What is Cheek Augmentation Surgery?

Cheek Augmentation is a cosmetic, reconstructive surgery performed to improve facial features through cheek enhancements. It is usually performed on sagging cheeks to give a younger-looking smooth look and on otherwise healthy cheeks to enhance aesthetic appearance.

Cheek Augmentation in Dubai at Bizrahmed is a highly sought-after procedure because of the growing demand for younger-looking features. That with the surgeon’s skill in providing the best facial fillers in Dubai has further increased its popularity in terms of dynamic performance.

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Benefits of Cheek Augmentation

  • Provides fuller and softer facial features
  • Corrects facial tissue loss (age-related/ due to disease)
  • It helps improve the quality of life through better aesthetic appearance
  • Corrects any form of facial asymmetry
  • Reverses signs of ageing and provides a youthful appearance to individuals

Dermal fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed are applied using sophisticated application techniques that make them safe and lasting for longer. Care is taken to achieve the desired look without overdoing the effects.


Types of Cheek Implants

Cheek implants, based on their shape, are of 3 types, namely:


Malar Implants are used for the improved contour of the malar or cheekbone region. It is usually used in subjects wanting a sharper facial profile with a prominent angular projection.

At an ideal clinic, Malar cheek fillers in Dubai are implemented using sophisticated technology by medical experts with a wide range of experience in malar Implants. Subsequently, the implants last much longer and are designed to suit any age group with prominent cheek preference.


The submalar region covers the area just underneath the eyes. Submalar implants are used in nasolabial folds underneath the eyes and cases of lipid dystrophy-induced Facial Wasting Syndrome.
Submalar cheek fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed are custom designed to improve the contour of the midfacial region and give a fullness to the face. These implants best address the age/illness-related gauntness of the face.


Combined cheek implants use both Submalar and malar Implants to improve the aesthetic appearance of facial features. They are usually indicated in cases of extreme facial asymmetry or loss of facial tissue, severely affecting the subject’s self-esteem.

Irrespective of the clinic you choose for combined cheek fillers in Dubai, your health matters because of the intricacies involved in this procedure.

Treatment Options available for Cheek Augmentation at Bizrahmed

Cheek Augmentation in Dubai at Bizrahmed is a highly sought-after procedure because of the holistic approach of surgeons, with highly successful outcomes reported by subjects worldwide. Here is the list of treatments available for cheek augmentation at Bizrahmed.

1- Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Rhytidectomy or facelift method of cheek augmentation in Dubai at Bizrahmed involves contouring by removing excess skin, causing wrinkles and facial folds. Sagging areas of the jawline are specially treated through the Rhytidectomy method. It serves to achieve its functions without adding implants or cheek fillers. Usually, Rhytidectomy is performed on its own or in combination with other surgeries like eyebrows lift/ forehead lift to impart the subject younger-looking features.

2- Facial fillers

Before you go for facial fillers in Dubai, remember your skin type, allergic status, and other safety features. Consisting of skin-compatible components like hyaluronic acid, PMMA, and Polylactic acid, facial fillers are considered an effective treatment for patients deemed ineligible for invasive procedures.
Cheek fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed are finalized based on
– an area of the face requiring treatment
– density of the filler being used
– Metabolic status of the subject

3- Dimple creation surgery

Dimple creation is a unique form of cheek augmentation in Dubai available at Bizrahmed and is always in vogue because of its ever-growing popularity and demand. It consists of making incisions over the cheek regions of the face to create the appearance of dimples over the face artificially. Apart from surgically creating dimples, Ellanse, a unique form of cheek filler in Dubai, is used by experienced surgeons to develop dimples quickly and safely. Whether it’s about dimple creation surgery or facial fillers in Dubai, take the advice of a professional doctor before proceeding.

Ideal Candidates for cheek augmentation

An ideal candidate for Cheek Augmentation should be:

  • minimum 18 years of age
  • with ageing-related loss of volume on cheeks
  • systemic conditions induced Volume loss like HIV
  • with congenital/ acquired asymmetrical cheeks

To confirm your eligibility status for Cheek Augmentation in Dubai, contact our experienced team at Bizrahmed.

Moreover, the candidate must have realistic expectations of the procedure. Augmentation and dermal fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed are performed, considering all of the mentioned factors. Additionally, candidates with a previous history of unsuccessful cheek augmentation have reported satisfactory results with dermal cheek fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed.

How Does Cheek Augmentation Work?

Cheek enhancements add volume to the malar or Submalar facial regions by adding fillers or fat transplants. Sometimes incisions are created in conditions of dimpleplasty for aesthetic improvement.

When you go for an ideal clinic for dermal cheek fillers in Dubai, it follows a customized form of cheek enhancements with specialized plans for each patient.

Preparing for Cheek Augmentation Surgery

Before your doctors deem you eligible for dermal fillers in Dubai, you must:

  • Give up smoking at least two weeks before the surgery
  • Get the required diagnostic tests done like blood tests, physical evaluation, and others
  • Prepare for the surgery by taking leave and informing about your absence from work for a few days
  • Prepare a recovery space in your place where you can have the required postoperative rest
  • Arrange for an attendee to accompany you.

Note: Post dermal filler implementation in Dubai at Bizrahmed, medical authorities may advise you to stay there for complete night observation and get discharged the next day in case of non-availability of attendee with the patient.

– Abstaining from alcohol 48 hours before surgery

– Avoiding food intake after midnight on the day of surgery, especially during invasive procedures

– Washing hair a day before surgery to prevent the risk of infection

– Avoiding chemicals, cosmetics, or perfumes on the day of surgery and wear loose-fitting clothes to the surgical centre.

On your day for dermal fillers in Dubai, go for a fibre-rich diet before the surgery as a natural alternative to an excellent surgical outcome.

During The Procedure

Does cheek augmentation require anaesthesia?

Invasive cases of cheek augmentation require local/general anaesthesia. Non-invasive augmentation techniques require topical anaesthesia because of the injection applications at multiple facial points.

Surgeons conducting dermal fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed advise sedatives in addition to anaesthetics for added comfort of the patient.

Is cheek augmentation painful?

Cheek Augmentation is performed under the influence of sedatives and anaesthetics and thus is a painless procedure. Analgesic medication effects reverse the mild discomfort post anaesthetics.

Post completion of facial fillers sessions in Dubai at Bizrahmed, special care is taken by the medical team to ensure the utmost comfort of the patient.

How long does the cheek augmentation procedure take?

The time taken for the augmentation procedure is a variable factor and depends on

  • The type of Augmentation, i.e., whether invasive or non-invasive
  • Skills of the surgeon
  • The severity of facial conditions treated through Augmentation
  • Requirements of the patient

Clinical centres for dermal fillers in Dubai, like Bizrahmed, counsel the subject about their expectations from the surgery, additional surgical requirements, and overall sensitivity condition to provide a concrete idea about the time taken for Augmentation.

What to expect after Cheek Augmentation Surgery?

Patients have a familiar doubt regarding a new lifestyle after going for dermal fillers in Dubai. In this regard, here are some essential knowledge supplements.

Immediately after the anaesthetics are worn off-post cheek augmentation surgery, you will feel pain and discomfort gradually going down. Your entire face will be bruised or swollen, and you won’t be able to see any results. You will be groggy for 1-2 days because of the effect of the medications.

There will be bandages that will be removed in due course. Sutures will produce tiny suture scars that will fade in due course.

However, regarding cheek augmentation in Dubai, Bizrahmed could be your ideal choice because of our high success rate and impeccable post-surgery treatment and care.

In this regard, our surgeons advise patients to apply ice packs over the swollen regions to reduce inflammation and share tips for leading a hassle-free lifestyle until the swelling goes down completely.

Postoperative Cheek Augmentation

– Overfilling appearance of filler areas

– Bruising, numbness of facial regions, discomfort

2-4 Weeks After Surgery

-Numbness feeling gradually dissipates

-Swelling and pain reduces significantly

4-6 Weeks

-Swelling completely subsides

– Suture scars start fading, allowing you to observe the effects of your procedure

After successfully obtaining dermal fillers in Dubai, it is advisable to rest during this period, consume a semi-solid diet and drink through a straw to avoid strain on facial muscles.

A list of postoperative care and instructions is provided to prospective patients undergoing implementation of facial fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed for an easy guide.

Recovery and Downtime

After you have dermal fillers, it takes 4-6 weeks to recover from the procedure thoroughly. However, you will notice improvement throughout different timelines post-surgery as follows.


How long do cheek implants last?

Cheek implants, once inserted, can last for a lifetime as they are affixed to the facial bone structures using a screw. Neither do they move, nor do they get affected by ageing.

Implanted cheek fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed are placed using utmost precision and updated techniques to enable them to be perfectly aligned and contribute optimally to your aesthetic growth.

Are the results of cheek augmentation permanent?

The results of cheek augmentation are long-lasting but not permanent.

The longevity of these results can be extended by

– Following preoperative and postoperative precautions

– Regular follow-ups

– Undergoing maintenance sessions

Moreover, irrespective of the clinic you choose for facial fillers in Dubai, you will be advised to have a healthy lifestyle to maintain the results.

Why Choose Bizrahmed for Cheek Augmentation?

  • Provide a one-stop solution to facial improvement through Augmentation, facelift, and age reversal techniques
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art technology that is superior in terms of efficiency and overall quality
  • Dermal fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed are safe, bio-compatible materials that have been FDA approved and passed the quality check for adequate performance.
  • We carefully select facial fillers in Dubai, keeping their viscosity effects, safety conditions, and potential in treating the subject’s facial conditions.
  • Highly experienced team of surgeons with worldwide experience in dealing with augmentation methods.
  • A holistic approach by the medical team to address the subject’s physical and mental condition through the treatment regimen.
  • The reputation of providing controllable results. Dermal fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed provide a wide range of dramatic to slight results depending on the subject’s requirement.
  • Consistent positive online reviews from patients for facial fillers in Dubai

Cheek augmentation cost in Dubai

Cheek Augmentation cost in Dubai is a variable factor and depends on-

  • Type of fillers used (viscosity of the filler and its filler potential)
  • Quantity of fillers used
  • Skills and experience of the surgeon
  • Amount of fillers used
  • Additional costs like anaesthetics, medication costs, and followership visits

For patients with dermal fillers, treatments in Dubai at Bizrahmed avail free follow-up sessions post-surgery for the convenience of the patients.

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