, these are only average estimations. Depending on the clinic you choose for Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi, you can expect a max of 1-2 hours of extra delay to the timelines mentioned above. 

Is Rhinoplasty painful?

Irrespective of the clinic you visit for your nose job in Abu Dhabi, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia. So, the surgery is generally not painful. After the effect of the anesthetics wears off, there will be soreness with inflammation and discomfort, but with proper post-operative care and medications, they will resolve in 7-10 days. Open Rhinoplasty is a more invasive surgery procedure, may cause more discomfort than a closed one. If you are worried about the procedure, let Bizrahmed help you. Talk to an expert doctor with a vast experience in Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi to clear your queries efficiently. 

What is revision rhinoplasty?

Revision Rhinoplasty is a corrective or revision surgery done to make up for a faulty or imperfect surgery. It is usually indicated when the previous nose job yielded unsatisfactory results or in case of a new trauma to the nose post the nose job. Revision rhinoplasty aims to improve the aesthetic effects along with the function of the nose. 

What are the different types of Rhinoplasties

It is of three different types – Reduction, Augmentation, and Reconstructive Rhinoplasty. While Reduction Rhinoplasty is a closed rhinoplasty limited to cartilage modification, Augmentation and Reconstructive Rhinoplasty are open and more open procedures that involve tissue addition and removal as their treatment plan. When it comes to Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi, all these three modes of treatment are available. 

What to expect during Rhinoplasty?

During Rhinoplasty, the surgeon goes for incisions within the nose. Depending on the type of nose job opted by the patient, either the cartilage only is modified, or an extensive procedure is decided for involving tissue removal or addition for achieving best results. The surgery will be performed, while you are in anesthesia and thus you will feel no pain or be aware of your surroundings. Your pulse and cardiac rhythms will be continuously monitored throughout the entire procedure. There will be a whole surgical team looking after you the whole time. However, these treatment modalities will differ from one clinic to another. That’s why go for only the best clinic for your nose job in Abu Dhabi. 

What is the usual recovery time for a rhinoplasty procedure?

Irrespective of the clinic or doctor you choose for your Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi, it takes 3-6 weeks to completely recover from the procedure’s effects. There will be pain and swelling in the first week, followed by a nose cast on the outer side. The nose cast will be removed in a week, and the bruising and swelling will gradually subside within two weeks. It will take 3-6 weeks for the recovery to be complete and you to enjoy the effects of an aesthetically pleasing nose.

Is reshaping your nose possible?

Rhinoplasty or a nose job makes it possible to reshape your nose. A disproportionate nose or a deformed nose by accident or injury can be restored to its beauty, provided you go for Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi under an expert. A typical nose that is not up to your liking can also be reshaped through Rhinoplasty. Additionally, if the results are unsatisfactory post reshaping or you incur another injury to your nose, a reconstructive procedure can also opt. 

How much does reshaping a nose cost?

The exact cost of a nose job in Abu Dhabi depends on the type of Rhinoplasty chosen and the extent of nose deformity required, which varies from one patient to another. Also, factors like the surgeon’s experience, the location of the clinic, its reputation, and the additional follow-up costs are equally important in deciding the rhinoplasty cost in Abu Dhabi.  


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