What is Biofibre Hair Transplant? 

Biofibre is a biocompatible artificial hair transplant procedure where surgeon implants synthetic hair on patients to make their scalp look fuller. It is a non-invasive treatment for baldness, hair thinning, or alopecia for both male and female.  If you need an instant hair restoration, you can book a consultation at Bizrahmed for a biofibre hair implant in Dubai.

Advantages of Biofibre implantation? 

With Bizrahmed’s Biofibre hair implant in Dubai, you can get the following benefits: 

  • Get high hair density in just a matter of hours
  • Get natural-looking and aesthetically-pleasing hair available in 13 colours
  • You get to choose your hairstyles (curly, straight or wavy) with Biofibre hair implant in Dubai at Bizrahmed
  • Unlike natural hairs, biofibre hairs do not turn white over time
  • It takes a couple of hours to complete a whole session, and you can get back to your social life right away

Schedule a consultation with our surgeons at Bizrahmed to know more about Biofibre hair implant in Dubai. 

Why Choose Biofibre over Traditional hair Implantation? 

While traditional hair implantation can take months to show any visible results, you can get instant results with our treatment for biofibre hair implant in Dubai. In one session, you can implant 1000 approx full-grown hair of your desired length and colour and get back to your everyday life within hours. The biofibre synthetic hair is highly safe and effective, offering impeccable flexibility, elasticity and resistance to traction like natural hair. 

Schedule a consultation at Bizrahmed to know more about Biofibre synthetic hair transplant in Dubai.  

Eligibility for Biofibre Hair Implant in Dubai 

We take extreme care of our patients administering stringent screening protocols to decide the patients’ eligibility for a biofibre hair implant in Dubai at Bizrahmed. 

You are only eligible for a biofibre hair implant in Dubai at Bizrahmed, if: 

You have low density hair on your scalp 

You have a minimal donor area or exhausted your donor area  

You are not eligible for a Biofibre hair implant if:

You suffer from sensitive scalp or scalp issues 

You have HIV, hepatitis, uncontrolled diabetes, heart problems, asthma, autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, and hypertension 

You are a smoker (you need to discontinue smoking before the surgery and for atleast seven days after) 

When you are in Dubai, you are the hub of the safest and most innovative healthcare facilities. Bizrahmed is at its forefront in delivering the industry’s best treatment and in-patient care for biofibre hair implants in Dubai. 

Is biofibre hair transplant effective? 

Biofibre is an effective and non-invasive treatment for hair loss giving you the power and confidence that you may have lost over the years. Although the term ‘synthetic hair’ may raise some doubts in your head, a biofibre hair transplant in Dubai at Bizrahmed Clinic gives you the same results that you will get from a traditional hair transplant, maybe better. There is no downtime or pain with a Biofibre synthetic hair transplant in Dubai. You will only feel slight discomfort for 1-2 days, but no pain is involved.  

Coming to its longevity, clinical and histological studies at 2, 3 and 5 years confirms that a biofibre hair can last for years without causing any discomfort or scalp irritation in patients. Undoubtedly, a biofibre hair transplant in Dubai is the best option for patients who wants a stellar result without going under the knife. 

How is Biofibre hair implantation done? 

Biofibre hair implantation is done exclusively with an automatic hair device and implant instruments manufactured by Medicap. The device hooks the biofibre reversible knot and inserts the hair one by one under the scalp. 

Before conducting a biofibre hair implant in Dubai, you need to go through a test patch by the surgeon. Our surgeon will implant 100 hair fibres on your head and give you a unique hair care pack. You have to follow the directions and follow up with him after a month. If no hypersensitivity is detected, you can go for the complete biofibre hair implant in Dubai at Bizrahmed. 

You can only do upto 1000 hair implants in one session and wait for a month. Your sessions will be spaced one month apart. Most patients will require between 1000 to 3000 hairs depending upon the severity of hair loss. In some cases, you may even need lesser than 1000 biofibre hairs.  

Book a consultation with our surgeon at Bizrahmed for a biofibre hair implant in Dubai to determine your appropriate treatments and sessions. 

Why Choose Bizrahmed for Biofibre Hair Implantation? 

BizrahMed is a reliable and certified clinic for biofibre hair implant in Dubai led by board-certified and award-winning surgeons with stellar experience in hair transplants worldwide. Bizrahmed is a renowned name in the field of cosmetic surgery, offering high-end in-patient and out-patient care backed by top-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology. Here, you will receive comprehensive and cost-effective surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments starting from initial consultation to post-surgery care. 

Downtime & Recovery 

The results of a biofibre hair implant are immediate with no downtime. You will feel a mild discomfort that will subside within 1-2 days. A usual 1000 hair implant will take approximately 2 hours to complete. Our esteemed surgeon conducts biofibre hair transplant in Dubai under local anaesthesia, where you will stay awake the whole time. You will feel a bit of pressure but won’t feel any pain. 

Once your biofibre hair transplant in Dubai at Bizrahmed is complete, your doctor will prescribe local and general antibiotic treatment for 5-6 days. You can start regular washing and combing your hair after seven days of your biofibre hair implant in Dubai at Bizrahmed. Meanwhile, you will have to take extreme care of your hair for a few weeks, such as not pulling the hairs or handling them harshly. 

 It will take around 20-30 days for the hairs to adhere to the scalp thoroughly. Every two weeks, you need to visit the doctor to check your progression post the biofibre hair implant in Dubai at Bizrahmed.  

Hair Care Post Biofibre Hair Transplant in Dubai 

You can extend your biofibre hair transplants for years with regular hair care and maintenance.  

After the biofibre hair transplant in Dubai is done, you can continue your regular hair grooming routine after seven days. However, surgeons are strictly advised to use biofibre products for cleaning and maintenance. You have to use biofibre hair comfort every day or two days, followed by biofibre derma clean on the implanted area 3-4 times a week. However, our surgeon at Bizrahmed advises patients to use derma clean after three weeks of their biofibre hair transplant in Dubai Clinic. 

Are there any side effects to biofibre hair transplant? 

Biofibre hair transplant or any artificial hair implant in this matter carries its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, your body’s immune may reject synthetic hair considering them as foreign bodies. 

Some people may even develop an allergic reaction after the procedure or experience migraine. When our surgeon at Bizrahmed conducts a Biofibre synthetic hair transplant in Dubai, he first starts with a patch test by planting around 100 hairs on the scalp. If the patient develops any issues, the biofibre hairs are removed, and the area is treated.  

While some mild side-effects like itchiness or headache are common, they are usually treated and goes away within a couple of days. However, if your body’s immunity is acting up, our surgeon may not recommend the Biofibre synthetic hair transplant in Dubai at Bizrahmed. In such cases, you may have to take alternate treatment options.  

We recommend you book a consultation with our surgeon for your Biofibre synthetic hair transplant in Dubai and discuss your treatment options in detail. 

Biofibre hair implant cost in Dubai 

  • The number of biofibre used 
  • The fees of the surgeon 
  • Price for screening, anaesthesia, medicine, equipment and accessories used 
  • Fees charged by the clinic  

If you are looking for a seamless implant experience with a reasonable Biofibre hair transplant cost in Dubai, Bizrahmed is your best bet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A biofibre hair transplant cost in Dubai primarily varies on the number of sessions and hairs you use in the procedure. The second reason affecting a price is the fee charged by the surgeon. Other costs include hospital charges, screening fees, pre-eligibility testing fees, medicines, anaesthesia, the fee of the anesthesiologist, etc.  

Overall, you cannot estimate the actual biofibre hair transplant cost in Dubai unless you get screened by a professional. Our team of surgeons at BizrahMed are known for offering goal-oriented, personalized and cost-effective treatment for Biofibre hair transplant in Dubai. Book a consultation for more details. 

Biofibre hair implant is a non-invasive aesthetic surgery for treating baldness and bald patches in patients suffering from extreme hair loss (both genetic and non-genetic). Unlike traditional hair implants, in biofibre treatment, surgeons use synthetic (full-grown) hair on patients. A biofibre hair transplant in Dubai at Bizrahmed is a simple and non-invasive procedure with no downtime with instant results. 

If you are looking for a flawless biofibre hair transplant in Dubai, consult our experienced surgeons from Bizrahmed Clinic to discuss your treatment options. 

Most surgeons recommend that patients wait for at least 25 years before opting for any hair transplant as hair loss in most people is stabilized by this age. However, that does not mean younger patients cannot undergo a Biofibre hair transplant. If you have an early onset of alopecia or hair thinning, you can go for a Biofibre synthetic hair transplant in Dubai with your surgeon's approval. 

Some people are allergic to the chemicals used in synthetic hairs that give them their colour and lustre. Therefore, at Bizrahmed, our surgeon conducts an allergy test before moving forward with the biofibre hair transplant in Dubai.  

In this test, our surgeon will put 100 (more or less) biofibre hairs on your scalp and check how your body reacts within 30 days. If you have an allergy to biofibre, you cannot proceed with the biofibre hair implant in Dubai or any other region. In such cases, our surgeon may provide you with an alternative option. 

Yes, synthetic hair can easily be implanted on the scalp, and with proper care, it can last for years. For instance, the biofibre hair implant in Dubai at Bizrahmed is a perfect solution for patients who want to naturally look full-grown on their heads without undergoing highly invasive surgery.  

Biofibre hair does not grow or get white with time. You can implant a long hair and then adjust the length later. Once you cut a biofibre hair, it won't grow as normal hair, but you can re-implant them later.  

They are available from 15 to 45cm in length with straight, wavy, curly or afro shapes. Contact Bizrahmed's consultant team for a biofibre hair transplant in Dubai, and feel free to discuss your treatment options with our surgeons.  

Biofibre hairs are synthetic hairs used as a hair restoration treatment for patients with improved aesthetic results to correct scars, bald patches, scalp burns, and other hair falls issues.  

They are biocompatible, resistant to traction & capillarity, physical-chemic stress and low tissue trauma. Performed under local anaesthesia, a biofibre hair transplant in Dubai offers instant results with no downtime, pain or hospitalization. 

Like your natural hairs, synthetic hairs also falls after a period. However, it also depends upon your commitment to maintenance. For instance, a Biofibre synthetic hair transplant in Dubai at Bizrahmed can guarantee you long-lasting results for years.  

The longevity of a biofibre treatment depends upon patients and how they manage their hair post-implant. You can expect a progressive fibre loss of up to 10 per cent per year. Overall, you can maintain the aesthetic results of your biofibre hair transplant for 7-8 years with some occasional touch-ups.  

Contact our lead surgeon for a biofibre hair transplant in Dubai to check whether you are eligible for the treatment. 

With biofibre treatment, you get full-length hair immediately after the procedure. You don't have to wait for months to see the results. However, synthetic hairs do not grow beyond their chosen length. 

To get a biofibre hair treatment in Dubai, contact our team at Bizrahmed Clinic. 

Usually, a biofibre hair transplant is a minimally-invasive procedure with no pain. The biofibre hair implant in Dubai at Bizrahmed is conducted under local anaesthesia, where you may fill some pressure on your scalp but no pain. You may expect some mild discomfort for a couple of days, for which you will be given some medicines.  

Yes, you can wash synthetic hair with their specially devised products. For instance, the biofibre hair implant in Dubai comes with a unique set of cleansing foam, sanitizing spray, anti-sebum spray, and a small brush. With proper maintenance, your hair will be lost for years to come. 

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