Aim of Fat-Melting Injections

Lipolytic injections or injection lipolysis are a non-surgical alternative to liposuction procedures for fat loss. These injections contain artificially created deoxycholic acid to help break down the fat deposits in the body. Along with breaking down the excess fat, they also help absorb dietary fat to enable nutrient intake to the body.

The fast-paced life, lack of exercise, and leaning toward unhealthy food habits have increased the incidences of obesity in the country and made the general population search for fat loss treatments for a healthy life. Lipolysis being a time-consuming affair, fat-reduction injections owing to their efficacy, are considered a painless alternative in a revolutionary manner.

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How do fat-melting injections work?

Fat-melting injections contain sodium deoxycholate solution that mimics the bike juice secreted by the pancreas for digestive purposes. Post injections, the adipocyte / fat cells are broken down by sodium deoxycholate. This causes an inflammatory reaction in the body in the process of which the destroyed fat cells are excreted from the system permanently.

The nature of these injections enables you to lose fat from stubborn areas that are previously not responding to other forms of fat loss regimens. Of the various forms of fat dissolving injections available in Dubai, Kybella is most well-known because of the successful nature of its applications. Aqualyx is another of the deoxycholate-containing fat dissolving injections of Dubai, preferred by eminent surgeons and cosmetic experts.


Ideal Candidates for Fat Reduction

The growing popularity of fat-melting injections has led to several patients arriving, especially for Lipolysis injections in Dubai. That said, fat reduction injections come with their pros and cons and are not the ideal form of fat loss for everybody. A perfect candidate for fat-melting injections should:

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Have stubborn deposits of fat not responding to exercises or diet regimens
  • Not clinically overweight and have a manageable BMI that will respond to fat-melting injections
  • Have a suitable skin type, not having excessive loose skin
  • Have practical expectations from the procedure and be willing to abide by the surgeon’s treatment plan
  • Not be allergic to lipolytic injections or any of the compounds of the injections

    Clinics dispensing fat dissolving injections in Dubai are very particular about the eligibility mentioned above criteria and based on it, finalize the candidates for fat reduction injections.

Preparing for fat dissolving Injections

Before fat dissolving injections, the following preparations are conducted by the medical team in charge of the injections:

4-5 days before the injections

  • You are thoroughly counseled about the pros and cons of the procedure.
  • Your allergic status is ascertained through questionnaires and allergy tests.
  • Your weight is measured to determine whether you are eligible for the fat reduction injections.
  • Pre-operative photographs are taken to determine the number of sessions required and serve as comparison points.
  • You are required to stop using blood-thinning medications and herbal supplements for the time being, along with abstaining from smoking.

On the day of injections

  • You are required to take a bath before coming to the clinic without using perfumed cosmetics.
  • In case of application on facial / neck/ arms region, no hair removal procedures, chemical peels, or waxing body treatments are to be conducted before the fat-dissolving injections.
  • You must also remove your jewelry and refrain from using sun-block creams.
  • You are made to wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • The areas treated with lipolytic injections are marked with a colored marker.
  • You are made to lie down in a semi-supine position, and the injections are prepared with a mixture of lignocaine for comfortable applications.

    In ideal clinics like Bizrahmed, before fat reduction injections, administer mild sedatives to the patient for a comfortable procedure. Fat-dissolving injections in Dubai are currently drawing people in large numbers to avail of the medical services provided by the country. Irrespective of the clinic you opt for, the above-mentioned preventive measures are essential for the success of your lipolytic injections.

Common Areas Targeted

The most common target areas of fat reduction injections are

  • belly
  • double chin
  • folds on the back
  • loins, inner regions of the thighs and knees
  • buttocks

Surgeons at Bizrahmed additionally specialize in targeting areas of lipomas through fat-melting injections. Lipolysis injections by Dubai plastic surgeons also successfully address residual fat after a liposuction process.


What to expect during the Fat melting procedure?

Fat reduction injections are relatively simple and go as follows.

Step 1

Injected areas are color-marked.

Step 2

Injection spots are numbed with ice.

Step 3

The pre-prepared fat reduction injections are strategically injected at the required sites.

Step 4

The surgeon in question uses an ultrasound device to distribute the injections adequately.

After fat dissolving injections in Dubai, an increasing number of surgeons advise the patient not to leave immediately after the procedure but wait for an hour or two to monitor any possible risk of complications.

Cost of Fat-Melting Injections in Dubai

The cost of fat dissolving injections in Dubai is a variable factor and depends on-

  • The injection sites (areas like buttocks require more injections than chin regions)
  • Intensity of fat deposits (this decides the number of fat-melting injections)
  • Treatment plan of the surgeon
  • Other areas like the presence of lipomas/ buffalo humps

    Bizrahmed, with an excellent track record of lipolysis injections in Dubai, offers injections at extremely cost-effective rates with customized treatment plans to suit the patient’s requirements and skin type. Additionally, free follow-up sessions are provided to the patients after fat reduction injections to monitor their healing and recovery time.


Once the lipolytic injections have been administered, the fat in the region dies and does not regrow. But new fat deposits can grow in a matter of time. Fat-dissolving injections last for 2-4 years in maximum patients. Exercising with a healthy lifestyle can further prolong their longevity periods.

Some of the most common risks associated with fat dissolving injections are


- mild bruising

- persistent Inflammation

After treatment with fat dissolving injections in Dubai, your surgeon at Bizrahmed will conduct post-surgery procedures with utmost care and caution to avoid complications. In this regard, pregnant women and people with kidney problems or skin issues are strictly avoided from the procedure.

Fat-dissolving injections efficiently remove unwanted fat deposits not responding to the exercise regimen with Liposuction residue that has been left over. But they are not a weight loss substitute. They work only on people with a weight nearer to the standard BMI of the individual. Clinics with the best reviews of providing Lipolysis injections in Dubai, like Bizrahmed, strictly check the weight, systemic conditions, and pregnancy status (if female) of the patient before proceeding further with the injections.

Fat-dissolving injections are combined with lidocaine, an anesthetic, before the injection process to enable the patient to have a comfortable procedure. If required, sedatives with local anesthetics are used in the injection areas are more significant or in patients with pain hypersensitivity reactions. Even after wearing off of anesthetics after the lipolytic injections, there is a feeling of grogginess because surgeons advise the patient to wait it out or leave accompanied by an attendant.

The recovery period of fat-melting injections is expeditious, and you can get back to work in 7-10 days.

Day 1-2

There is a mild decrease in pain and swelling with a considerable reduction in redness.

Day 4-6

Pain and swelling have mostly subsided with the healing of bruises.

Day 7-10

The residual inflammatory will have healed with the soreness, and you can get back to work at this point.

After administration of fat dissolving injections in Dubai clinics, Surgeons advise avoiding swimming pools, beaches, and excess sun exposure to avoid any potential complications.

Till date, CoolSculpting is regarded as one of the best fat-dissolving injections in Dubai and other parts of the world. It has been shown to reduce almost 25% subcutaneous fat in the initial sittings, which is better than others. Additionally, the effects after Cool-Sculpting are quick and long-lasting, with negligible risk of complications.

The main follow-up procedure requirements after fat reduction injections are

● Apply ice packs on the injection spots.

● Massage arnica for quick relief of Inflammation.

● Eat fibrous foods with drinking lots of water.

● Before the following procedure in 2-4 weeks, abstain from smoking, alcohol consumption, and blood-thinning medications.

Surgeons, after application of fat reduction injections, further advise not to wash the area or take a bath for at least 8-10 hours after the treatment.

Fat-dissolving injections work on localized fat deposits and remove the unevenness of the skin. Once removed, the results give a tightening effect to the skin. Areas of small pocket fat not responding to exercise, residual liposuction fat, buffalo hump, and lipomas are addressed best by the injection treatments. To get more information about lipolytic injections in Dubai, get in touch with the expert team of Bizrahmed today!

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