Thread Lift In Dubai

Thread lifting in Dubai (Non-surgical Facelift) has become immensely popular in recent years due to its effective nature. Due to its non-surgical nature, many women opt for this method to give their skin a more youthful and toned appearance. A thread lift is considered one of the safest and quickest ways to rejuvenate the skin and face. Due to its nonsurgical methods, it has less recovery time with minimal risks and many people opt for a facelift instead of other surgical methods.

The concept of facelift started back in the 1900s when researchers wanted to find an alternative to the standard surgical procedures. It was used to treat sagging skin and other tissue problems in the face and jowl areas to stop the effects of premature aging along with fine lines and wrinkles. It gives the same result as the standard surgical procedures but without the hassle of needles and surgeries. Our facelift clinic in Dubai offers you the best experience with guaranteed results and customer satisfaction.

Thread Lift in Dubai

What is a thread lift treatment?

A thread lift is a non-surgical procedure that aims to lift the sagging skin of the face and jowls and tightens it to give a more toned sculpted look to the face. It is a safe and effective treatment that takes less than an hour to complete. The threads in this facelift tighten the tissues inside the skin and promote new collagen production which tightens the skin to give a firmer look to the face.

How does the thread lift work?

A thread lift uses sutures that are injected in the skin and they hold up the muscles in the face, particularly the jaw and jowl area. They stretch the muscles along the face lines and ensure that the face is now toned and sculpted instead of appearing saggy. It also removes the excess skin by stretching it and smoothing out any folds and wrinkles on the face. A thread lift is a safer and quicker alternative to more technical surgical procedures.

Who is a good candidate for a thread lift?

A good candidate for a thread lift is one who has sagging skin especially along the jawline and the jowl area. There is no specific age limit to opt for a thread lift as premature ageing can start at any age for both men and women. For knowing if you are an ideal candidate for thread lift, please contact us at Bizrahmed, in Dubai to get expert advice from our specialists.

How long the thread lift remains effective?

A good thread facelift can last you up to anywhere from 18 – 36 months. While it is immediately effective, most patients can see the full effects of the facelift within 14 days of the procedure. Due to the nature of facelift to tighten the skin and tissues, the effects can last longer and new collagen production along the threads can ensure the new skin to be firmer and non-saggy.

Deciding about a thread lift

If you have loose skin on your face, particularly along the jawline and the jowl area then you are an ideal candidate for the thread lift procedure. If you have good overall health, then you are an eligible candidate as good health means minimal chances of complications during the facelift procedure. For more details on deciding about thread facelift, contact us at our facelift clinic and consult with our professionals for recommendations.


Preparing for a thread lift

When preparing for a facelift there are certain instructions to be kept in mind and they are different for all people. Your surgeon may ask you to undergo some tests to clarify that any existing medicine you take will not clash with the procedure. Patients will then be asked to apply some face creams for the procedure, which is not always important, but it is different for every patient. For further queries, contact us at our facelift clinic in Dubai and know which procedure is best for you.

Is Thread Lift safe?

A thread lift is indeed safe. The threads used in a thread lift are dissolvable and as soon as the procedure is done, these threads dissolve away in the skin within a few days. Because it is a non-surgical facelift, there are no risks of scarring and incisions into the skin. Our professional team at Bizrahmed, Dubai offers you the best treatment with zero risks and complications.

Preparing for your initial meeting with the surgeon

Once you’ve decided about a thread facelift as a viable option for your skin, a general meeting with a surgeon is very important. During this, you can talk about the type of facelift you want to have and know what type of precautionary measures to take. Your surgeon may advise you to stop taking any medicines before your procedure to save yourself from any complications during the anaesthesia. A thread facelift is a different experience for every person, and we advise you to contact us at our thread lift clinic in Dubai, so you can decide and select the option that’s best for you after a consultation with our specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a thread lift does indeed require anaesthesia. Before the procedure starts, the surgeon injects local anaesthesia into the area which requires the facelift, such as the jaw, jowl, or eyes. As soon as the area starts to numb, the thread lift is then performed. Due to local anaesthesia being administered, the patient is awake but feels no pain or discomfort during the procedure and the whole ordeal is over within an hour.

No, a thread facelift does not hurt in the least. It’s a non-surgical facelift which means no cuts or incisions are made into the skin. Local anaesthesia is also administered before the procedure to numb the face and then the thread lift is performed by injecting the thread under the layer of the visible skin. It is a low-risk procedure and patients can also receive oral sedation if they are more sensitive to pain, but overall, it is not a painful procedure, and patients rarely ever complain about experiencing severe pain after the procedure.

A thread facelift is non-surgical, which means that there is no surgery, cuts, incisions, involved during the whole process of the thread lift. However, a surgical facelift, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure that aims at cutting, suturing, and stitching the face into a more contoured shape. A surgical facelift also has more chances of risks and running into complications instead of a safer thread lift.

For every person, the recovery time from a thread facelift is different but, in all cases, it takes from 2 – 4 weeks for a patient to fully recover from the procedure of a thread lift. During the first few days, swelling subsides and then after a week or two, facial movement is encouraged. Full face mobility is restored within 4 weeks of the procedure and then you can enjoy the results of your procedure in the form of firm skin and a sculpted face.

While the results of a thread lift last very long, they are not permanent. As the sutures fade away, new creases and lines can form over time but not with as much intensity as before. Because of the sutures, new collagen is formed along the threads, and wrinkles and saggy skin are not as intense as before. Our facelift clinic in Dubai offers the best long-lasting results so book your appointment now without experienced professional staff.

The cost of a thread lift varies from person to person and many other deciding factors as follows:
  1. Type of thread facelift.
  2. Area of the facelift, e.g., face, jaw, eye, etc.
  3. A number of sessions.

For more information and the best rates of thread lift in Dubai, contact us at Bizrahmed and book your appointment now.

There are several Thread lift treatment clinics in Dubai, but we offer you the best services at affordable prices with the most experienced doctors. For more queries and concerns, contact us at our clinic and consult with our professionals for a referral and book an appointment for the best experience of thread lifting in Dubai.

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