Thigh lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure used to tighten sagging thigh muscles or to remove excess skin in the thigh. With age, fat and cellulite often accumulate around the thighs that do not improve significantly with diet or exercise. In this regard, a thigh lift is recommended to improve the tone of the thigh muscles along with providing firmer upper legs.



Thigh lift  Surgery in Dubai


There are multiple thigh lift techniques required as per your condition and area of thigh needing modification. While an inner thigh lift addresses the reduced skin elasticity caused by the aging process or extreme weight loss, a mini thigh lift takes care of the sagging problems in the upper third of the leg. A Bilateral thigh lift lifts your buttocks along with your legs, while a medial thigh lift improves the shape of your leg.


Thigh lifting is a diverse procedure and can be customized according to your preferences along with your surgeon’s plan of action. 

In this regard, if you’ve been looking for a plastic surgeon for thigh lift surgery in Dubai, Bizrahmed would be your ideal bet. 

Indications for thigh lift surgery


Heavy thighs with general obesity causing rashes or restricting motility are the first indication for a thigh lift surgery. Poor skin quality in the thighs, surgically induced weight loss with saggy and lax skin are clear indicators for the procedure. Additionally, flabby thighs weight due to loss through dieting or exercising or even age-related are indications for a thigh lift surgery.


Fitting the Eligibility criteria


If you are above 18 and are in overall good health physically and mentally; physically because systemic conditions may create complications for the surgery and mentally as the surgery can be mentally taxing. 

A healthy lifestyle vastly improves your eligibility for the surgery, as smoking and drinking can impact your recovery period after the surgery.


Having unwanted skin and tissue is an eligibility criterion but maintaining a healthy lifestyle after preserving the results is necessary. Overall having a realistic expectation about the procedure makes you an ideal candidate for the surgery.


Finding The Best Surgeon


A good surgeon is quintessential for the success of your rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai and for making sure that the whole procedure goes smoothly without any hitch. To get the best surgeon for you, find one who has vast experience in conducting Thighplasty surgery with an ethical record of his transactions. Online reviews help you decide whether a surgeon is ideal for you or not. A surgeon who understands your expectations from the surgery yet is practical and forthcoming is perfect for ensuring a successful outcome.


Evaluation Before The Surgery


Your initial screening will include a detailed examination of your thighs along with the rest of the body. You should be explaining about your complete lifestyle, medications, previous surgeries, and drug allergies if any. The surgeon will inquire about your expectations from the surgery and provide you with detailed information and its pros and cons. This will help you understand if whether you are eligible for the procedure and enable you to finalize your decision to go forward with it.


Preoperative Measures


A detailed re-examination of your thighs will be done before the procedure to rule out any chances of infection or other problems in the thighs before the surgery. Diagnostic procedures like x-rays and blood tests will be advised as per the treatment plan of the surgeon. It is essential to stay hydrated before the surgery and take Vitamin C with iron supplements to better heal post-procedure. Regular exercising with thoroughly cleaning your thighs is also essential so that they remain sterile.


The surgery will be performed under anesthesia. So, you will be required to stop eating 12 hours before the procedure to help the anesthesia kick in.


On The Day Of Surgery


On the day of your rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai, you will be asked to report to the clinic a few hours prior. A final re-evaluation of your thighs will be done, along with monitoring weight fluctuations between the examination and the surgery date.


You will be prepped for the surgery. Your thighs will be thoroughly cleaned with medicated cleaning agents before administering the anesthesia, so you don’t feel any pain during the procedure.


During The Thigh Lift Surgery


Incisions are made in the thighs during the surgery, depending on the type of rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai you have opted for. The excessive fat deposits and soft tissues will be removed, and the surgeon will tighten the thigh muscles. Your skin will be pulled taut and trimmed for a smooth look post-recovery. If required, liposuction might be performed to remove extra fat deposits. Post-surgery, the incised area will be closed with sutures taking precautions to prevent fluid accumulation and infection.

If you want to understand the procedure involved in rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai, let an expert surgeon from Bizrahmed guide you.


Post-Operative Care


Post this reconstructive tightening surgery, you will be shifted to the outpatient area and monitored for pulse or blood pressure changes till your anesthesia wears off. You will need to stay in the clinic for a day or two and put on your compression garment for the safety of the incisions. You cannot sit for two days or take any aspirin or ibuprofen for the protection of your incisions. These post-surgery protocols are standard irrespective of the clinic you chose for Thighplasty surgery in Dubai. 


After 2-3 days of this reconstructive tightening surgery, you can manage to walk around. Once you are deemed fit for discharge, doctors will explain the postoperative care. Mild pain and soreness are the common after-surgery side effects, but they will gradually subside with prescribed painkillers and proper care.




After a thigh lift procedure, the recovery period will depend on the type of procedure you’ve opted for. You will feel pain and soreness for the first 24 hours after the tightening surgery and may require help for going to the bathroom and taking care of your incisions. You will be discharged in 2 days after explaining the postoperative instructions and will need to follow up after a week. You can sit carefully on your thighs after two to three weeks of this reconstructive surgery and can return back to work, provided it does not involve strenuous activities.


You will need to avoid exercising until 6-8 weeks of your recovery period and resume them only after approval from your surgeon. Your scars will begin to fade in 2-3 months, and you may expose them to sunlight but with SPF protection. You must maintain proper care during your recovery period for a successful outcome. It’s better to ask about these things during your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon for Thighplasty surgery in Dubai. 




You cannot see any immediate result of your surgery because of the inflammation and compression garments. As the inflammation will start reducing and your compression garments will be removed, you will start seeing the results in 6-12 months of your Thighplasty surgery in Dubai. They will be further accentuated on fading of the surgical scars, after which you will notice younger-looking thighs with attractive contours. It is essential to have a healthy lifestyle post this reconstructive surgery to maintain these contours.


Benefits of Thigh lift surgery


Hygiene comfort is one of the essential benefits of Thigh lift surgery. It solves the cleaning folds of skin and tissue that become a breeding point for bacteria and fungi. It solves the irritation caused by the chafing of the thighs and enables you to try more comfortable outfits. It provides you with smooth legs and boosts your self-confidence for an improved quality of life. All you have to do is to go to an ideal clinic for Thighplasty surgery in Dubai.


Tightening Complications


Bleeding and infections are the most potential complications following the surgery, irrespective of the clinic you visit for thigh lift surgery in Dubai. They can be avoided by wearing compression garments and with proper postoperative care. These scarring and sagging may not entirely subside. The former will eventually fade away, and the latter may need revisional surgery to further the outcome. Additionally, anesthesia complications and necrosis with fluid retention are potential complications that can easily be avoided by selecting an ideal clinic for thigh lift in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions


It will take you 6-12 months to see the tightening. It will last for several years. You can prolong their lasting period by keeping an active lifestyle and regular exercising with healthy eating post your thigh lift surgery in Dubai. 

During the procedure, you are likely to not feel the pain because of the anesthetic effects. Post-surgery there will be inflammation and discomfort for a few days, which can be resolved with ice packs, medications, and proper postoperative care as suggested by your plastic surgeon.

Irrespective of the clinic you visit for thigh lift surgery in Dubai, there will be scarring post-surgery after healing incision wounds. But due to the advanced technology used for the procedure, the scars will gradually fade and eventually fade to a bare minimum in years.

It will depend on the treatment plan of the plastic surgeon about the type of thigh lift procedure required to remove cellulite (Excess fat). With the correct kind of thigh lift surgery, cellulite appearance can be improved if not completely removed.

Complete bed rest of two to three days is advised post-surgery while keeping the legs elevated. But patients are advised to take short light walks to enhance blood circulation and aid in the healing process after such a reconstructive surgery.

There will be risks associated with the anesthesia, sedatives, procedure, and healing process irrespective of the clinic you chose for thigh lift surgery in Dubai. But with a good plastic surgeon by your side and by properly following post-surgery precautions, these complications can be avoided with ease.

You will need to diligently wear your compression garment and avoid exertion for a faster recovery. In addition, staying hydrated while following a low sodium diet will reduce the risk of complications, further aiding in recovery. Proper rest and taking timely medicines will also help speed up the recovery process.

The surgery cost for thigh lift in Dubai depends upon many factors such as the amount and location of excess fat to be removed, diagnostic testing required, the qualification of your plastic surgeon, location of the clinic, etc. You can get in touch with Bizrahmed to receive a quote for your thigh lift surgery in Dubai. 

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