What is jawline contouring?

Jawline contouring is using invasive and non-invasive methods to correct jaw-related issues like sagging or jowls, asymmetry of either jaw, excess skin sag, or even loss of volume in jaw areas. While Jawline filler in Dubai is a non-invasive method, V-lifts, neck liposuction, and double chin surgery are some invasive contouring treatments advised by surgeons keeping in mind the patient’s skin type and issues with their lower face features.

Benefits of Jawline Contouring


The essential advantages of jawline Contouring are:

  • It helps correct a receding chin
  • Works on redefining an uneven jawline
  • Removes excess skin to provide a smooth appearance to the face
  • Restores the symmetrical balance of the face
  • Provides the face with a slim, younger-looking appearance.

Several patients opting for jawline filler in Dubai believe that filling and contouring are the same. While filling includes a non-invasive method of using fillers for the jawline, contouring involves a combination of both surgical techniques and fillers to suit the patient’s needs.

The Need for Jawline Contouring

Jawline Contouring is the process of improving the shape, look, and overall aesthetic appearance of the jawline by adding or removing soft tissues, muscle, and, if required, bones. The procedure aims to work on the jaw-related aesthetic issues of individuals, mainly Jowling and ill-defined jawline. Jowling and an ill-defined jawline are common problems all genders face, irrespective of age. Bowling is the skin sag below the cheeks or jawline caused by ageing. It also results in excessive weight loss/ systemic conditions induced tissue loss resulting in sagging features.


An irregular jawline or an ill-defined jawline can be genetic due to poor childhood habits or poor structure/alignment of teeth. It can be a source of the embarrassment of discomfort and can even result in secondary health issues for the individual. Bizrahmed offers some of the best methods of Jawline Contouring in Dubai with various treatment options to suit your requirements in a skin-friendly manner. Our medical team takes great pride in being committed to your welfare and providing you with the best care.

Jawline Contouring Treatment Goals


Jawline Contouring Treatments aim to correct imperfections in the patient’s jawline to provide him with the perfect profile. Besides correct potential aberrations, people with otherwise average profiles also opt for contouring treatments to sharpen their jawlines. The main aim /goals of contouring treatment are:

  • Provide instant skin lifting
    The insertion of absorbable filling threads in the jawline stimulates collagen production.
  • Sculpt the jawline to perfection
    Use non-invasive procedures to strengthen the facial muscles for the perfect look.
  • Define the angles of the lower face
    The surgeon works on the chin tip, chin-cervical angle, and mandible to highlight the contours angles of the lower face.
  • Provide volume to the face
    Fillers are used to improving the sunken features of the jawline and face.
  • Improve selfie profile
    The surgeon works on the chin line and double chin issues to improve the selfie profile of the patients.
  • Correct asymmetrical differences between either facial profile.
    Facial asymmetry results from injury, inborn defects, or systemic conditions are managed for an even look. Jawline contouring in Dubai has achieved a lot of importance in recent years because of the increasing influence of social media on the younger population of the area. That with the need to achieve a younger-looking look and chiselled profile has introduced several options that are sometimes safe while sometimes not. Dermatological centres offer several jawline fillers injections in Dubai to benefit the patient. At the same time, It is essential to know about the compounds of these injections and ascertain their safety criteria before using them for contouring treatments.

Eligibility & Ideal Candidates for Jawline Contouring in Dubai

The rising trend of jawline filler in Dubai with the technical superiority of Dubai’s medical infrastructure has resulted in several people making a beeline for the place to perfect their facial features. But not all are eligible for the contouring procedures. Nor are all jaw contouring options ideal for your requirements. An ideal candidate for jawline Contouring is:

  • One above 18 years of age
  • One in good health without any uncontrolled systemic complications
  • With a weak jaw that is affecting their facial profile
  • With visible facial asymmetry because of their uneven jaw lines on either side
  • Who have heavy lower face feature due to obesity or age-related
  • With sunken jaw features because of excessive loss of volume in the lower facial regions
  • With previous cases of unsuccessful jawline contouring procedure
  • Who is aware of their condition and have practical expectations from the procedure
  • Those who are willing to abide by the instructions of the presiding surgeon and abide by their treatment plans
    Wherever you opt for a Jawline filler in Dubai, ensure that you are aware of the eligibility mentioned above criteria and be prepared likewise for the upcoming procedures.

Jawline Contouring Treatments At Bizrahmed, Dubai


Bizrahmed offers some of the best jawline contouring treatments in Dubai due to its team of highly experienced surgeons combined with the technological superiority offered for contouring treatments. Some of the essential jaw contouring treatments practised at Bizrahmed are:

Jawline Surgery/V-line Surgery


Also referred to as orthognathic surgery involves reshaping the bones in the mandibular and chin regions to obtain the perfect jaw contours. The jawline is performed under the influence of anaesthetics. Apart from the surgical reconstruction, it lifts loose facial skin and tightens lax muscles to achieve the required facial effect. Bizrahmed offers a unique experience of Jawline Contouring in Dubai because of its customized methods invented to suit the patient’s skin type and existing facial contours.

Neck Liposuction

Neck liposuction involves removing excess skin from the chin and neck to highlight the patient’s jaws. Along with removing excess fat, the area in question is contoured for further perfection. Surgeons at Bizrahmed are renowned for their jawline contouring in Dubai, owing to their surgical skills and complication-free methods. The fat removed is often centrifuged and used as natural fillers for added aesthetic comfort.

Double Chin Surgery

A double chin can be a result of obesity or ageing or hereditary factors. Statistics have shown that a double chin is one of the main factors drawing people to procedures of jawline contouring in Dubai. Double chin surgery sculpts the chin and surrounding jaw areas, providing a slimmer, younger-looking shape.

Non-invasive Treatment Options

Besides invasive options, Bizrahmed is equally famous for imparting customized jawline fillers injections in Dubai to enable quicker results and a fast recovery. Some of the essential filler infections are:

Injectable Fat Reduction

Kybella is a popular treatment option for non-invasive fat reduction. With its unique fat destruction properties, it remains one of the most preferred jawline fillers in Dubai clinical centres. Studies have also proved it to be a safe method of jawline contouring with minimal downtime associated with the procedure.

Injectable Wrinkle Reduction

Botox is a neurotoxin that reduces wrinkles and fine lines around the jaw and other lower facial areas. Regular use of Botox minimizes the intensity of the lower facial muscles and gives the face a more feminine symmetric look. The Botox jawline filler in Dubai at Bizrahmed is used to tighten the jaw line and provide a sharper-looking profile to the patient.

Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers perform various functions like contouring, wrinkle reduction, and improved facial volume through their filling properties. Juvederm and Restylane are some of the most used jawline fillers injections in Dubai clinical centres. Surgeons at Bizrahmed mostly use them to address the age-related loss of fat or fat loss after a chronic illness.

PDO Thread Lifting

PDO thread lifting uses dissolvable sutures as a part of the treatment procedure. They are based on the principle of triggering the fibroblasts cells in the body for the active production of collagen. Dermatological experts have declared them to be a unique alternative to Jawline filler in Dubai to address the issues of ageing and related loss of texture.

Lasers – Candela Elos Plus

Candela Elos Plus combines optical laser and radio frequency energies to achieve contoured jawline features. Its target technology works in wrinkles, fine lines, and large pores in the lower facial features. Jawline Contouring in Dubai through Candela laser is being hailed as a unique treatment method because of its 3 step safety features and additional ability to remove facial hair effectively.


Irrespective of the clinic you finalize for your jawline Contouring in Dubai, specific preoperative guidelines are essential for your safety and overall success of the procedure. The most important of these preoperative guidelines are:

Two Weeks Before the Procedure

  • Stop smoking from 2 weeks before the procedure
  • In case of invasive treatments, arrange for leaves from your workplace along with an attendant to accompany you for your procedure.
  • Prepare a recovery room with reclining chairs and other facilities where you can recover comfortably after your procedure.
  • Get the diagnostic tests done like x-rays and blood tests that are important for the procedure’s safety.
    Should the need arise, biopsies are sometimes advised before Jawline Contouring in Dubai at Bizrahmed.

5-7 Days Before The Procedure

  • You must stop using medications like blood thinners and herbal supplements that may result in complications during the procedure.
  • You are required to stop using alcohol during this period.

On The Day of The Procedure

  • Do Not use facial cleansers, perfumed cosmetics, or makeup on the day of the procedure.
  • Remove all jewellery and arrive at the clinic wearing light, loose-fitting clothes.
  • Do Not eat after midnight on the day of the procedure.

Post Operation

Though not as detailed as preoperative guidelines, postoperative guidelines are equally crucial for the procedure’s success. Postoperative guidelines for Jawline contouring in Dubai clinical centres mainly consist of:

  • Do Not drive home yourself after the procedure but opt for an attendant to do your work
  • Don’t touch your face unnecessarily after the procedure
  • Gently apply ice packs for effective reduction of swelling and bruising
  • Do Not exercise, do manual work for at least 4-5 days after the procedure
  • Take medications on time
  • Sleep propped up on your back instead of sleeping directly on your back
  • Do Not allow water to fall directly on your sutures
  • Timely arrival for your follow-up visits.


Following preoperative and postoperative precautions can enable a timely and speedy recovery from your procedure. Non-invasive treatment methods have virtually no downtime associated with them, making the option of jawline filler in Dubai one of the most preferred treatment measures. Invasive options like Neck lifts and V-lifts have a more extended recovery period and produce longer-lasting results. The recovery period can be divided into phases:

Week 1-2

The Inflammation and pain start decreasing in intensity. By the end of 2nd week, the bruising had healed optimally.

Week 4-5

The swelling decreases significantly, and the suture scars start fading along with the healing of the surgical incisions.

Week 6-8

You can view the effects of your surgery at this point though it takes 6 months for results.


The results of jawline fillers are Immediately visible. But the longevity of the fillers depends on:

The type of Fillers used
The amount of fillers used
The skills of the surgeon.
While hyaluronic acid fillers, after injections, last for 2-3 years, other fillers like Calcium Hydroxylapatite last for a shorter time period. After a treatment session with jawline filler injections in Dubai, surgeons advise periodic follow-ups and, if required, additional injections to maintain the results

Cost of Jawline Contouring in Dubai

The cost of jawline Contouring in Dubai is a variable procedure and depends on the factors:

Type of contouring treatment preferred

Jawline fillers injections in Dubai are less expensive than surgical options but need regular follow-ups. Although initially expensive, V-lifts last a lifetime and don’t need frequent follow-ups.

Skills of the surgeon

A surgeon with more significant experience in this field with improved expertise in handling contouring treatments will be more expensive than others.
When it comes to jawline filler in Dubai, Bizrahmed brings you the service at affordable prices despite the worldwide reputation of the surgeons and its advanced treatment measures.

The intensity of the issue

Jawline conditions with increased wrinkles, asymmetry, or fatty deposits will need more treatments and subsequently will cost more than those with reduced intensity.

Additional costs

Anaesthetic costs, costs of surgery, medications, and follow-up visits add to the cost. Several clinics offering options of Jawline filler in Dubai offer a recovery kit consisting of medications, cotton gauze, and other recovery-related stuff as a part of the package after the procedure.

The cost of jawline filler is variable and depends on

The age of the subject
The viscosity of the filler
Intensity of jawline defects
Requirements of the patient with a treatment plan of the surgeon

Patients before sessions of Jawline filler in Dubai are often counseled about their requirements from the procedure. The initial post-injection period imparts an unnatural appearance to the subject before settling down and providing the patient with the desired contour and features.


Do jaw fillers have a slim face?

When applied at strategic points, jaw fillers have the potential to provide the appearance of a slim and contoured face, making the patient more confident about their facial features.

Kybella and Sculptra are some of the most used Jawline fillers injections in Dubai on patients requiring slimmer facial features.

How can you reshape your jawline?

Chin-up exercises
Jaw exercises
Staying hydrated.
These are some of the most natural methods of reshaping the jawline of an individual. Apart from these Jawline filler options, sometimes laser options are recommended by surgeons when natural methods do not work.

Is jawline contouring permanent?

Non-invasive methods of jawline Contouring produce short-lasting results and must be repeated at regular intervals. Surgical options after completion last for a much more extended period of 10-15 years. Even after sessions of non-invasive Jawline fillers injections in Dubai, specialty centers, following the maintenance regimen as advised by surgeons enables them to last much longer.

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