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Dr. Bashar Bizrah

On-line Virtual Consultation by Zoom for Rhinoplasty

    Important information:

    Prof. Dr. Bashar Bizrah gets referrals from all parts of the world. Video consultation by Zoom video conference system is a valuable option to talk to Dr. Bizrah to have his opinion on a certain case. Please follow the steps below to have a fruitful consultation:

    • Please fill in the form below to request a virtual consultation by Zoom and send it to or Whatsapp number +971 52 999 8181.
    • As you may know, zoom is free and it can be downloaded into your computer. Moreover, if have not downloaded zoom, simply pressing on the zoom link sent by the secretary will be enough to get in touch with us. All the fields shown above are required for healthy communication.
    • It is highly recommended that you apply two to three weeks before making an appointment.
    • It is recommended that you make trials with Zoom before with a friend to get used to it. Please make sure your audio and video is working properly prior to the scheduled time.
    • Before the video consultation, it will be very beneficial to fill-in the questionnaire that will be sent to you by the secretary. So Dr. Bizrah can learn about your current situation and your demands. Besides, you should also send your pictures as well.
    • The consultation time is about 30 minutes. This is enough time if the above-mentioned steps are followed properly.
    • Please pay the consultation fee of 500 AED or 136 US Dollars by bank transfer to the below mentioned accounts. Please send the invoice to a week before the appointment date. No consultation is possible until the money tranfer is completed.

    Attend your Zoom Virtual Consultation on the date/time confirmed by the secretary. If you miss your appointment, it can take 3-4 weeks to make a new appointment.

    You can reach us by whatsapp through +971 52 999 8181 or by sending an e-mail to

    Photography details:

    Please send us your pictures from 6 standard views. If you are using a cellphone to take these pictures, please go back from the face at least 1 meter, then zoom in to the face and take the pictures. By doing so, the pictures will be taken from the right perspective.

    • Frontal: Patient facing the camera straight on, eyes open and parallel to floor with a reposed expression
    • Right lateral or profile view: Patient facing 90 degrees away from the camera
    • Left lateral or profile view: Patient facing 90 degrees away from the camera
    • Right oblique view: Patient facing 45 degrees away from the camera
    • Left oblique view: Patient facing 45 degrees away from the camera
    • Basal view: Patient looking up with the Each consultation includes a detailed history, photography-based examination & detailed facial analysis. If the pictures are good enough, the desired changes can be discussed on the pictures with the patient.

    Please remove any jewelry, make up and eye glasses and pull back the hair so the neck is exposed as well as the full forehead and ears.

    Please send the pictures to before the consultation.

    Frequently asked questions:

    What to know before going into a consultation with Dr. Bizrah:

    It is highly recommended that a patient should read about the information on rhinoplasty in our page, fill in the rhinoplasty questionnaire which can help one to find out the problems bothering her/him. The patients are encouraged to take notes on all these issues and prepare their questions in advance to have a more efficient consultation. Surely the patient will have the opportunity to ask all these details during the consultation.

    How much will rhinoplasty cost?

    During the consultation, the cost of the operation and some detailed information will be given to you by the nurse, fellow and the secretary. Surely this will be after 30 minutes of video consultation with Dr Bizrah.

    When and how can I make an appointment?

    After the consultation, the appointment will be arranged with you by the secretary.

    Important contacts:
    Whatsapp: +971 52 999 8181

    Disclaimer: The online Virtual Consultation is a service mainly for international patients to meet Dr Bizrah without the need for a long-distance travel. You should fully understand that the online consultation can never be a substitute for face-to-face consultation with the doctor. If a surgery is planned, a more detailed consultation is done in the clinic. Participants in this consultation agree not to hold any parties liable to the opinions given herein.

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