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Ideal Candidates For Body Lift


A perfect candidate for a body lift is one.

  • One between the ages of 18-60 in otherwise healthy condition

  • Who has lost a massive ton of weight after dieting
  • With cellulite and loose skin post-pregnancy
  • With the age-related loss of skin elasticity and sagging
  • With practical expectations from the surgery and willing to abide by their treatment plans

    Several patients opting for a lower body lift in Dubai consider it a weight-loss option, sadly untrue. Body lift surgery enables you to sculpt your body and tone your features. But even after the surgery, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for the results. Before getting a Body lift in Dubai, the candidates are informed about regular follow-up examinations and whether they can make time for the surgery’s ideal follow-up.

Eligibility Criteria


  • Above 18 years of age
  • You have fat deposits with soft tissue looseness in multiple body areas.
  • You have sagging skin due to age-related changes or extreme weight loss.
  • The excess skin or fat results in loss of self-esteem
  • The overhanging skin is leading to personal hygiene issues or skin rashes

    Many patients opting for a lower body lift in Dubai consider it a tummy tuck, which is invalid. A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat from the abdominal area. On the other hand, body lift tightens loose skin and flesh around the individual’s lower back, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Initial Consultation


Before a body lift in Dubai, there is an initial consultation period in which the practitioner thoroughly assesses your expectations from the surgery, allergy status, and previous history of surgeries. Based on that, you are declared eligible for the surgery.


Preparation For The Surgery


After your eligibility criteria and initial consultation, stages have been dealt with. You are counselled about the options related to body lift surgery, namely upper body lift, lower body lift, or full-body lift. Because of the intricacies associated with the procedure, clinics offering body lift surgery in Dubai and other areas advise a full-body lift only if the candidate has lost a significant amount of weight. During this time, you are scheduled for pre-surgery photographs to compare with the final results and counselled about the surgery guidelines, time, and cost factors, respectively. Surgeons at Bizrahmed before a Body lift in Dubai offer customized treatment plans by the requirements and budget of the patients to better suit their needs. Additionally, we provide quality services at cost-friendly rates to enable more people to experience a sculpted and contoured look through a body lift in Dubai.



  • Giving up smoking 2 weeks before the procedure
  • Arranging leave from the workplace and arranging for an accompanying attendant
  • Preparing a recovery space to rest comfortably after the procedure
  • Getting diagnostic tests like blood tests, x-rays, and, if required, biopsies before the surgery
  • Giving to drinking along with the use of medications like blood thinners and NSAIDs 5-6 days before the surgery
  • Abstaining from eating after mod on the day of the surgery
  • Not applying perfumes, scented cosmetics, or makeup on the day of the surgery

  • Wearing loose-fitting clothes to the clinic

    Clinics like Bizrahmed, before a body lift in Dubai, strictly follow pre-surgical guidelines for patient safety. They even offer leaflets containing the information to the patient and their attendants before the surgery to educate them about their condition.

Body Lift Procedure


Body lift or Lipectomy is an invasive procedure to remove excess skin, fat, and tissue from the body and sculpt it to perfection. It is a bariatric surgery because of its role in the effective removal of stubborn fat deposits, and it is also recommended by surgeons in the condition of poor skin elasticity owing to massive weight loss. Body lift in Dubai has gained a lot of popularity in recent years because of the technological advancement of the city in the medical field. The growing effects of obesity issues and the need to have a perfectly toned body have further spurred the need for body lift surgery in Dubai.

Full Body Lift

Total body lift involves treating the entire body with areas of buttocks, breasts, abdomen, thighs, and arms included in the deal. Because of the increased invasiveness of the procedure, patients undergoing full-body lifts in Dubai are advised a more extended recuperating period to obtain the desired results.

Upper Body Lift


An upper body lift removes excess skin from the upper back that extends to the side of the chest and gives it a sagging look. It is usually preferred in men with immense weight loss and women post-pregnancy. Post-pregnancy cases opting for an upper-body lift surgery in Dubai are often advised to combine it with breast augmentation and silicone implants to improve the patient’s contour.


Lower Body Lift


Lower body lift involves fat removal with skin-tightening areas of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and planks. Surgeons, while conducting a Lower body lift in Dubai cosmetic centres, perform incisions in a bikini pattern to effectively tighten lower abdominal regions. Additionally, clinics after a lower body lift procedure in Dubai advise specialized aftercare precautions for efficient recovery. 360° body lift is another surgical procedure for patients undergoing lower body lifts in Dubai. It involves surgically contouring the waistline, back, and abdomen with toning of flanks and mid-section area for improved aesthetic appeal.


What is included in a lower body lift?

● Removal of excess skin, fat, and tissue in the lower abdomen

● Reshaping of buttocks

● Tightening of thighs

They are mainly included in lower body lifts. Surgeons conducting Lower body lifts in Dubai often combine it with liposuction or tummy tuck for improved results.

What are the steps involved in Lower body lift?


  • Incisions
  • Removal of fat and Contouring
  • Closing of incisions

Lower body lift in Dubai at Bizrahmed is conducted using specialized incision techniques that help quick wound healing and rapid recovery.

What is included in a body lift?

  • Removal of fat
  • Excess skin removal
  • Contouring of the treated area

By the discussed treatment plan, surgeons often combine a body lift surgery in Dubai with additional augmentation techniques for improved aesthetic appeal.

Will the procedure be painful?

After the anaesthetic effects wear off post-surgery, you will feel pain and discomfort. This is temporary and can be reversed with care and postoperative precautions. Patients undergoing lower body lift surgery in Dubai clinical centres have recorded more pain and discomfort than those undergoing upper body lift surgery. For symptomatic relief, surgeons advise ice packs and changing body posture apart from medication to enable a smoother recovery.


During The Body Lift Procedure


Step 1 – Anesthetic


The medical team in charge of the body lifting surgery in Dubai at Bizrahmed is trained to administer general anaesthetics to ensure a safe and efficient procedure. They are at your side throughout the surgery, monitoring your basic parameters and providing the procedure goes without a snitch.

Step 2 – Marking The Spot


The body’s fat removal areas are marked with coloured markers after being scrubbed with antiseptics.


Step 3 – Making the incision.


The plastic surgeon makes incisions to remove excess skin and fat. These incisions are made strategically to ensure less evident scarring during the postoperative period. The removal is added with body contouring and skin tightening for added effects.


Step 4 – Pairing Body Procedure


The surgery can be performed independently or in combination with other procedures to improve the patient’s aesthetic appearance. E.g., For surgeons during an upper-body lift in Dubai, plastic surgery centres like Bizrahmed combine the procedure with breast augmentation and silicone implants to ensure better results in a combined procedure.


Step 5 – Closing The Incision.


After the required removal and augmentation techniques, the incisions are closed and sutured. Skin adhesives, tapes, and sometimes clips are used for superficial incisions. For deeper incisions, superior technology sutures are used.

During upper and lower body lifts in Dubai clinical centres, plastic surgeons opt for specialized wound closure technology for better healing and effective results.


Step 6 – Bandaging


After suturing the wounds, the operated area is padded and bandaged. You are shifted to a private ward and monitored till fit for discharge. Because of the sensitivity of the surgical procedure, patients, after a lower body lift in Dubai, are made to wear compression garments and lie on their stomachs to avoid complications with the sutures.


After The Body Lift Procedure


Immediately after the surgery, after the effects of the anaesthetics wear off, you will feel moderate pain with discomfort. There will be swelling with redness of the operated area. Your entire treatment area will be covered with bandages, because of which you will be unable to see the effects of the surgery immediately.

Till the anaesthetic effects wear off, you are supervised, and your body parameters are recorded before being declared eligible for discharge. Even then, you are advised not to drive home yourself but be dropped off and supervised by an attendant.

Body lift in Dubai at Bizrahmed is performed by highly qualified plastic surgeons with vast experience conducting body lift surgery and performing contouring procedures. Along with a highly developed infrastructure, Bizrahmed offers some of the best technological advancements for upper and lower lift surgery in Dubai; our glowing reviews and satisfied customers prove our hard work and efforts. To suit the growing demands of people visiting from inside the country and outside of it, Bizrahmed offers in-house accommodation after the completion of a body lift in Dubai; the aim is to enable patients to get a taste of quality treatment, comfort, and hospitality provided by the centre.




What is the recovery period for a body lift?

 The recovery period for a body lift depends on

– the type of body lift surgery

– Skin type of the patient

– Efficiency of the surgeon

It usually takes 4-6 weeks to recover from a body lift. People opting for body lifts in Dubai are advised to be prepared for at least 2 weeks before rejoining work after the surgery.


Week 1-2


The Inflammation is reduced with discomfort and pain. You can walk around during this time and sometimes are even advised to do so for increased blood circulation. Patients after lower body lifts in Dubai are advised a more extended recovery period as the incisions in the lower abdomen take a longer time to heal.


Week 4-6



The incision wounds heal entirely by this time, after which the sutures are removed. You can undertake mild cardio exercises after this time but are advised to take it easy. Introducing dissolvable sutures by surgeons undertaking body lifts in Dubai has made this phase easy for many patients to handle/deal with.


Week 8-12



The Inflammation resolves almost entirely by this point, and you can start observing the results of your surgery. The scars take time to fade, and it takes nearly 6 months or more to observe the results of your surgery. Irrespective of the type of body lift surgery in Dubai conducted by your surgeon, you are strictly advised not to expose to outside elements like the sun or get a bath on the beach. You must also report for continuous follow-ups until your wounds have completely healed. Surgeons at Bizrahmed, after a body lift surgery in Dubai, offer free follow-ups to get adequate help for an efficient recovery.



How long does a body lift last?

Once the final results are obtained, they last for almost a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. For improved longevity of results, patients, especially after a lower body lift in Dubai, are sometimes advised maintenance treatments to keep up the aesthetic appeal.

Follow up

Usually, follow-ups are advised every 3 days during the initial visits that are then extended weekly or fortnightly. You are required to wear a compression garment, restrict your movement and take the prescribed medications regularly. Especially for people undergoing a lower body lift in Dubai, surgeons recommend a special diet for a complication-free recovery.

Body Lift Surgery Cost in Dubai

The cost of body lifts in Dubai, or other areas worldwide is not a constant factor but vary from place to place. The cost of a body lift depends on

● Extent of fatty deposits and skin sagging

● Type of body lifting surgery you have opted for

● Treatment plan of the surgeon

● Additional costs like anaesthetics, medications, and in-patient services.


For the patient’s convenience, several medical centres offering body lifts in Dubai include a medical kit containing cotton gauze, medications, and other post-surgical recovery accessories.


A body lift removes excess skin and fat deposits to sculpt the body. Mommy makeover includes the abdomen and breasts. It aims to contour and augment for added benefit. Patients undergoing mommy makeover or Body lift surgery in Dubai are advised to wait for at least 6 months after delivery before proceeding with the surgery.

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