What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy, also called Mesohair or Mesoplasty, is a minimally invasive procedure used worldwide to treat people’s hair loss problems. It aims at successfully providing a long-lasting and effective alternative for hair transplants. Developed by Michel Pistor, a French doctor, in 1952, Mesotherapy was originally used to relieve pain. Gradually its effects on reducing fat and hair problems were noticed by clinical researchers leading to the use of Mesotherapy for hair regrowth and restoration. That’s why mesotherapy treatment for hair loss in Dubai is so much in demand these days.

Mesotherapy provides a cure for alopecia for people with hair problems, a skin condition resulting in patches of hair loss. Apart from these, it helps in reducing cellulite by removing fat from the fat-friendly areas of the body like the thighs, buttocks, arms, legs and face.

In the process of treatment, Mesotherapy tightens loose skin and contours the body, giving it a  sculpted look. The application of Mesotherapy for hair regrowth and restoration goes beyond the boundaries and helps people with wrinkles, lines and pigmented skin to see a younger-looking blemish-free face in a short period.

Mesotherapy for Hair Dubai
Mesotherapy in Dubai- Why is it so much in demand in Dubai?

People of Dubai suffer from intense hair problems for various reasons. Dubai has a dry and arid climate that frazzles the hair and destroys its oil retaining quality over time. The dry and hot climate leads to the accumulation of dirt in the hair. Prolonged accumulation of dirt clogs the scalp pores. On the other hand, frequent washing of the hair with shampoo to clean the dirt strips its natural oils.

Not just whether the high chlorine content of the water in Dubai is said to oxidise the hair. This, in turn, leads to hair loss with premature balding of the scalp. The air of Dubai contains silica that lifestyle changes like junk foods, frequent use of air conditioners with stress factors further increase the hair problems. In this regard, Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss in Dubai comes as a boon for people. If you are looking for Mesotherapy in Dubai, consider Bizrahmed as your ideal bet for sure.

Conditions that lead to Mesotherapy for Hair Regrowth and Restoration

There are three main phases of hair – Anagen Phase or the growth phase, Catagen or dormant phase and Telogen or shedding phase. Usually, hair, after shedding off, grows back. But on persisting of the Telogen phase, the shredded hair is unable to be restored, leading to balding conditions. Often age, genetic and hereditary factors are said to be the main reason behind balding problems.

Anaemia, thyroid and conditions like Telogen Effluvium are some other conditions responsible for premature balding problems. But factors like an imbalanced diet, hormonal changes and stress can also activate the Telogen phase. All of which are successfully addressed by Mesotherapy.

Irrespective of the clinic you visit for Mesotherapy in Dubai, you have prescribed injections containing a mixture of vasodilators and antibiotics combined with hormones and enzymes. They are injected via very few needles into the mesoderm of the scalp portion of the skin. There isn’t a standard formula for the content injected for treatment. Sometimes vitamins and minerals are also used in combination with herbal extracts with the above-mentioned things for a successful treatment.

Mesotherapy for hair regrowth and restoration

Hair problems, especially pattern baldness, have been steadily on the rise since the last few decades, leading people to look for treating hair loss and its regrowth. Mesotherapy in Dubai is highly sought-after owing to its successful non-surgical procedure.

It is important to understand the mechanism of Mesotherapy while discussing the treatment options. It is often noticed that poor blood circulation in the scalp affects the oxygen supply to the roots, leading to hair loss. Inflammatory conditions also play a role. You can count on Mesotherapy for hair regrowth and restoration owing to its vasodilation and anti-inflammatory properties. It even reduces the DHT hormone, the main factor behind balding, by providing additional vitamins for strengthening hair follicles.

Additionally, increased blood circulation leads to faster hair growth with a longer follicle life. Hair experts have found 90-95% success rates in patients undergoing Mesotherapy in Dubai, thus furthering its popularity. At Bizrahmed, we offer top-class mesotherapy treatment for hair loss in Dubai to our patients from all over the world.

Mesotherapy Treatment – How does it work?

When you decide to go for Mesotherapy in Dubai, doctors prepare you for three phases- prepping, sessions and post-treatment care. Mesotherapy addresses the treatment chemically and mechanically. In a chemical method, a combination of vasodilators, vitamins, amino acids and proteins are injected into the scalp through very fine needles. There is no fixed formula for the content of the mixture. Depending on the hair loss type and severity, antibiotics or hormones may be added as well with a mixture of organic silicium.

Post chemical Mesotherapy, micro perforations are made through fine needles by the surgeon. These mixtures induce collagen production and improve blood circulation by reducing DTH factors with any inflammation, if existent. This helps in further stimulation of elastin and collagen, the two most important factors affecting hair growth. The micro perforations in no way affect the existing elastin fibres or damage them in any way. That’s why you should be very careful while selecting a clinic/surgeon for Mesotherapy in Dubai.

Mesotherapy preparation

In preparation for Mesotherapy, you will be required to stop taking painkillers, like aspirin, a week before the surgery. NSAIDs use will also need to be withheld two weeks before and after the surgery. It is important to stop smoking or drinking at least five days before the main procedure as it may impact the overall outcome of the surgery. You can massage your scalp a few weeks before the procedure. It opens the blood vessels that help in the speedy recovery and better results. As it does not require any downtime, you need not take any time off work. But following an overall healthy lifestyle allows for better and effective results. Once you choose a clinic to have Mesotherapy in Dubai, your doctor will walk you through these dos and don’ts in quite a detail.

Main procedure

Irrespective of the clinic you choose for Mesotherapy in Dubai, the main procedure usually involves the injection of the mixture into the skin, which then transfers the nutrients to the follicles for repair and regeneration. The entire session takes no longer than 15-20 minutes, depending on the severity of hair loss. But in Mesotherapy procedures, sometimes changes are made, or additional procedures are covered as per the surgeon’s treatment plan.

As part of its injection solution, Mesotherapy contains Acetyl-Tetrapeptide 3, an anti-inflammatory agent and Biochanin, an organic compound in addition to other products. In Nanopeptide Mesotherapy, additional peptides are added to the injection solution to further the results.

In a more advanced form of Mesotherapy, high-frequency ultrasound technology is used for a painless, more effective treatment. This procedure does not require a needle. Its sound frequency makes the cell membranes more permeable and allows better penetration of the mixture for more effective results.

Sometimes Mesotherapy is combined with other procedures like Botulinum injections to treat hair loss in patients with alopecia problems. However, very few clinics offer this type of Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

For determining your eligibility for Mesotherapy, a pre-screening consultation is required. It is important to inform your practitioner about your systemic conditions and whether or not you have any allergic conditions or reactions to the products being used for treatment purposes. The practitioner also conducts an allergy test by administering sample batches of the products individually and waiting 24 hours for any sign of reaction. It is important to note that the ingredients are customised in this procedure instead of a fixed formula. Allergic tests and consultation provide important details about the eligibility criteria of the patient, and these are mandatory procedures irrespective of the clinic you choose for Mesotherapy in Dubai.

Mild allergies can be managed by decreasing the ratio of the product/ products you are allergic to since a number of products are used in small quantities for the injection. Mesotherapy is not an option for you if you are severely allergic to more than three components of the injection mixture. Additionally, you should not opt for Mesotherapy if you have kidney problems or any systemic conditions that delay healing time or can cause any complications during the treatment.

When it comes to Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss in Dubai, Bizrahmed recommends a 360-degree body check to ensure no patient has to go through its unwanted side effects during the procedure.

Mild side-effects like pain, inflammation and soreness are common after the procedure, irrespective of the clinic you choose for Mesotherapy in Dubai. But these side-effects are temporary and resolved within a few days. The risk of side effects is further decreased by performing an allergy test before the procedure to determine whether you are allergic to any of the components to be used for injecting into your scalp. That and an experienced surgeon further ensure that your treatment goes hassle-free.

Mesotherapy treatment is absolutely safe for hair. Apart from stimulating hair growth in the hair loss areas, it improves blood circulation in the scalp, reduces inflammation, is a major contributor to hair loss problems, decreases DHT concentration, the main hormone behind hair loss, and promotes healthy hair growth. It also reduces the breakage problem in hair by stimulating collagen and elastin formation for better quality hair.

Usually, 8-10 sessions are required at an interval of 2-3 weeks for the initial sessions and once in 2-3 months in the later sessions. The regularity of the procedure varies from patient to patient and depends on the severity of hair loss and how well their scalp has responded to the treatment. It becomes mandatory after 12- 18 months to opt for a repeat treatment.

Hair Experts and medical practitioners have observed the success rate of Mesotherapy to be 90-95% in comparison to the 50% effectiveness rate of oral medications. Apart from being a non-surgical treatment method, Mesotherapy is completely safe and effective even in comparison to other non-invasive treatment methods like PRP because of its customised treatment methods. That's why we, at Bizrahmed, face a huge demand for Mesotherapy in Dubai.

It is important that you refrain from showering or shampooing for at least 48 hours after Mesotherapy treatment. It is supposed that the chemicals of the shampoo coming in contact with the already inflamed surface can further aggravate the problem. Showering and shampooing after 48 hours help in reducing the risk of reaction and thus helps in a speedy recovery.

Mesotherapy being a mostly non-invasive procedure is performed without anaesthetics. The patient is given a sedative before the surgery to make him comfortable during the process. While the injections are painless, the mechanical needling of the scalp causes a bit of discomfort. But it is temporary and quickly reversed through antibiotics and painkillers. At Bizrahmed, we ensure a hassle-free and painless procedure for patients looking for Mesotherapy in Dubai.

It takes at least five sessions of Mesotherapy for the stimulation of hair to start, with each session lasting 10-15 minutes. Once achieved, the results last for 12- 18 months, after which a repeat treatment becomes mandatory.

You can go home immediately post Mesotherapy treatment. It is a very minimally invasive procedure and as such does not require taking any time off work. While the inflammation, soreness and bruising will resolve within a few days, it is important to go by the instructions of the surgeon in Dubai for safe healing and effective results. Do not go out in the sun for at least 48 hours post-procedure.

Avoid a head wash just after the treatment. Do Not use any hair promoting chemicals like Minoxidil as it may cause a reaction on the already sensitive skin. Follow a healthy lifestyle and strictly avoid junk foods as these will impact the final results. Even with the utmost precautions, there are chances of allergic reactions. Consult your surgeon in Dubai immediately on experiencing signs of allergic reactions post-treatment.

It takes around 8-10 sessions to stimulate hair growth. The exact number depends on the severity of hair loss and the treatment plans of the surgeon. The first few sessions are held every three weeks for 2-3 months. Gradually the frequency is decreased, and the sessions help once in 2-3 months. It takes around three months to notice an improvement in the growth, texture, and overall hair quality.

Once noticed, the results last for more than six months and sometimes even a year. After that time period, it becomes necessary to repeat the treatments. Also, the quality of recovery depends on the severity of hair loss and the patient's healing rate and thus may vary from patient to patient. That said, a healthy diet and regular exercising act a long way in extending the treatment results.

Apart from Mesotherapy, PRP or platelet-rich plasma is another non-surgical method of hair treatment. It involves taking the patient's own blood and extracting the platelets from it to be injected into the scalp for the treatment of hair problems. While effective in itself, the time taken for extraction and purification reinsertion of the platelets compromises the results. Mesotherapy, in comparison, uses a customised mixture of chemicals and herbal supplements for injection and combines them with needling. This makes it customer-friendly and more effective than that of the PRP method.

You are an ideal candidate for Mesotherapy if you are between 30- 50 years of age and suffer from baldness problems that have not responded to other modes of treatment. Your healthy eating habits further increases your eligibility for the procedure. You need to have some follicles of hair present in the balding region for them to be stimulated by the treatment. If you have Telogen Effluvium or alopecia induced baldness, you can opt for Mesotherapy. A healthy body is important as systemic conditions tend to delay the healing process post-treatment. Most importantly, you must have practical expectations from the procedure and be willing to adhere to your surgeon's advice and treatment plan strictly.

Skilled surgeons perform Mesotherapy, and the ingredients of each patient are decided as per his hair loss severity and the plan of the surgeon. The cost of Mesotherapy depends to a great extent on the number of sessions required for the treatment with the size and severity of the hair loss in the patient.

The skills and the experience of the surgeon coupled clinic's location further impact the cost. An experienced surgeon in Dubai with a list of successful treatment histories will be more expensive than others but will ensure that your treatment obtains successful results. Additional costs like follow-up visits and medication costs add up to the final cost of Mesotherapy treatment.

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