Scalp Micropigmentation for Women


Scalp Micropigmentation involves getting your scalp cosmetically tattooed with tiny dots. Also referred to as pointillism, this method aims to create a shadow effect of camouflage hair for improved aesthetic appearance. Scalp Micropigmentation for women has emerged in the recent period as an effective method of maintaining the aesthetic appeal and creating the impression of natural depth of hair by providing contours and definition.


Several patients believe that the procedure is restrictive, which is untrue. Both men and women can undergo this method of pseudo-hair loss treatment and use it as an alternative option for bald spots or thinning of hair. Along with providing the impression of a full head of hair, you can obtain it in shades that match your hair color with no adverse reactions on hair and skin.

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Best Solutions for Female Hair Loss


Minoxidil: Stimulates the hair growth cycle to promote growth and prevent active hair loss in women.


Ketoconazole: decreases Inflammatory conditions on the scalp.


Light therapystimulates follicles for hair growth.


Platelet-rich Plasma : enriches the follicles with extra nutrients.


Corticosteroids: reduce Inflammatory conditions.


Hair transplant: Transplants hair to the areas of balding on the scalp.


Why Choose Scalp Micropigmentation for Women?


Tattoos the bald spots with dark ink to provide the false impression of a fuller scalp of all the hair loss solutions, SMP for a woman is regarded as the quickest and safest with guaranteed results that last for a long time. 


It can be used in hair loss conditions not responding to other treatments and restore the lost confidence of the patient. Most importantly, SMP for a woman does not come with downtime, making it convenient for caregivers or working women with balding issues to avail themselves of the treatment.


Why is SMP for women becoming popular?


It is essential to understand the stages of hair loss for a better understanding of micro scalp pigmentation for women. Unlike men, where the thinning starts at the temples and crowns before proceeding to other parts of the scalp, the thinning in women starts at the midline with widespread hair loss at the crown. According to Ludwigs Classification, pattern hair loss goes as follows:


Type I


Thinning at the top of the head


Type II


Scalp starts to be visible


Type III


Hair loss extends to the crown, and the damage is irreparable. The treatment for hair loss starts getting more intense with the increase in stages and decreased chances of hair regain. Additionally, the costs of treatments increase and can burn a big hole in the pockets during treatments. SMP for a woman works well in all hair types and ages in women irrespective of the stage of hair loss.


Female scalp Micropigmentation takes less time, is a painless procedure, and ensures equally successful results in all age groups and ethnicities. Women’s scalp micro-pigmentation not only enables women to have hassle-free hair fall treatment but also provides that the results are safe and last for a long time. Most importantly, SMP for a woman can be conducted in a wide variety of colors with matching ink for each hair color in women.


How is Scalp Micropigmentation for Women Achieved At Bizrahmed?


Bizrahmed was one of the initial clinics in Dubai initiating the procedure of micro-pigmentation in women. Along with providing natural-looking outcomes, our medical team performing ensures negligible damage and zero healing time. 


Scalp Micropigmentation for women and men is achieved efficiently with cosmetic corrections available for any grade of hair loss or receding hairline. The procedure of scalp Micropigmentation for women is performed in the following manner. 


Step 1- Initial Consultation


You are provided an appointment with a dermatologist who assesses your condition and advises you about the pros and cons, care, and precautions associated with female scalp micro-pigmentation. SMP for a woman has eligibility criteria like that of men. You are assessed whether you are eligible for micro-pigmentation before proceeding further.


Step 2 – Cleaning


Once you have been proved eligible for the procedure, the next step is cleaning. You are advised to report to the clinic with a clean scalp, but your treatment area is scrubbed and cleaned before the procedure to ensure minimum risk of infection through dirt and contamination. Before cleaning, specialists in the field of women’s scalp micro-pigmentation do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to the tattoo ink used for micro-pigmentation.


Step 3 – Outlining


Once the area has been scrubbed and cleaned, the micro-pigmentation specialist marks the area of the tattoo to be inked and forms an outline. The outline is drawn after consulting with you regarding your hairline priorities and expectations from the procedure. Unlike men, the outline before female scalp micro-pigmentation focuses on the midline and crown regions. But it depends on the grade of pattern hair loss with the hair density of the patients.


Step 4 – Numbing


Before the needling process, the scalp is numbed with anesthetics to ensure a comfortable procedure. It is a common misconception that women’s scalp micro-pigmentation is more painful than men’s because of the increased area of pigmentation. 


The numbing cream is applied in adequate amounts to ensure a comfortable procedure irrespective of men or women. Alternately some professionals, before female scalp micro pigmentation, choose to numb the area before proceeding with the Outlining. It can vary from place to place as per the professional’s treatment plan.


Step 5 – Micropigmentation


The micro pigmentation is conducted using tattoo ink at strategic positions over the scalp. The tattoo dots are drawn by the professional in such a manner to create an impression of natural hair growth. Women’s scalp micro-pigmentation is slightly more invasive than men’s; the procedure may take slightly longer than in other cases. But an ashy-toned pigment is used regardless of the color of existing hair, as this is the tone of the emerging hair follicles.


Scalp Micropigmentation for Women: The Benefits


The most important benefits associated with women’s scalp micro pigmentation are:


  • Replicates a thinner, younger-looking hairline
  • Disguises bald spots and scalp scarring in a natural manner
  • Safe for disguising burn marks or the aftereffects of an unsatisfactory transplant procedure

  • Improves the self-esteem that was previously impacted due to hair loss problems

Bizrahmed offers a free consultation to candidates interested in women’s scalp micro-pigmentation to give them an idea about the procedure. On having finalized their decision to go ahead with the procedure, they are provided customized treatment plans at budget-friendly rates and ensure their comfort and safety throughout the procedure.


When is Scalp Micropigmentation for women the best solution?


Scalp Micropigmentation for women is the best solution in conditions of


  • Alopecia Areata not responding to other forms of hair loss treatment
  • Patchy hair loss issues
  • Cases of Trichotillomania resulting in an inability to stop hair pulling

  • Cases of female pattern baldness past the early stage
  • Conditions of scalp scarring as a result of burns, trauma, or failed hair transplant
  • Cancerous conditions or during chemo sessions

Female scalp micro pigmentation in these conditions gives the impression of a hairy scalp and enables the person to lead an everyday life. SMP for a woman is also advised in hair loss

conditions in working females who cannot take time off work or attend regular follow-up sessions after transplantation/ laser procedures. 

How much does it cost, and how long does it take?


Female scalp micro-pigmentation cost is not a fixed factor but varies from place to place. Likewise, the time taken for the procedure may not be the same in each case but differ by a variable margin. The main factors affecting the cost of SMP for a woman with the time are:


●  Density of hair


People with decreased hair density require a more comprehensive treatment area, affecting the cost.


● Grade of female pattern baldness


SMP treatment conducted in the early stages of female pattern baldness takes less time and is conducted in a narrower area of the scalp. With the increase in baldness intensity, the area increases with the total time required for the procedure.


● Machine used for the micro-pigmentation


State-of-the-art machines with the latest technical details conduct the procedure more smoothly and quickly, costlier than other earlier equipment.


● Expertise of the professional conducting the procedure


A professional with years of experience in conducting micro-pigmentation conducts it precisely in a shorter period. Subsequently, their charges are more significant than others with increased service demand.


● Sessions


Increased sessions take up more time and cost more than single sessions. Another factor impacting the cost with time in cases of Women’s scalp micro pigmentation is the subject’s cooperation with the treatment. Despite being a non-invasive procedure, applying the tattoo ink can lead to discomfort in the patient and delay the time taken to a variable extent. Additionally, maintenance after a session on female scalp micro-pigmentation plays a role in the lasting of the treatment, and its subsequent reapplication indirectly affects the cost and the time factors.


How to find the right SMP Practitioner for you?


When done correctly, Scalp micro pigmentation treatment can last a long time and provide a natural-looking hairline to the individual.


The things to look for while deciding on the right SMP practitioner are:


  • Credentials of the practitioner
  • Reputation of the practitioner regarding male and female scalp micro-pigmentation cases
  • Insurance schemes provided by the practitioner and their clinic
  • Experience of the practitioner
  • Cleanliness and hygiene standards observed by the clinic of the practitioner



The cost of micro scalp pigmentation for women is a variable factor and depends on

● Grade of baldness

● Area of hair getting the treatment

● Experience of the professional getting you the micro-pigmentation

● Number of sessions taken till completion of the procedure

Female scalp Micropigmentation costs more than men's because of the different approaches to pigmentation for female pattern hair loss conditions.

Scalp Micropigmentation for women does not damage hair follicles or result in hair loss or damage to the existing hair strands. The skin-friendly ink makes it a safe Procedure even when, at times, the micro-pigmentation professional go over the hair follicles. Female scalp micro pigmentation is regarded as a revolutionary technology in enabling women to restore their self-esteem and lead an everyday life quickly and safely through the illusion of a full scalp effect. It can be used in almost all conditions except when you have an active scalp infection or are pregnant.

SMP for women and men is designed to give you a fuller hairline and less obvious midline. This reduces your stress regarding hair fall and its effect on your public appearances. That with the freedom to not have to invest time and money in maintenance treatment regimens makes you look younger. 


Studies have further shown that an entire hairline can make a person look 8 years younger than their age. In females who have to bear the social stigma associated with baldness more intensely than males, scalp micro-pigmentation procedures for women enable them to lead everyday lives without having to worry about being judged or the hassle related to hair treatments.

A good candidate for scalp micro pigmentation SMP must have

● Conditions of alopecia

● Scarring on the scalp as a result of illness/ trauma/ accident

● Previous Conditions of failed/ unsatisfactory hair transplant

● Genetically thin hair conditions

SMP for a woman is especially considered in the hair fall phase after menopause or for those undergoing chemo sessions for cancer.

Hair transplant takes time, requires a certain downtime, and has the uncertainty of results associated with the procedure. SMP does not grow hair but can be consumed better than hair transplant because of producing the same cosmetic advantage without incisions, stitches, or downtime. 


The scalp micro pigmentation procedure for women and men is similar to the technique addressing hair loss in women and men at similar levels. Additionally, it does not require maintenance and the effects stay long-term with suiting any form of hairstyle irrespective of gender.


Micropigmentation, despite its effectiveness, is not permanent, and the ink used for the procedure gradually fades over time. Whether in men or women, when done by an expert micro-pigmentation specialist, a scalp micro-pigmentation specialist lasts 6-8 years with care and maintenance.


 But after that period, it becomes necessary to go for repeat treatments. Women's scalp micro-pigmentation duration has the same longevity irrespective of their natural hair color or hair treatments like dyeing or coloring. But after a specific time, reinking becomes necessary to maintain the intensity of the tattoo pigment.

Micro scalp pigmentation has no side effects if you get your treatment done through a licensed professional. Women's scalp Micropigmentation involves the same procedure and tattoo ink used by men. Once conducted, the results last for a minimum of 8 years before requiring a retouch-up regimen.

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