What is Buttock Augmentation?

Buttock Augmentation or butt fat surgery is an invasive procedure that reshapes your gluteal region by removing or adding body fat. The main aim of Augmentation is to achieve an improved aesthetic appearance of the individual through buttock fat transfer. But other than that, it takes the case of the issue of asymmetrical gluteal region, abnormal fat loss through illness or injury, and other conditions.

Buttock Fillers in Dubai have been a great favorite among the cosmetic clientele since the advent of social media culture. Our medical team at Bizrahmed, Dubai, aims at aesthetic perfection and offers a variety of methods through butt fat injections and invasive options to achieve desired results.

Butt implants vs. Buttock Fat transfer

Butt implants are a form of artificial enhancing agents surgically inserted in the gluteal regions for increased volume. In this method, silicone implants are surgically inserted through an incision in the posterior regions to increase volume. Apart from implants, silicone butt fat injections are another way of achieving gluteal perfection.

Buttock fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed are performed using FDA-safe silicone techniques. Our medical personnel ensure your comfort and safety at each step of the procedure with follow-up monitoring and arrangements for a speedy recovery.


Buttock Fat transfer or Brazilian Butt Lift is a mildly invasive procedure in which body fat is used for contouring the area in question. Also referred to as buttock fat transfer, in this procedure, Fat has previously been removed from Fat prone areas of the body through the liposuction method. The removed Fat is purified and prepared as injections that are strategically provided in the form of fat butt injections. Butt fat transfer has the following advantages:

  • comparatively safe
  • provides natural-looking results
  • lasts for a longer time

How much Fat is needed for a fat transfer to Buttock’s butt lift?

Usually, 1000cc (1 L) of harvested Fat is recommended by surgeons for a successful butt fat surgery with 500 ccs of Fat for each Buttock for achieving symmetrical balance. Keeping in mind, this measurement is done taking into consideration buttock fat transfer for aesthetic purposes.

For conditions for buttock fat transfer more reconstructive in origin, like gluteal asymmetry that is congenital or acquired, the measurements are adjusted as per the patient’s condition with the surgeon’s treatment plan. Overall, 1.5L -2L is the maximum capacity of usable Fat that can be transferred for a safe butt fat surgery keeping in mind that a small percentage of the compounds will get reabsorbed/ die during the process of fat butt injections. 


Buttock Enhancement Procedure

The Enhancement Procedure is a combination of butt fat surgery and butt fat injections combined for a successful treatment regimen. It is done in the following steps.

Augmentation technique

Method 1 – Buttock implants


Step 1

Administration of anesthetics followed by marking of incision sites with colored markers.

Step 2

The surgeon removes Fat from excess fat regions of the body like the abdomen, thighs, and planks

Step 3

The removed Fat is centrifuged and purified into a concentrated form, followed by preparing it into fat butt injections administered for improved gluteal part contour and shape.


Buttock Lift

Buttock lift form of butt fat surgery is performed by only removing excess skin and Fat instead of added contouring treatment.

Step 1

You are administered anesthetics, and incision sites are marked.

Step 2

The surgeon will make an incision on your Buttock’s strategic positions to remove excess Fat and skin.

Step 3

After completion, the incisions will be closed and sutured. The surgeon will dress your incision wounds and shift you to a private ward for observation till your anesthetic effects wear off.


Butt fat surgery of any form at Bizrahmed is performed by highly qualified professionals with worldwide experience in augmentation techniques. Before the procedure, you are first counseled and prepped through checkups and diagnostic tests. 

You are offered a set of surgical care leaflets to ensure your butt fat surgery is performed without any hiccups to match its success.


Ideal Candidates for Buttock Augmentation

Ideal candidates for a butt fat surgery or Buttock Augmentation should:

  • above 18 years of age
  • look forward to improving the aesthetic of the Buttock
  • have asymmetrical butt/ butt abnormalities

  • have postural issues because of unnatural butt
  • Not be allergic to the butt fat injections or other components that are part of an augmentation technique
  • have realistic expectations from the surgery
  • be willing to abide by the surgeon’s treatment plan and methods of buttock fat transfer.

What are the benefits of Buttock Augmentation?

When you go for a Buttock Augmentation under an experienced surgeon, you get the following benefits. 

  • Improve the self-esteem through improved aesthetic appeal
  • Improve your gait that is affected because of asymmetrical butt
  • get a younger-looking contoured appearance because of the butt fat injections and other augmentation techniques
  • Enable getting rid of excessive skin as a part of age-related changes/ weight fluctuations
  •  avail a natural-looking butt appearance, especially in congenital cases of abnormal gluteal regions
  • improve your quality of life through buttock modification.

Why Choose Bizrahmed for Buttock Augmentation?

  • Bizrahmed is one of the most successful plastic surgery centers in Dubai, offering a wide range of buttock Augmentation techniques with promising outcomes.
  • The entire team is dedicated to achieving perfection with successful outcomes.
  • We take a holistic approach to the problem and aim at providing physician and psychological relief to our patients through our surgical interventions.
  • Bizrahmed is one of the few centers in Dubai that provides a customized treatment plan to each augmentation patient for optimum results.
  • Our treatment plan is simple yet effective that provides long-lasting results irrespective of the manner of buttock fat augmentation
  • We have a 99% success rate regarding Buttock fillers in Dubai. 

  • We don’t believe in the “one formula fits all” theory. Our surgeons aim to provide realistic results through fat butt injections. The quantity gets decided to depend on the patient’s unique body requirements.
  • Bizrahmed provides quality services at a reasonable service charge, which enables many people to avail of our services, especially Buttock fat transfer in Dubai
  • Buttock fat transfer at Bizrahmed is performed using state-of-the-art technology superior to that of other centers in terms of efficiency and better-quality results.
  • We offer inpatient housing facilities to our subjects arriving from outside to avail of our services and get serviced by our efficient team members of the center.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a buttock enhancement procedure is a variable factor and depends chiefly on

  • The type of augmentation techniques
  • Amount of buttock fat transfer. More significant amounts of fat transfer are more expensive than smaller quantities of fat transfer
  • Experience and skills of the surgeon handling your condition
  • Inhouse charges and additional costs like anesthetics and medication

    Before recommending buttock fillers in Dubai to our patients, we offer free follow-up visits to address their queries and problems. 

Buttock Augmentation or Gluteoplasty is used to improve the buttocks' shape, size, and volume through invasive and non-invasive procedures. The augmentation technique achieves its functions through buttock fat transfer, liposuction, butt fat injections, and other methods.

The longevity of buttock implants depends on

  • The type of implantation procedure (Solid silicone implants last longer than silicon injection technology)
  • The skills of the surgeon inserting the fillers

  • The postoperative aftercare done by the patient (exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight can prolong their life span)

    Buttock fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed are implemented with the addition of a Brazilian butt lift to ensure a longer life for the fillers.


  • Allergic reactions to the implants
  • Anesthetic risks associated with the procedure
  • Postoperative complications like bleeding and Excessive bruising
  • Butt asymmetry or patient not satisfied with the overall results
  • Fat necrosis or fluid accumulation after the surgical procedure

    Patients often face these complications when they go for buttock fillers in Dubai through a cheap clinic. At Bizrahmed, we opt for regular follow-ups to monitor the subject and their recovery process. We even advise Augmentation through buttock fat transfer. Not only does it offer natural-looking results, but the method, because of using the subject's own body fat, is comparatively free of side effects and associated adverse reactions.


Butt augmentation takes approximately 4-6 weeks, with

Week 1-2 Pain subsides along with a level of inflammation

Week 3-4 Bruises heal along with healing of areas of incision

Week 4-6 Inflammation completely subsided, and you can start seeing the results of your procedure

Augmentation through butt fat transfer takes longer than the implantation method, but the results are longer lasting in this method. We aim to make buttock fillers in Dubai hassle-free for patients at Bizrahmed by providing adequate care, using quality fillers and superior surgical technology to enable the implants to last longer.

Buttock Augmentation is entirely safe and reliable as long as it is-

  • Performed at a reputed clinic
  • Performed by surgeons with the required skills and expertise in handling such cases
  • rest assured of Pre and Postoperative care
  •  done in conjunction with adequate follow-ups to periodically monitor the augmentation area
  • taken seriously by the patient, including lifestyle changes for better quality treatment outcomes

    Surgeons often advise Augmentation through buttock fat transfer at Bizrahmed to increase the safety parameters of the procedure. We further aim to improve Augmentation using Buttock fillers using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a safe method.

Buttock augmentation is advisable when

  • the appearance of the gluteal regions affects the self-esteem and quality of living of the subject
  • buttocks are the cause of improper posture and gait
  • the patient is physically and mentally fit for the procedure and can abide by the plans of the surgeon

    Buttock fillers in Dubai at Bizrahmed are often implemented, keeping in mind the result and avoiding unnatural after-look to the gluteal regions through excessive amounts of silicone implants or injections. If you have any queries related to Buttock fat transfer, get in touch with any of the surgeons at Bizrahmed to know what works best for you. 

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