Hair Loss - Diagnosis & Treatment

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What Causes Hair Fall?


Hair fall is a normal part of the hair growth phase and an essential part of the growth cycle in individuals. The human body grows hair everywhere on the body except the palm, soles of feet, back of ears, and inside of the mouth. The human scalp faces 50-100 strands of hair loss daily, which is considered normal. Only when the loss of hair is not accompanied by new hair growth is when it considered abnormal. 


The hair growth stage can be divided into 4 phases, namely:

Anagen – Active growth phase because of regular division of cells in the root of the hair. It lasts for 3-5 years.

Catagen – a short transitional phase in which active hair growth stops. It lasts for approximately 10 days.

Telogen – phase in which the strands remain in the follicles but do not actively grow. It lasts for 90-100 days.

Exogen –  a phase in which the strands are released by the follicles and fall out. It lasts for 2-5 months and is followed by the anagen phase.


Any disruption in the growth cycle that affects these 4 phases results in hair thinning, hair loss, and stunted hair growth. Hair loss in Dubai has been a growing concern over the years owing to its dry climate and saline water. Pollution and stress issues have further triggered the problem and resulted in an increasing need for an ideal hair loss clinic in Dubai, like Bizrahmed.


Best Solutions For Stronger & Healthier Hair


Hair Friendly Diet


Fatty fish, eggs, greens, nuts, and seeds are some essential foods that are then incorporated into the diet and can help prevent hair loss in Dubai and promote healthy hair growth. The harsh climate, along with being a triggering cause of hair loss in Dubai, does not support the development of leafy greens. Naturally obtained foods like dates and figs can be used instead as hair-friendly diet options.




Researchers often advise scalp exfoliation as a successful way of strengthening hair roots. Owing to its capacity to remove dead cells and debris from the scalp, it is effective in conditions of dandruff as well as oily hair. Scalp exfoliation is often incorporated through clinics offering hair loss treatment in Dubai for the successful restoration of damaged hair

Daily Brushing of Hair


Brushing hair regularly stimulates the scalp, promoting blood flow and improving the quality of hair follicles. Additionally, regular brushing helps get rid of knots that can cause damage to hair and result in its breakage on being pulled. Even after a successful episode of hair loss treatment in Dubai, surgeons advise regular brushing hair with a soft brush to maintain the results.


Correct Use of Shampoo & Conditioner


Not all shampoos suit all hair types; while some are designed for dry hair, some work best for oily hair. Using an incorrect shampoo for your hair can result in a buildup that is hard to remove. Additionally, it can make the hair ends dry and brittle, causing them more susceptible to damage. Always choose the correct shampoo suited for your hair type and needs to avoid this problem. Reputed Clinics offering hair loss treatment in Dubai always go for specific lab tests, hair tests, and biopsies to pinpoint your problem for accurate treatment options.


Possible Causes of Hair Fall


Some of the most common causes of abnormal hair falls are:



Researchers have estimated that 4 out of every ten hair loss conditions result from genetic factors. Also referred to as male pattern baldness, this condition is initially characterized by thinning hair in the vertex and crown regions before affecting the entire scalp. When you go for an ideal hair loss treatment clinic in Dubai like Bizrahmed, you will be advised for hair-specific tests combined with a thorough analysis of family history to conclude before starting treatment regimens.



Both summer and winter are detrimental to the hair growth of an individual. While a scorching climate results in heat damage and damage caused by sun exposure, a cold environment results in dehydration and equally damages hair. While the scorching weather is a leading cause of hair loss in Dubai, the sandy climate further makes the hair brittle and adds to the damage.



Hard Water (water having high mineral content) is one of the unknown causes of hair loss worldwide. The potassium and magnesium in hard water often combine with hair products to form a salt that affects the moisture content of hair. Hair loss in Dubai and other places in UAE can be further attributed to the sea’s saltwater. Even after being desalinated, it does not repair the condition as such.



Stress is a reversible form of hair loss that, in its operational condition, can damage hair in several ways. Stress-induced pulling of hair, forceful transition of hair follicles into dormant stage because of stress, and discrepancy in the body’s immune system attacking the hair follicles are three significant reasons. Stress-related hair fall treatment in Dubai is conducted through a combined approach to stress management and treatment methods to enable the patient to obtain better, longer-lasting results safely.

Faulty Hairstyle


Pulling your hair too tight while tying it or severe braiding styles can result in traction-related alopecia issues. If not treated early, it can gradually become an irreversible form of hair loss. Besides traction alopecia, excessive hair treatments and chemicals are a significant reason for hair loss. Surgeons at Bizrahmed for hair loss treatment in Dubai often advise a change in hair styling as the first treatment option before moving on to other methods.

Systemic Conditions


Pregnancy, thyroid conditions, and anemia are some common systemic diseases resulting in hormonal fluctuations induced by hair loss. Other systemic inflammatory conditions like autoimmune conditions and arthritic reactions can contribute to hair loss.

The medical team in charge of Hair fall treatment in Dubai at Bizrahmed meticulously works on pinpointing the exact cause of hair loss by asking questions, conducting diagnostic tests, and other investigations before forming the final diagnostic conclusion.

Hair Fall Treatment Options In Dubai at Bizrahmed


Bizrahmed offers targeted Hair fall treatment in Dubai with a combined approach of technological superiority and therapeutic approach. The most sought-after options are:

Biofibre Hair Transplant


Bizrahmed, as an ideal hair loss clinic in Dubai, offers transplantation procedures through Biofibre (prosthetic hair) method. Biofibre provides a unique form of transplantation in short intervals without a prolonged recovery period. It includes 13 shades of colors in different lengths and textures to suit the requirements of the subject. Before we sign you for Biofibre Hair Loss treatment in Dubai, sufficient care is taken to ascertain your allergic status to synthetic transplants to ensure a safe and effective procedure.


Sapphire Hair Transplant


So named because of the Sapphire Hair blades used in the procedure, Sapphire Hair Transplant is another sophisticated method of hair loss treatment in Dubai at Bizrahmed. It is used in conditions of severe hair loss not responding satisfactorily to traditional hair transplant methods. Subjects have reported considerably less swelling and quick healing with this method. Amongst many other hair loss clinics in Dubai, the success rate of Bizrahmed is relatively high regarding hair loss treatment in Dubai through the Sapphire transplant procedure.


FUE Hair Transplant


FUE is another transplantation procedure preferred by every hair loss clinic in Dubai because of its natural-looking results. Performed under the influence of anesthetics, it involves the transfer of hair shafts from areas of sufficient hair growth to those with scant hair growth. The dexterity of surgeons performing FUE hair Transplant in Bizrahmed with the natural outcomes has made it a highly sought-after hair loss treatment in Dubai in recent years.




A common mistake made by patients searching for effective treatments for hair loss in Dubai is their preference for invasive procedures without considering other non-invasive options. Mesotherapy is a successful hair loss treatment method advised by surgeons at Bizrahmed. The procedure is beneficial in subjects hypersensitive to anesthetic effects or those who cannot take time off from work for recovery periods. Mesotherapy offers a painless treatment method of revitalizing the scalp and underlying follicles through vitamins, plant extracts, and pharmaceutical medications applied through injection methods.


Scalp Micropigmentation


Scalp Micropigmentation is one of the latest cosmetic hair treatments that use natural pigmentation to the scalp’s epidermis; the aim is to create an illusion of a hairy scalp. Despite being a simple procedure, it is practiced in very few hair loss clinics in Dubai because of the highly intricate details associated with its application methods. Bizrahmed is one of the few clinics that recorded successful results from Micropigmentation. The evidence is in the form of glowing online reviews from patients about their successful cosmetic camouflage and long-lasting results.


Hair Loss Treatment


Also referred to as PRP treatment, it involves using the patient’s blood as a treatment method. Blood is collected and processed to remove the PRP and purify it for better results. The resulting compound is injected into the bald patches to stimulate new stem cells and aid in successful hair regrowth. Bizrahmed offers impeccable hair loss treatment in Dubai using the PRP method. Using highly sophisticated technology under the guidance of experienced surgeons gives it a high success rate.

Hair Loss Treatment: A Non-Surgical Option To Fight Balding

Procedure Time
40-60 Minutes


Back To Work
Same Day

6-12 Months

Why Choose Bizrahmed for Hair Loss Treatments?


There are several reasons why patients suffering from hair loss in Dubai and those from other parts of the world have reported highly successful results from Bizrahmed. 


  • Highly sophisticated technology used for surgical and non-surgical treatment methods
  • Commendable skills of the surgeons, having a vast 

    experience in providing hair fall treatment in Dubai and other regions of the world

  • A passionate medical team dedicated to providing top-quality service round the clock
  • Cost-effective hair loss treatment in Dubai without compromising quality
  • Customized treatment plans in sync with the patient’s hair type and previously opted treatment measures
  • A quick consultation with a doctor for any queries related to hair fall treatment in Dubai
  • Centrally located infrastructure that is easily accessible through various means of transport
  • State-of-the-art techniques for the best hair fall treatment in Dubai
  • Biocompatible, FDA-approved technology used as 

    treatment method

  • Unique hair loss treatment in Dubai with both conventional and unconventional methods.

For any query related to hair loss treatment in Dubai, contact us today!


Factors Slowing Hair Regrowth


Unhealthy Food Habits


Even after a successful hair transplant, regular intake of junk food/ fatty, greasy foods can increase the levels of saturated and unsaturated fats that can affect the transplanted shaft.

Lack of Care &  Maintenance


Care and maintenance done in the early stages of hair loss can prevent the problem from worsening significantly. Precisely why, after hair fall treatment in Dubai, dermatological centers like Bizrahmed advise meticulous maintenance regimen for longer life of the transplanted hair treatment outcome

Excess Styling


Styling involves the use of heat that is unhealthy for growing follicles. Additionally, it consists of the risk of excessive pulling induced traction alopecia that affects the growing hair and the bristles underneath the hair shaft.


Harsh Chemicals


Chemicals cause irreversible damage to the roots and hair along with thinning/breaking of the main shaft. The use of chemicals can result in hair getting uprooted in Tufts and impacting the recovering hair growth cycle chiefly responsible for hair growth.


Unmanaged Systemic Conditions


Unmanaged systemic conditions, apart from preventing hair growth, can result in complications during the transplant procedures. Reputed hair loss treatment centers in Dubai, including Bizrahmed, strictly advise a physician clearance before the procedure to avoid systemic issue-induced complications.


Factors Influencing Hair Regrowth


Abstaining From Alcohol & Smoking


Smoking and alcohol consumption can affect the collagen of the dermis and prevent the hair from regrowing optimally. Abstaining from smoking and alcohol intake can significantly help hair regress.


Follow-up Examinations After Treatment Procedures


Follow-up examinations after treatment procedures enable the surgeon to determine the extent of recovery and advice added to treatment methods if required. After a session of hair fall treatment in Dubai at Bizrahmed, surgeons advise regular follow-up visits for the next 4 weeks to monitor the patient’s recovery and manage any untoward complications.


Proper Preoperative &  Post-Operative Care


Avoiding Medications that can cause surgery complications, taking time from work, and refraining from driving and exercising are some of the pre and postoperative care guidelines that, when followed correctly, aid in excellent hair regrowth.


Taking Care of Allergic Conditions


Even after a successful round of hair treatment, being careless with your allergic conditions can result in histamine buildup that can cause little hair regrowth. Before hair loss treatment in Dubai, patients are advised to give a careful history of their allergic status to enable the surgeon to make a customized treatment plan. After surgery, medications and postoperative care are suggested based on this plan.


Sun Protection


Many patients opting for hair loss treatments in Dubai and other areas do not realize the harm caused by the sun to their follicles and potential hair growth. Sun protection before and after hair treatment is essential to hair regrowth.

Cost of Hair Loss Treatments


The cost of hair loss treatment in Dubai clinics is a variable factor

and depends on:


The Intensity of Hair Loss


 Greater intensity of hair loss requires an increased amount of graft transfer and is subsequently more expensive than others.


The Treatment Plan of The Surgeon


 Whether the surgeon plans to conduct the hair treatment on their own or combine them with other procedures affects the cost.

Type of Hair Transplant Method

Sapphire Hair Transplant is highly effective and safe but more expensive than traditional FUE methods. Similarly, the skills of the surgeon involved in the transplant process affect the cost.


  • Follow-ups

Follow-up visits to maintain the treatment are equally crucial for long-lasting results, and in turn, affect the final cost

  • Additional Cost

Anesthetics costs and the cost of medications are additional costs that determine the total cost. To get an exact cost estimation of your hair loss treatment in Dubai, get in touch with the medical team of Bizrahmed today!


Early Symptoms of Hair Loss


– Gradual thinning on top of the head

– Thinned out hair with stunted hair growth

– Slower hair growth

– Increased hair on the brush

– Observable hair on the pillow


Before hair fall treatment in Dubai, medical centers like Bizrahmed take a detailed hair fall test of the patients to assess the severity of their condition. This makes it easy for the surgeon to initiate the necessary treatment method.


Expected Results of Hair Loss Treatment


Results of hair loss treatment differ in intensity, duration, and longevity. While some methods like Biofibre result in immediate results, others like FUE techniques take time for the results.

After 3-4 weeks of the procedure, the transplanted hair ultimately falls out, making the patient fear the procedure’s success. The falling out is expected as the follicles underneath the shafts are responsible for hair growth. You can expect results within 5-6 weeks of the transplant after the Inflammation has completely healed. It will take 6 months for the results. Patients availing hair fall treatment in Dubai at Bizrahmed are often advised to wait for 6-8 months for the final viewing of results.

hair loss treatment in dubai

Who Should Have a Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair Loss Treatment is a great solution for both men and women, especially when hair transplant surgery is not an option. Hair loss treatment will help stimulate new hair growth in men who suffer from androgenic alopecia (known as male pattern baldness) and women who suffer from female pattern baldness.

Frequently Asked Questions

People with poor hair growth and weak hair are ideal candidates for hair loss treatments. The treatment is also beneficial for those suffering from alopecia.

The Cost vary based on your needs, but on average hair loss treatment, procedures are recommended once a month for three sessions and the price depends on the treatment area that will be subjected for the injection, during each session.

It generally takes 6-9 months to start seeing visible results after hair loss treatments.

It is done during a simple office visit and would take about 30-45 minutes.

There is no fee or charge, in fact, we provide free consultation for most of our services. You can call us at +971 43444688 and book your free appointment now.

Hair loss treatments are quite safe and one of the most recommended alternatives for people seeking natural healing without the use of surgery or medication. This procedure is performed from the patient's own blood, and hence there is no or less chance of allergy, hypersensitivity, or foreign-body reactions.

There is no activity restriction after hair loss treatments. You may shower, shampoo, condition your hair normally as you do, after recommended hours prior to the treatment and resume normal, daily, and athletic activities.

The hair loss treatments can be performed at our branches in Dubai and London. In fact, all our surgeries and treatments can be done in either of the locations. This includes all cosmetic surgeries, hair transplants, hair treatments, and injectables.

It is essential to have a brief idea about the stages of hair growth to understand hair loss better. Hair growth consists of an entire cycle of growth of new hair to the shedding of previous hair and is divided into 

  • Anagen phase - Active phase of hair growth
  • Catagen phase - the phase where active growth stops 
  • Telogen phase - Dormant phase in which hair starts the process of shedding
  • Exogen phase - Pre-existing hair is shredded 

At any given time, random hairs on the scalp are in any of the stages mentioned above. When the exogen or telogen phases are longer lasting than the anagen phase, hair loss is apparent. Several factors like medication, improper maintenance, health hazards, nutritional deficiencies, and stress factors are responsible for prolonging the Exogen phase. 

Hair loss is defined as hair loss from part of the skull or other body parts but mainly refers to scalp hair loss. Often confused with hair fall, the two are different contexts and should be understood. The cause of hair loss determines whether it is permanent or a chance of it growing back. Conditions like Hereditary pattern loss (male and female) and autoimmune disorders are usually endless. It is possible to slow down hair loss in these conditions instead of reversing it. Conditions like stress, pregnancy, chemo-induced hair loss, and medication effects are some of the temporary conditions of hair loss. These can be changed by discontinuing the medication or taking care of the accelerating condition. Whether or not your hair loss conditions are permanent can be determined through blood tests, biopsies, and other dermatological tests like pill tests and microscopic evaluation.  

It is normal to lose 50-100 strands per growth phase as long as accompanied by new hair growth. It is when new growth does not occur in its place, and there is a visible decrease in volume when it is termed hair loss. Hair loss Treatments work only if the treatment regimen suits your skin/hair type and is safe to use (FDA approved), and the treatment is performed effectively. Many hair growth products are available in the market, out of which only 2 (Minoxidil and Finasteride) are FDA-approved for the condition. Whether or not hair loss treatments work depends on the type of hair loss, the effectiveness of the treatment option, the efficiency with which you utilize the treatment option, and your allergic reactions, if any, to these treatment options.

The quality and quantity of hair growth after a phase of hair loss depends on several factors such as: 

The quality of your hair 

People with pre-existing thin hair/ genetically induced thin hair experience some hair growth after treatment procedures, but it is not as good as those with better quality hairs 

The reason for hair loss 

If the loss is genetic or a result of poor autoimmune conditions, it is challenging to induce good regrowth. If it is trauma, chemo, or stress-induced, taking care of the situation enables it to regrow again. 

Treatment protocol 

The type of treatment protocol, efficiency with which it is followed, and the safety of the treatment plan on the body play an essential role in the quality of hair growing back. 

Maintenance regimen 

Hair growth supplements, avoiding smoking/alcohol, and avoiding harsh chemicals/ other coloring treatments) can improve hair growth. 

Depending on your condition, you may be prescribed any of the following lines of treatment.  


Finasteride and Minoxidil are some of the medications that work on the hair follicles to repair and regenerate them for better results. These medications even work on the hair growth phases and prolong the active phase of hair growth to improve hair quality and quantity. 

Laser options 

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) enables the hair follicles to absorb laser light and stimulate them to grow. Studies have shown this treatment option to slow down or stop hair loss in 85% of subjects undergoing the treatment. 

Micro needling 

Involves skin roller with tiny needles to stimulate blood flow and help in collagen production for improved hair growth. Besides, micro-needling helps create mini channels for more effective absorption of topical treatments like Minoxidil. 

Platelet-rich plasma therapy 

It involves drawing the subject's blood, treating it to increase the protein content, and injecting it into the skull region for improved blood stimulation. This, in turn, promotes hair growth and heals inflammatory reactions. 

Surgical options 

Involves the transfer of hair shafts from hair-rich regions of the body and transplanting them onto the area of scarce hair growth. Along with lowering the hairline, it can promote scalp hair growth for improved aesthetic appearance. 


The following are the most common reasons for hair loss.  


Hereditary hair loss conditions in the form of androgenetic alopecia are a significant cause of balding issues, especially among the male population. 


With age occurs hormonal fluctuations that are responsible for hair loss. Additionally, age-related shrinking of follicles is another reason for thinning of hair and subsequent hair loss 


Tellurium Effluvium (stress-related pushing of hair growth into the resting phase), Trichotillomania ( stress-related pulling of hair), and Alopecia Areata ( stress-induced attack on hair follicles by the immune system) are some of the chief Stress-induced hair loss conditions 

Lifestyle factors 

Smoking and alcohol consumption are some of the chief Lifestyle triggered hair loss problems. Sun exposure, pollution, and chemical hair products are other primary reasons for the condition. 

Cancerous conditions 

Cancerous conditions and chemotherapy for cancer treatment can result in reversible hair loss in the individual. Hodgkin's Lymphoma is one such condition resulting in severe hair loss. 


Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia begins as a receding hairline or bald spot at the top of the head before affecting other regions. Regarded as the most common form of hair loss in men, it affects 30-50% of men under 50. Along with affecting the individual's self-image, Male Pattern Baldness is regarded as a risk factor for arterial stiffness and cardiovascular disease. Male pattern baldness is characterized by alterations in hair cycle development, follicular inflammation, and miniaturization.  

The length of the anagen phase in Male Pattern Baldness decreases with each step, while the telogen phase is prolonged. This results in an exceedingly short length of growing hair reaching the skin's surface. The three stages of Male Pattern Baldness in sequence are receding hairline, bald spots on the crown of the head, and hair loss all over the head.  

The average person tends to lose 50-100 strands a day. People with shorter or thinner hair tend to shed less than longer-haired individuals. Long-haired individuals lose around 150-200 strands of hair on the day of washing them. The fallen hair can regrow if the follicle is still intact. But if the follicle has closed or is scarred, new hair does not grow in its place. There are two simple tests to determine whether you have abnormal hair fall: 

  1. Comb test  You must comb your hair from the back of your head to the front of the scalp and then count the hair strands lost during the combing process. Loss of more than 10-15 strains indicates abnormal hair fall. 
  2. Pull test  Approximately 60 strands of hair are taken between the fingers and gently pulled. 5-8 strands of hair in the fingers are standard, but 15-20 are abnormal.

Male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness because of genetic conditions cannot be prevented. But its progression can be slowed, and the symptoms treated using appropriate treatment measures. Even in conditions like Alopecia Areata, hair loss, though it cannot be prevented, can be treated. Similarly, in stress-related hair loss conditions, lowering the stress levels through exercise and positive time management can take care of the problem to a significant extent. 

Apart from a healthy lifestyle, healthy food intake in biotin, iron, and Omega-3 fatty acids-rich foods can provide a natural treatment option. Some of the other things that can help in healthy hair growth are: 

  1. A fruit and vegetable-rich diet
  2. Vitamin A rich diet like spinach and leafy greens
  3. Regular washing to keep scalp healthy and clean
  4. Olive oil / Coconut oil massage for healthy follicles
  5. Avoiding hairstyles promoting hair shedding  

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