blankAgeing can cause the skin around neck and jaw to sag, resulting in the loss of the original sharpness of face. Neck Lift for sagging skin is a cosmetic surgery procedure that improves the overall appearance of the jaw line and contouring of the neck. A sophisticated surgical procedure, it gives better definition to the neck and angle of the jaw.

At the Bizrahmed, skilled cosmetic surgeons discuss the problems with the patients in detail and evaluate the effectiveness of the procedure.  Our specialists in Neck Lift Surgery work closely with Dr. Bashar Bizrah and offer the patients a treatment that’s tailor-made for their face cut.

Dr. Bashar Bizrah is among the leading cosmetic surgeons in Europe and Middle East, offering advanced facilities in Neck Lift surgery. His approach incorporates the process of tightening the muscles around the neck (platysma) and the loose skin and extra fat is removed. The Neck Lift cost in Dubai at the Bizrahmed  varies from patient to patient, depending on the technique used and the type of alteration a person wants.

Neck Lift Procedure

Neck Lift surgery is a safe procedure performed under local anesthesia. Depending on the patient’s requirement, laser treatment combined with liposuction is used to achieve the best results. In case of double chin and excess fat on the neck, the procedure of liposuction is sufficient enough. Dr. Bashar Bizrah and his team decides in advance the ideal course of action, as liposuction works best when the overlying skin is firm, has less fat and hasn’t lost its elasticity.

Neck Lift Surgery addresses signs of ageing in both the neck area and the lower face which includes the jaw. The aim is to achieve a naturally beautiful neckline that makes the skin smoother and firmer. For the best results and a refined appearance, surgeons at the Bizrahmed discuss the reasonable outcome and expectations during the initial consultations.

Things to Consider

Even though Neck Lift is a simple procedure, it is still quite a delicate one that requires precision and extreme care. The facilities offered at the Bizrahmed  are state-of-the-art and modern technology is used.

Cosmetic Surgery is about creating balance of facial features and that’s why you should always choose the best plastic or cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Bashar Bizrah’s excellent reputation makes him one of the best in the field and his experience of working with people of various ethnic backgrounds adds to his credibility.

Make sure you choose right, and you choose smart.

Necklift Surgery Cost

The Neck Lift cost in Dubai at the Bizrahmed  varies from patient to patient, depending on the technique used and the type of alteration a person wants.

Complications and Risks

Neck Lift Surgery is among the safest cosmetic procedures. While there are hardly any complications, these factors are normal as with any minor surgery.

  • Minor Bleeding
  • Pain (the surgeons normally prescribe pain killers)
  • Bruising and Swelling
  • Infection (extremely rare and controlled by antibiotics)
  • Reaction to anesthesia
  • Numbness of the neck (also very rare)
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