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Breast Lift in Dubai or Mastopexy is a popular technique used to adjust the shape of sagging breasts and make them firmer. For years, women have been obsessed with the appearance of their breasts due to a variety of reasons. Living with sagging, inelastic, and deteriorating breasts at an early age can be a blow to any woman’s self-esteem. In certain cases, women may recover the shape of their breasts with Breast Lift surgery. Breast lift Surgery at Bizrahmed is an advanced cosmetic procedure that has helped many women achieve a rejuvenated appearance. Our Breast Lift Surgery Dubai team makes sure that the procedure implements techniques tailored to meet every woman’s unique needs.

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Why Choose Bizrahmed for your Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai?

Several clinics are providing Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai, but Bizrahmed is regarded as one of the top breast lift clinics in Dubai providing Breast Lift at fairly reasonable rates. The treatment we provide makes the breasts firmer and stiffer, providing women with many aesthetic, physical, and psychological advantages. Many of the main advantages include:

  • It makes the breasts more desirable and youthful by improving their fullness and fitness.
  • Increases the projection and alignment of the breasts.
  • Enhances the entire cosmetic look.
  • Gives longer-lasting effects.
  • The size of your breasts will not decrease.
  • It broadens the wardrobe choices for you.
  • Raises your faith and self-esteem.

Who Should Consider Breast Lift Surgery?

You are an ideal candidate for breast lift in Dubai if:

  • You’ve got sagging breasts, your breasts have lost structure and size, or have grown flatter.
  • Your nipples slip behind your breast creases while your breasts are not supported.
  • The breasts and areolas are pointed downwards.
  • Your areolas are spread out of proportion to your breasts.
  • One of the breasts is smaller than the other.

What are the benefits of Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai?

There are many advantages of breast lift surgery in Dubai, including.

  • It aesthetically increases the fullness of your breasts and helps them look more natural and youthful.
  • Increases the symmetry of your breast.
  • It gives long-lasting effects.
  • Raises your self-esteem.

Breast Lift Procedure

Breast Lift comes under body contouring and removes some of the skin in the breast area. The breast tissue and nipple is raised resulting in the firming and lifting of the breasts. Typically, a bilateral procedure, it can also be performed on only one breast so that symmetry is created with the other breast.

The top surgeons from Bizrahmed Breast Lift Dubai team perform the surgery under general anesthesia. Even though the procedure requires great precision and care, it is one of the safest cosmetic surgeries. The loose skin on the sagging breasts is removed, breast reduction and lift method is applied and the nipple is placed back at its natural position. The surgery usually takes an hour, but the time can exceed depending on the type of alteration. An overnight hospital stay is recommended so that the patient can be kept under observation.

Both breast uplift and reduction surgery can be done at any age. After the procedure, a special support bra must be worn for at least a few weeks, and with time the scars generally fade away. Full recovery usually takes four to six weeks and the patient can return to normal activities in a week.

There are various procedures used for the treatment of breast lift in Dubai, all of which depend on the incision made, which also defines the resultant wound. Here are the steps in Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai.


The first phase in breast lift in Dubai is to have a thorough consultation and clinical review with our Board of Certified Plastic Surgeons to determine a tailor-made strategy for each applicant.

The surgeon will clarify your hopes with you, ask questions about your medical condition, and then conduct a physical evaluation to assess the choices for the operation and follow-up.


The second step is to book an appointment for a breast lift in Dubai for which you can approach us at Bizrahmed, as we have highly trained and skilled plastic surgeons who are specialist in breast lift and other body contouring procedures. Before treatment, each patient will be screened to ensure that the procedure is safe. This involves pre-anesthetic consultation, blood checks to ensure that the patient is a good choice for the operation. Mammogram and ultrasound techniques are often administered pre-operatively based on the age of the patient.

The treatment requires one or two hours of local anesthesia and intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The surgeon closely studies the breasts to assess when the incision is to be made and the location of the scar at the end. The incision is made under the breast crease, around the areola (dark layer surrounding the nipple), or down from the areola to the crease. Excess breast skin is removed, tissues are reshaped by injecting stitching further into the breast, and then nipples are re-positioned or reduced.

Recovery & Follow-up

Pain killers will be prescribed for up to two weeks to reduce any discomfort. The surgical bra over the gauze will protect the breasts, and the tubing will be inserted in the breasts to remove fluid or extra blood.

Your doctor will tell you when to resume your everyday routines, such as taking a shower or washing your hair. After a few days, the tubing that drains fluid should be cut, and then the bandage can be adjusted or entirely removed. Any stitches have been dissolved, and others are removed within one or two weeks. Silicone tape or gel is advised to improve the healing process. In the first two days, you will have to wear a surgical bra, followed by a soft support bra for the next month. Taking breast lift into account is not entirely for anyone, particularly if you are considering getting pregnant in the future, you should delay breast lift until having children.

Types of Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift in Dubai is the most effective choice for women with very poor breasts. Breast lift in Dubai can be done using several techniques explained below:

1. Crescent lift– is the least invasive procedure which requires cutting a crescent of the skin at the tip of the breast.

2. Benelli or circumareolar lift – involves creating a doughnut-shaped incision along the areola to scrape skin and tissue.

3. Lollipop lift or vertical scar lift – involves creating an incision along the areoles that stretches directly down to the breast crease.

4. Anchor lift – the incision is made around the areola and passes around the crease of the breast.

What to Expect from A Breast Lift Surgery?

You can expect the following conclusion from a breast lift in Dubai:

  • Rounder, stiffer breasts.
  • Stretch lines will be diminished or entirely removed.
  • Self-esteem would be improved
  • Strengthened response to breasts
  • Long-lasting effects

Breast Lift Surgery cost in Dubai

Breast Lift Surgery cost in Dubai depends on the type and the technique of surgery that you choose. It is not possible to approximate the Breast Lift Surgery cost in Dubai since the cost ranges from person to person. If you would like to know the exact breast lift surgery cost in Dubai, please contact us at Bizrahmed as the cost also depends upon the expertise of the breast lift clinic in Dubai that you opt for.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short response is "it depends." Some have long-lasting effects, while others will just need small revisions after a few years. It depends on many aspects, such as age, genetics, fitness, and eating patterns, as well as surgical procedures, how long the outcomes of traditional breast lift surgery last. 

You can be a good candidate for Breast Lift surgery in Dubai if; 

  • You've got sagging breasts.
  • The breasts have lost their form and become flattered.
  • If left unsupported, the breasts slip behind your breast creases.
  • The breasts aren't symmetrical. 
  • You're over 18 years old.
  • You've got a stable weight.
  • You're not smoking.
  • You're dissatisfied with your drooping breasts.
  • You're physically and emotionally sound.
  • You've got reasonable goals.

When breast lift surgery in Dubai is done by a successful surgeon, the effects can be very long-lasting, offering years of pleasure. Breast lift surgery has a very high success rate, and most people are pleased with the outcome when surgery is conducted with a successful breast surgeon. However, improvements in body weight, breastfeeding, and lactation can affect the outcomes, and so you can wish to do a follow-up/correction. 

These are the types of breast lift surgery in Dubai that the surgeon will select from: 

  • Crescent Breast Lift 
  • Doughnut/ Donut Breast Lift 
  • Lollipop Breast Lift 
  • Anchor Breast Lift 

There are many advantages of preferring breast lift surgery in Dubai, including. 

  • It aesthetically increases the fullness of your breasts and helps them look more natural and youthful.
  • Increases the symmetry of your breast.
  • The breast size must not decline.
  • It gives long-lasting effects.
  • Raises your self-esteem

Now that you've been over the specific questions in your head, here are some of the other things that you can explore with your surgeon during your initial appointment with our surgeon in Breast lift surgery in Dubai. 

  • About the Surgeon & Clinic 
  • The Breast Lift Surgery 
  • About Expected Results 
  • Breast lift surgery cost in Dubai 

Bizrahmed is one of the best breast lift clinic in Dubai because the experience of leading breast surgeons ensures that your Breast Lift surgery is conducted in the most highly skilled way to ensure optimum longevity and minimum chances of surgery for revision. Breast lift surgery cost in Dubai at Bizrahmed is also reasonable enough for you to choose us.

Breast Lift Surgery cost in Dubai depends on the type of operation you choose and the procedure to be used. Breast Lift Surgery cost in Dubai can depend on the experience of the clinic and the doctor. 

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