Abdominoplasty, commonly known as a Tummy Tuck, removes the extra fat and skin around the stomach. In the process, the abdominal wall is also tightened. Most women after having babies or after extreme weight loss are unhappy with the sagginess of their stomach.

The perfect solution – Tummy Tuck.

Our experts at the Bizrahmed attend to all of your needs. With Dr. Khaled leading the team, the specially designed surgical procedure helps get rid of the excess fat on your tummy.

Tummy Tuck procedure is for both men and women. For men, our Tummy Tuck Dubai team performs the surgery in a way that the natural feel and look of the body remains intact. It can be carried out as a Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery or even a full procedure. Sometimes the procedure is combined with Liposuction, depending on the condition of skin and the amount of fat in the body.

Our Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery services are among the best in Dubai. Our highly skilled cosmetic surgeons have performed many surgeries with exceptional results.


Tummy Tuck Procedure

Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck is carried out under anesthesia and the procedure takes around two hours. The surgeons advise an overnight hospital stay so that the patient is given the best post-op care.

An incision is made in the centre of the abdomen and once the loose and hanging skin of the stomach is trimmed, the belly button is re-positioned. The scars heal gradually and fade away with time.

Patients are given antibiotics to avoid any risk of infection. Strong painkillers keep the patients comfortable and pain free. Post surgery care includes wearing a support waist girdle for at least a few weeks after the surgery. Physical activity has to be started gradually and slowly, without putting pressure on the body.

Full recovery takes a couple of weeks and the tummy tuck before and after results are generally visible in ten days.

Things to Remember

The results of Tummy Tuck are long lasting, especially if the patient follows a healthy lifestyle. It is best that you opt for the procedure once you have completed your family, as pregnancy can cause the abdomen to sag again.

Don’t compromise on cost and quality. Choose the best for yourself and your body.

Risks & Complications

A Tummy Tuck is a very safe procedure with very minor complications.

Very minor complications that can arise are:

  • Mild Bleeding
  • Pain that is controlled through painkillers
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Infection – extremely rare and prevented through antibiotics
  • Reaction to anesthetics
  • Blood Clots – the risk can be minimized by blood thinners and early mobilization
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