Lip Augmentation is a non-invasive procedure to increase lip volume and give it a fuller structure for a better aesthetic appearance. Various factors like age, genetic disposition, effects of trauma, or sometimes botched surgical procedures can affect the shape and look. In some cases, these factors may affect the self-esteem and subsequently the quality of life of a person.

Lip Augmentation aims to restore the lips to their original fullness and provide a long-lasting or even permanent solution for the issue. It can be done either non-surgically by using Lip injections containing Hyaluronic acid or by inserting Implants in the lips. Sometimes other methods like fat grafting and tissue grafting are implemented to increase the lip volume. These methods involve surgical intervention and last for a more extended period. But it depends on the condition of your lips and the treatment plan of the plastic surgeon.

Lip Enlargement Dubai

Lip Augmentations Vs Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are just a form of Lip Augmentation procedure. There is no concrete difference between the two apart from the fact that Lip fillers are non-surgical augmentation techniques using materials like collagen or hyaluronic acid to be injected inside the lips. While lip implants use silicone or fats from other parts of the body to increase lip volume, they are expensive and unreliable. The fat content runs the risk of being reabsorbed by the body over some time.

That’s why most go for the best lip fillers in Dubai, as they are comparatively non-invasive and simpler in terms of the procedure with subsequent management. Additionally, they are cost-effective along long-lasting, thus making them more popular among prospective clients.

Types Of Lip Fillers

While Collagen and Hyaluronic acid are the most common compounds used in fillers, the former is no longer used for its low success rate. Hyaluronic acid remains the choice ingredient to increase lip volume by using the best lip fillers available in Dubai because of its reduced risk of causing allergies along with producing quick results. There are two brands of FDA-approved hyaluronic acid fillers used- Restylane Silk and Juvederm. Collagen fillers like Bellafil and Sculptra are also available, but they are no longer counted amongst the best lip fillers in Dubai due to their longer duration of action.

Restylane Silk is smooth and gelatinous by composition. It is used by individuals above the age of 21 years and affects 6-10 months after implantation. Juvederm comes in two subdivisions- Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Volbella XC. They increase lip volume and add volume to the area around the mouth and cheeks as well. Its effect lasts for around 12 months.

When should you go for lip augmentation in Dubai?

Whether age-related or due to any other factors, hypoplastic lips are the primary indicators for the surgery. Age-related lip thinning due to loss of skin elasticity, genetically thin lips, and accident-induced asymmetric lips also indicate that it’s time to look for the best lip fillers in Dubai.

Sometimes, a past botched facial surgery may lead to deformed asymmetric lips that may need Lip Augmentations to balance the shape. Either way, the final decision for the procedure and the type of implant to be used depends on the plastic surgeon’s judgment and treatment plan and should be followed accordingly.

Ideal Candidates For Lip Augmentation

You are said to be an ideal candidate for the procedure if you have genetically thin lips, do not have any systemic conditions, have asymmetrical lips that do not match with the rest of your face, and most importantly, have realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcomes. It is also required for you to be a non-smoker as smoking can affect the texture of your lips.

Like eligibility criteria, the ineligibility criteria have to be considered as well. People with systemic conditions are not deemed ideal candidates for the procedure as diabetes can result in poor wound healing in the patient post-surgery. Similarly, people with blood clot disorders, connective tissue disorders, or immunocompromised people are not ideal candidates for the surgery.

Certain medications like anti-allergic and anticoagulants can increase the risk of complications during the surgery. It is important to discuss your allergic conditions and your systemic conditions with your surgeon beforehand so as to have a clear idea of whether or not to go for the procedure.

Whether you want to judge your eligibility or want to discuss the best lip fillers in Dubai, let Bizrahmed be your ideal guide.

An Ideal surgeon for Lip Augmentation in Dubai

Before you start looking for the best lip fillers in Dubai to increase your lip volume, it is important to select a good surgeon whom you can trust to successfully modify your lips as well as achieve the desired results with ease. Your ideal surgeon should have enough experience dealing with lip augmentation in Dubai.

He should have a successful track record, along with positive online reviews about his work and work ethic. He should be genuine and understanding yet be practical with providing the appropriate response to your queries. Above all, he should understand your expectations from the surgery and deal with them likewise.

Pre-Operative Assessment

After the initial screening and physical evaluation, measurements occupy a large part of the preoperative assessment. Factors like the volume of the hyaluronic acid to be injected, the number of sessions required, along with the shape, size, and structure of your lips are evaluated.

Detailed metric measurements of your lips, forehead, jawline, and nasal bridge are taken. The filler to be used for you is finalized based on your age, severity, and plausible allergic conditions. Pre Operative pictures of the lips and facial area are taken for comparison after the surgery.

These modalities may slightly vary depending upon the clinic you choose for lip augmentation in Dubai. In this regard, Bizrahmed could be your ideal bet as we offer the best lip fillers in Dubai and make the entire process hassle-free with advanced clinical modalities.

Pre-Procedure Care

You will be required to abstain from smoking and drinking at least two weeks before the surgery. A detailed blood test, allergy test, and urine test are advised, and the reports evaluated. If it is a trauma or botched surgery-induced lip augmentation, your surgeon may advise for a face x-ray as well.

Avoid medications like aspirin, Vitamin A, and fish oil tablets at least 4-5 days before the surgery. They tend to cause bleeding during the procedure. Stop eating after midnight on the day of the procedure. Report at least two hours before the scheduled time to be prepped for the procedure and receiving the anesthesia. You will be asked to wear comfortable clothes and applied ice packs to reduce the rate of bleeding during the procedure.

During The Procedure

Before the procedure, topical or local anesthesia is applied over the part to be injected or operated on. Sometimes a nerve block is applied to numb the area. After marking the area carefully, the hyaluronic acid-containing injection is inserted into the lips. For the surgical procedure, an incision is made on either side of the mouth. After the implant is inserted and is inside the lip, the incision is closed with tiny sutures.

In lip Augmentations involving fat grafting, the first liposuction is performed. Fat from another part of the body is removed and purified, after which it is injected inside the lips. Of all the procedures, hyaluronic acid implants remain the smoothest. The reason being they are non-allergic and provide natural results along with causing minimal swelling or bruising after the injection.

Post-Procedure Care

Post-procedure, an ice pack is applied over the lips to reduce inflammation and to bruise and lessen bleeding. You will be shifted to the ward and observed till the effect of your anesthesia wears off. After the plastic surgeon is satisfied with your postoperative healing, you will be allowed to go home on the same day. It is best that you don’t drive yourself but get a cab or get someone to drop you off.

Recovery Period

The recovery may be a bit painful because of the swelling and bruising, but it subsides in very little time with proper medications. You must take a liquid or semi-solid diet for at least seven days after the surgery and avoid sodium as it may affect the fillers. Drink lots of water but do not use a straw as it will put pressure on the lips. Exercising and swimming should be given a pass for a week, after which you can gradually resume them again.

Avoid makeup for at least 48 hours post-surgery. Additionally, do not exfoliate or massage your face for at least 72 hours after the procedure to avoid any risk to the Implants. In case of persisting pain or swelling, contact your surgeon immediately or report for an early follow-up.

Expected Results For Lip Augmentation

You will see results in terms of an increase in lip volume immediately after the procedure. But the swelling and residual bruising will take at least 3-4 weeks to subside, after which you will see the actual result of the procedure. On the other hand, even if you go for the best lip fillers in Dubai, the result will last for 6-12 months, depending on the procedure, after which you will need to report for a touchup. You can further prolong the lasting of the results by maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle and following the postoperative instructions diligently.

Benefits of the procedure

Lip augmentation enables you to look younger by giving you softer and fuller lips. The recovery is fast, and you can get back to work the very next day, provided you follow the postoperative care and avoid strenuous activities. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance and will give your lips a natural look minus any allergic reaction. It will increase your lip volume and an attractive smile working wonders for your self-confidence. Above all, it will boost your self-esteem to achieve the quality of life you have always wanted.

Risks and Complications involved

Irrespective of the clinic you chose for lip augmentation in Dubai, the procedure comes with a range of risks and complications of its own. Apart from minor complications like swelling, bruising, inflammation and alteration in the skin sensation, other complications like infection, anesthesia complications, suture infections, and allergies may occur occasionally. But with a skilled surgeon, these complications may hardly surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lip augmentation may last from 6-18 months, depending on the procedures. Fillers are cost-effective and efficient, lasting for six months. In comparison, silicone implants and fat grafting are expensive along lasting for a longer time. Whether you want to access the best lip fillers in Dubai or want to increase lip volume through augmentation, let Bizrahmed help you with its 10+ years of expertise.

Yes, but in a good way. Your lips curve when you smile, and swollen lips post augmentation may create the impression of a changed smile. But it is the effect of fuller lips, and you grow accustomed to it in time.

As long as a registered and experienced practitioner does them, no serious side effects are seen. If you don't follow the postoperative precaution or on being administered by an inexperienced or non-medical practitioner, complications like ulceration, scarring, and stiffened lips may occur.

If the lip fillers are non-permanent, the lips eventually get back to their original shape after 7-8 months of the fillup. If the implants are applied surgically, the lip fillers stay for a longer period, but eventually, the lips do get back to their original shape.

Usually, insurance does not cover lip fillers or lip augmentation as they are elective procedures. But if you want to increase lip volume for medical purposes like an injury or accident, insurance does cover the cost of your treatment. But it depends on your company and the health plan you have opted for.

Avoid foods that are messy or hard to eat or chew for a week after the procedure. Avoid using a straw to reduce pressure on the lips. Additionally, it is wise to avoid spicy foods, foods containing sodium, and sugar food for a few days after the injection.

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