Fat deposition within the body’s connective tissue system leads to nodular and bumpy skin termed cellulite. Cellulite can be either hereditary or result due to other factors. It is usually more prominent in the buttocks and thighs than other parts of the body. The exact reason for cellulite formation is still under research. But it is hypothesized that some interaction between the fat and connective tissue just below the skin gives rise to this condition. Cellulite can be classified into three grades- mild, moderate, and severe, depending on its severity. For best results, go for cellulite treatment in Dubai at its earliest from a reputed practitioner.

Cellulite Reduction Treatments Dubai

Best Cellulite Treatment in Dubai

The emergence of Dubai as a first-world country has resulted in rapid changes in its growth and infrastructure. The fast-changing lifestyle has led to a rise in economic growth and a growing incidence of obesity and other problems resulting from fast-paced lifestyle choices. The constant desire to stay ahead has prompted the people of Dubai to opt for healthier lifestyles. A fit and toned body are among the top priority for them.

The last decade has seen Dubai’s dramatic evolvement in being the hub for hospitality and healthcare. Statistics have recorded that in the 20% growth in annual tourism, 15% comprises medical tourists visiting Dubai for medical purposes. The quality of service, up-to-date infrastructure, and hospitality level drive people from within and outside to opt for cellulite removal in Dubai.

Causes of Cellulite

The primary reason for cellulite formation is improper interaction of the body fat and the tissue layer beneath the skin surface. But there are a variety of factors leading to this interaction. Age and increase in body fat levels are some of the primary factors leading to cellulite. But hormonal changes, unhealthy food habits, and even previous surgeries in the cellulite-prone area can lead to this condition.

Smoking and alcohol, though not directly contribute to this condition in the long run. Even genetic factors and sometimes inflammatory issues can cause fat imbalance leading to cellulite formation. Coexisting factors like gastrointestinal and circulatory disorders are also believed to lead to cellulite formation in human beings.

Cellulite Removal Treatment Goals

Cellulite is not harmful in general. A lot of people have some form of minor cellulite in their bodies. An excess accumulation of cellulite in the body with the cosmetic factor makes its removal important.

Cellulite Removal primarily aims at:

  • Getting rid of the irregular fat in the body that is not responding to exercise or diet.
  • Obtaining a toned body with a visibly smooth texture
  • Providing a fat-free body with minimal scarring
  • Improving the self-esteem of the person opting for the treatment, thus helping them improve their lifestyle
  • Minimizing the complications caused by the hardening of cellulite.

Cellulite Removal in Dubai

Plastic surgeons use a variety of invasive and non-invasive treatment methods for cellulite removal in Dubai. The most common methods are:

Topical Methods

Topical methods involve using creams and lotions for massaging the cellulite-containing regions in the body. The topical applications usually work by increasing the blood flow to the treated area, which changes the fat’s water content. This results in tightening of the treated area and reduction of the cellulite bumps.

Cellulite creams are available over the counter and most common methods of dealing with cellulite. These treatment methods are temporary and only reduce the appearance of the bumps instead of the actual fat underneath. If you are looking for permanent cellulite removal in Dubai, you must contact a certified practitioner with a good reputation.

Wave Therapy And Cryolipolysis

Also called Lipotripsy, wave therapy uses acoustic waves in sound, pressure, or shock waves to target the fat deposits below the skin. Along with reducing cellulite, it also improves blood circulation and tones the skin. Cryolipolysis, also called Cool Sculpting, uses vacuum technology for melting the subcutaneous fat. These methods for cellulite removal in Dubai are both FDA-approved and yield better results than topical medications. But they need multiple sessions and re-treatments every six months.

Laser Treatment

Also called Cellulaze, this laser cellulite treatment in Dubai is a minimally invasive method used for reducing cellulite in the body. In this treatment method, your treated areas will be numbed with an anesthetic. After this, a cannula or tube will be inserted just below the skin, and laser light will be applied evenly through it to melt the fat deposits completely.

Cellulaze, apart from reducing cellulite, stimulates collagen production for healthy skin. The downtime is hardly a day in this treatment method. You will need to avoid strenuous exercises and cut down on your smoking to see the maximum effect of your results. It will take around 2-3 months for you to see the laser treatment’s full effect, and the results are expected to last for at least two years. The number of sessions of the laser will depend on your extent of cellulite with the treatment plan of your surgeon.

 As an advanced treatment procedure, the Cellulaze provides excellent results, provided you choose the Best cellulite treatment in Dubai and follow the post-treatment procedures correctly.

Surgical Treatment Procedure

Also called Cellfina, it is not a strictly surgical method but a minimally invasive cellulite treatment method. You need to be eligible for this procedure by having a stable weight with overall good skin quality before moving forward. Cellfina is based on a treatment method called Subcision that involves using a needle to treat the fat deposits and the connective tissue below the skin.

After numbing the area with topical anesthetics, a small device is inserted through the skin. This device contains tiny vibrating blades that disrupt the connective tissue chords causing the dimples for effective cellulite treatment. The treatment is repeated until the dimples are satisfactorily removed.

With so much treatment available worldwide, an uninformed person can’t choose the right one. If you are a Dubai resident, then you are in great luck since you have the opportunity to access a large number of treatment options.

The above options are some of the best cellulite treatments in Dubai. Even though you set your mind on the right one, consult your surgeon for screening before option for them.

Post-Procedure Guidelines

Cellfina cellulite treatment in Dubai is safe and non-invasive as it doesn’t require any stitches. There is mild bruising and inflammation with discomfort. The treated area is bandaged for quick healing of the bruises and also to prevent the possibility of water retention. You will be allowed to get back home the same day provided there are no complications during or post-procedure.  

It is important to lie in one position for the next few days to avoid pressure on the bandages. Do not shower for the next 24 hours post-treatment. Blood-thinning medications should also be given a pass.

Additionally, Strenuous activities, tanning, and swimming need to be avoided for at least three weeks post Surgeons also recommend Cellfina area treatment.

Most patients consider cellfina and cellulaze the Best cellulite treatment in Dubai with great results, faster recovery, and zero side effects. However, it’s better to follow the full post-treatment guidelines by your doctor.

Recovery and Results

Most cellulite treatment in Dubai takes around 2-3 weeks to recover from the effects completely. For instance, it takes only one session of cellulite removal to achieve full outcomes. Apart from soreness and bruising, the side effects of the treatment are minimal. The scabbing resulting after the bruises also dissipates in 2 weeks leaving behind no scars or marks post-treatment.

The results of Cellfina depend on the extent and type of cellulite formation along with the sincerely with which you follow post-operative instructions. You will start seeing the results of Cellfina cellulite treatment in Dubai within a few weeks and obtain maximum results within 1-3 months. Once achieved, the treatment results will last for at least three years. They can be further extended with regular exercising and a healthy diet.

Benefits of Cellulite Removal Treatment in Dubai

  • It is a scar-free procedure
  • The chances of risks and complications post-treatment are minimal
  • The effects last for a longer time than others
  •  It significantly reduces cellulite and gives you a contoured body with improved self-image
  • The downtime cellulite treatment in Dubai is minimal and healing quick, making it a convenient treatment option.

Cost of Cellulite Removal in Dubai

The cost of Cellulite Removal in Dubai depends on several factors. The most important ones are

  • Method of Cellulite Removal. While ointments and medications are the cheapest, they only hide them temporarily and do not remove them.  
  • The grade of cellulite. Cellulite in its minimal stages is soft and can be easily removed. But once in its later stages becomes hard. This, in turn, necessitates multiple laser sessions or more invasive methods that increase the cost.
  • The extent of cellulite. People with less cellulite in their bodies need fewer laser sessions, but a higher level of cellulite can increase cellulite treatment in Dubai.
  • The experience and expertise of the plastic surgeon taking care of your conditions. Surgeons with greater understanding and higher online reviews tend to be more expensive than others

Treatment For Cellulite Reduction in Dubai

It is always recommended to put your trust in the right person when it comes to your health. It might cost you in return, you will receive the best cellulite treatment in Dubai with better outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of cellulite?

Laser treatments and Cellfina are celebrated as the best treatments for cellulite reduction in Dubai. Both the procedures are minimally invasive procedures that effectively eliminate cellulite fat from the body. While Laser treatment requires more sessions, it is less expensive. Cellfina, though, over in just one session is costly. But it provides the most effective results lasting for the longest time.

Can you get rid of cellulite permanently?

Unfortunately, there is no treatment as such in which you can get rid of cellulite permanently. Lasers and wave therapies last for two years post which they need to be repeated. The most effective cellular treatments, such as Cellfina, stay for 3-5 years and can be further extended by workout and healthy living.

How much does a cellulite treatment in Dubai cost?

The cost of surgically removing cellulite depends on the number of dimples removed through Cellfina, along with the extent of cellulite in the body. The price for cellulite treatment in Dubai factors on the experience of the surgeon, the location of the clinic, and its online reviews.

Can massage make your cellulite go away?

Massages after application of cellulite removing creams and lotions can temporarily make the cellulite stay hidden. Massages act as vasodilators and increase the blood circulation in the area being massaged. This, in turn, affects the water content of the fats and makes them temporarily go away. But this is only temporary and cannot be considered an effective and long-term solution. If you are looking for a more noticeable cellulite reduction in Dubai, we recommend laser or cellfina treatments. Don’t worry; they are completely non-invasive with minimum downtime.

How many sessions does it take to get rid of cellulite?

It depends on the procedures being performed as to the number of sessions required to remove cellulite. Laser treatments, cool sculpting, and wave-based are considered the best cellulite treatment in Dubai as it produces satisfactory results comparatively from topical treatments. But they require more than one session depending on the type and extent of cellulite formation. Surgical methods are more effective and need only one session for satisfactory and long-lasting results post-treatment.

Who is a good candidate for Cellfina?

A good candidate for Cellfina treatment for cellulite reduction in Dubai is someone who:

Must be between 20-40 years old
Must have mild to moderate type of cellulite in the body
Must not have loose or saggy skin as that will require additional treatment apart from Cellfina
Must have unsuccessfully tried other methods of cellulite removal
Must have realistic expectations about the treatment and be willing to follow the surgeon’s pre and post-operative instructions.

Is Cellfina Painful?

Cellfina is a painless form of cellulite removal in Dubai performed under topical anesthesia. You will not feel any discomfort during the procedure because of the effect of medications. Post-procedure after the anesthetic effects wear off, there will be pain and swelling. But with regular medicines and proper post-operative care, it will get better quicker. If you are looking for a painless and safe cellulite reduction in Dubai, the Cellfina treatment really cuts the deal.

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