Breast Augmentation is Breast Implant Surgery that helps to improve the symmetry and also increases the fullness of the breasts. The surgery is also carried out to restore breast volume lost after pregnancy or weight reduction.

Women usually opt for Breast Augmentation Surgery when they feel sagginess of breasts after breastfeeding, or also to achieve well-portioned results. Females who decide to have breast implant surgery look to increase the fullness and projection of their breasts, improve the balance of their figure and enhance their self-confidence and image.

Breast augmentation is the enlargement of the breasts by the surgical insertion of breast implants to enhance the appearance and size of the breasts. The operation is generally referred to as a “boob job.” There are a lot of reasons why women want to undergo breast augmentation. They may have very small breasts and struggle with their self-esteem, or their breasts may have changed when they become a mom. Whatever the cause, undergoing Breast Augmentation surgery will boost self-esteem and help people feel better about themselves again.


At Bizrahmed, the best breast implants surgeons and nurses ensure that the patients get the top level service along with follow-up care. Our Breast Augmentation team makes sure that you are the right candidate for the procedure. In the initial consultation with Dr. Khaled, he discusses realistic expectations and the overall physical health of the candidate.

Why Consider Breast Augmentation in Dubai

Women can have breast augmentation in Dubai, known as augmentation mammoplasty, a surgical technique to improve the size and appearance of the breast of a woman for a variety of reasons:

  • To improve the body contour of a woman who thinks her breast size is too small for personal reasons.
  • Fix the drop in breast volume by pregnancy.
  • Balance the discrepancy in breast height.
  • As a reconstructive procedure after breast surgery.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Dubai, At Bizrahmed, UAE

Breast Augmentation surgery involves placing an implant under each breast and increasing the size of the bust line by at least one cup size. At Bizrahmed, Dubai we have done many successful breast augmentation procedures.

The first step is to make an incision and then raise the breast tissue to make a pocket. This pocket is designed in the breast space where the implant is to be mounted. There are two places for the positioning of the implant:

  1. Below the pectoral muscle
  2. Top of the pectoral muscles.

Who should do the Breast Augmentation Surgery?

There is multiple reason behind women undergoes the augmentation surgery. But few of them are below:

  • women with uneven breasts
  • makes to feel more self – assured
  • to increases the overall appearance
  • to get more proportioned and more enticing figure

Breast Augmentation Procedure

A breast implant is also called a prosthesis. It is a shell composed of medical silicone, packed with silicone gel or often with salt. Some implants are oval, and others are built more like a normal breast called a teardrop or anatomical implant.

World-class cosmetic surgeons are a part of our Breast Augmentation team and they will determine the best type of surgery for you. Before your breast implant or enlargement surgery, our surgeon will evaluate the ideal breast size that doesn’t appear artificial or dis-proportioned from the rest of the body.

There are many ways in which a surgeon performs a breast Augmentation Surgery, based on where you prefer the scars to be along with the shape and volume of your breasts. Different procedures types shall include:

  • Intramammary fold

This is a traditional method of inserting breast implants by incisions in the crease below each breast.

  • Incision Peri areolar

This is done around the breast which is a safe choice for someone concerned about getting scarred since the marks are minor.

  • Axillary incision

This is where the incision is made beneath the armpit.

There are three types of incisions in breast implant procedure – Inframammary, Periareolar and Transaxillary. The procedure can be performed under both General and Local anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision in an area that minimizes scarring and visibility, creating a pocket in the breast in which the implant is placed. It is usually placed behind the breast tissue or sometimes just below the pectoral muscle.

In case of Breast Augmentation, extra fat is removed from the body through liposuction, then processed and finally injected into the breasts. Once the procedure is complete the incisions are stitched back together.

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Before breast augmentation surgery, you would be able to negotiate the method of surgery with a surgeon beforehand and make an educated decision as to which treatment will be better for you. A couple of days before the surgery, you will be asked to take a blood sample, and several critical checks will be performed to ensure that the surgery is healthy for anyone involved.

During Breast Augmentation Surgery

After admission to the hospital, general anesthesia or intravenous sedation paired with local anesthesia is administered to the patient for surgery, which takes about 1 to 11⁄2 hours. An implant space is made under the breast or the chest muscle below the breast, and the implants are then positioned in place. Depending on the aesthetics of the breast implants, the surgeon can make changes to the size of the implant to achieve an optimum look for you.

Post-Care of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Few patients may experience some pain or slight temporary irritation for a few days after surgery, and the breasts may feel close or have mild to moderate swelling. Breasts can be vulnerable to stimulation for a few weeks.

As the surgery is fast, it’s typically done as a day event, so if you feel well enough you may be able to go home on the same day. You should go back to work in a matter of days. Scars can disappear and flatten anywhere from two months to one year following surgery, based on how quick the patient recovers.

Right Candidate for Breast Augmentation

You may be an ideal candidate for breast augmentation in Dubai if:

  • You are over 18 years of age with decent general health
  • After weight loss, you lost a definite shape
  • Your one breast is noticeably smaller than the other.
  • Your breasts became less firm after having children.
  • You have reasonable and positive expectations of surgery
  • You find that your breasts are too small to suit your body.

Goals of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breastfeeding, weight loss and maternity also cause the breast to drop, which appears very uneven. Therefore, most women prefer Breast Augmentation Surgery as an alternative.

  • The purpose of breast augmentation surgery is to enlarge breasts by using saline or silicone gel-filled physiologic implants.
  • When you’ve completed, you’ll be able to see a lot of changes in volume and shape.
  • This cosmetic procedure also helps to balance breasts of various sizes and restores fullness.

Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Dubai

Every situation is different, just as every person is different, so it is very difficult to set the price for plastic surgery procedures. There are also different considerations involved: age and severity of skin injury or laxity, level of fitness and medical background, whether or not implants or prosthesis can be used, and whether or not the operation has to be performed under general anesthetics in a hospital. As such, a complete estimate will be given to the patient after a thorough consultation at the clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is breast augmentation in Dubai?

The estimated cost of breast augmentation in Dubai cannot be accurately known as there are no set rates and can differ based on the actual need for augmentation.

What is the distinction between breast augmentation and breast implants?

The distinction between breast augmentation and breast implants is very clear, breast augmentation is the name of a type of breast enlargement procedure, while breast implants are synthetic elements that are surgically implanted to support the breast augmentation method.

What are the types of breast Augmentation?

The three types of Breast Augmentation techniques that are available depending on where you will like scars to be and the shape and size of your breasts:

  1. Intramammary Fold
  2. Peri areolar Incision
  3. Axillary Incision.

Is breast augmentation permanent?

While Breast Augmentation does not immediately wear off, it is also not expected to last a lifetime. Average saline or silicone implants can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. However, many are discarded early due to complications or cosmetic problems.

Breast Augmentation Results- what can you expect?

Breast Augmentation Surgery is a simple operation as long as you are concerned about the aesthetic, also in this surgery, you can go home the same day. While it is safest to stop heavy lifting and exercising for a few weeks after surgery, you can expect to be back at work in a matter of days.

Localized pain and tenderness are normal after breast augmentation surgery and you may find some swelling. Your breasts are more expected to be responsive to touch for a few weeks after your operation. Scarring could be present from two months and one year after surgery, based on the specific healing process of the body.

How much time is needed to recover from breast augmentation surgery?

It is important to remember that because every woman’s body is different, there is no exact time frame for healing. However, most surgeons believe that complete recovery may take an average of six weeks or so, and women may find that they feel completely well after only a week.

Will there be scars after breast augmentation?

Scarring is a normal healing mechanism that will take years to see results. The final appearance of scars will take up to six months to one year.


Who should not have a breast augmentation?

Someone who is in relatively good mental and physical health could be considered for breast augmentation. However, you may not be a suitable choice for this surgery if: you are pregnant or breast-feeding. You’ve had breast cancer or an irregular mammogram.

What is the right size of breast implant for my body?

Here are a few tips for making your decision a bit easier.

  • Keep your way of life in mind. Your implant size has to suit your lifestyle.
  • Consider the shape and position.
  • Please bring a friend to your consultation.
  • Remember the long run.
  • Listen to the recommendations of your licensed plastic surgeon.
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