Permanent Hair Transplant in Dubai, UAE

Hair Transplant refers to a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from one part of the head  the back or sides of the head) known as “donor site” and implanted into the area of the head that is balding known as “recipient site.” Hair Transplantation is an effective technique to treat male pattern baldness or to treat receding hairline of females. You can also use a hair transplant procedure for your eyebrow or beard hair restoration.

Why Choose Our Center for the Hair Transplant?

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Bizhramed Founder “Dr. Bashar Bizrah” is a globally renowned UK Consultant in Facial Plastic Surgery and has authorized the first textbook in the Middle East on Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery, which is also recognized by the American and European Academies of Facial Plastic Surgeons.

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Meals at the clinic are included in the cost of hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant at Bizrahmed Dubai

Bizrahmed clinic has a team that compromises of the best hair specialists in Dubai. The staffs here are professionally well trained and helpful, bringing together their vast years of experience they have in the field of hair transplant in Dubai. Our team has ample experience and sound knowledge along with the ability to use the latest techniques, which are the secret behind our successful results. Our team has already performed hundreds of successful hair transplants in Dubai with the Hair Transplant daily average rounding up to 4-7 hair transplants.

Successful transplantation is based on many factors in which the most important is the expertise of the doctor conducting the procedure. Therefore, it is very important to never compromise quality and expertise when choosing the best hair transplant in Dubai. Our team of experts will ensure to give you the best natural results in an ultimately relaxing and comfortable environment. Bizrahmed clinic, Dubai offers a thorough consultation for all its patients who are seeking honest and transparent guidance.

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Hair Transplant In Dubai

We will help you choose the best hair restoration in Dubai to go for. Bizrahmed clinic is determined to excellence, quality assurance, and world-class standard of services. To recommend the best procedure for you and ensure natural results that are suitable for your age, profession, and personality, Bizrahmed Clinic undergoes a thorough and extensive approach to check the condition of the hair and scalp from all aspects using advanced technology and state-of-the-art instruments. Our highly experienced team of doctors and technicians will then answer all your related question and guide you to the best available option. Also, they will be with you in every step of your hair transplant journey to answer all your questions and concerns and to track your hair growth.

At Bizrahmed Clinic, Dubai we are interested in one thing and that is natural looking results. To do so, we will give you an honest assessment of where we will recommend the best option for hair transplant for you and the outcome you can expect. This information will help you in making the right decision when it comes to hair restoration as we never promise anything we cannot deliver. Therefore, before it is too late, and before your hair thins to complete baldness, book a consultation with us and be ensured you will get the best hair transplant in Dubai.

Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai  

The hair transplant cost in Dubai depends on various factors, like the expertise of the surgeon, the quality, precision, and technique used, and the number of hair follicles required. However, when comparing to other countries, hair transplant cost in Dubai is highly cost-effective, especially when looking at the quality, level of care, and overall experience the patient is getting, Hair transplant cost in Dubai varies from person to person, according to one’s requirement and the technique used for hair restoration, however, we can ensure to give you the best price and the utmost comfort and luxury experience. To get an accurate calculation of the cost of hair transplant, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We changed the lives of thousands of people and helped them gain back their lost confidence. We provide the best hair transplant services in Dubai with excellent and natural results at a cost-effective price. Hair Transplant or Hair Restoration is a very important investment in yourself that is beyond price, therefore, you should never compromise on quality. Invest in yourself and make the right decision with Bizrahmed. Here at Bizrahmed, the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai, we offer FUE hair transplant, beard hair transplantation, eyebrow hair transplantation, and scalp micro-pigmentation.

FUE Permanent Hair Transplant in Dubai  

The FUE hair transplant is a minimally invasive outpatient surgical technique wherein there is individual extraction of hair follicles, without the actual need for removing a strip of your scalp tissue. This is one of the most recommended advanced techniques which provides effective and quick results with minimal or no scars, no suturing and hence enabling quick treatment of medium-sized and small areas. The initial phase of FUE Hair Transplant procedure begins by collecting individual follicular grafts from the patient’s donor area and using a small or tiny incision, using the minimally invasive technology at the site of each individual follicle. A magnifying glass is normally used to extract follicular units from the donor’s site with a punch of approximately 0.8 to 1 mm.

To prepare for the hair transplant, the areas where the follicles will be placed are shaved. Then, when the follicles are ready, small incisions are made in each follicle is individually planted through small incisions. To maximize density and give the most natural appearance, several aspects must be taken into consideration like implant line, density, and direction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bizrahmed, Dubai offers hair transplant at highly competitive rates. You will be assisted by the expert medical team with proven record and years of service excellence.

While we ensure the best possible experience here in our hair transplant clinic in Dubai, the cost of a hair transplant varies from person to person due to a number of reasons. They include

  1. Type of hair transplant method.
  2. Type of hair loss.
  3. Number of sessions to complete the hair transplant.

To know the accurate cost of your hair transplant in Dubai, visit us at Bizrahmed or book an appointment online.

In most cases, Hair Transplant has lasts for a lifetime, since in this procedure the healthy hair follicles are being transplanted into the bald areas or those areas where hair growth is thinning.

The recommended age for Hair Transplant is approximately 25+ while the hair grafting mainly depends on the severity of hair loss faced by the patient.

The two most common methods of Hair Transplant are FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).  Although, FUE is more popular and much advanced surgical hair restoration technique used in the recent time. It's less invasive than traditional hair transplant. At Bizrahmed we guarantee you the best hair transplant technique that is most suitable for you.

Hair transplant recovery which is also referred to as the post-surgery duration is the time in which the hair grows back on the head to its original length. The recovery time for a hair transplant takes time after which the hair grows back and a new hairline is visible.

A full recovery of a successful hair transplant can take up to a year. 70% of the hair is restored in the first six months and then 100% restoration is done within the year of the hair transplant. During this time, it is advised to take care and not indulge in any strenuous exercise or sunlight to avoid inflammation and risk of infections.  However, within a year, you can see visible results in form of a new visible hairline, new growth, and thickening of the hair.

For a quick hair transplant recovery, one should follow the precautionary measures set down by the doctor of the hair transplant clinic.

A good candidate for a hair transplant is ideally a person of age 25 and above. Some people even up to the age of 65 can opt for a hair transplant. People under the age of 25 suffer from mild hair loss which fades away with time so they are not suited for a hair transplant as the transplanted hair might not be distributed properly or equally. Similarly, people over the age of 65 have very thin hair and a hair transplant might not be very effective.

Hair transplant in Dubai looks beyond just age as an eligibility factor for the hair transplant. many factors such as hair texture, hair color, type of hair loss are also kept in mind when a patient comes to the hair transplant clinic for a referral.

As with any surgery, a patient must be in good overall health in order to undergo a hair transplant to avoid any complications. For further queries, feel free to consult us here at the hair transplant clinic and choose the best method as per your need.

This is one of the most commonly asked questions at the hair transplant clinic about whether a transplant hurts or not. Every person has a different pain threshold and they feel pain at different scales.

As with any surgery, a hair transplant also requires an anesthetic for the duration of the surgery. Due to this, any pain of this procedure is alleviated and patients feel no pain whatsoever. However, as patients are awake during the process, they might feel little to mild discomfort during the hair transplant but nothing intolerable. A bit of pulling at the scalp and other sensations but due to the anesthetic, it is not painful.

Even as the procedure is done, patients only feel a bit of swelling and mild discomfort which can be eradicated due to taking painkillers. But since the recovery time is fast, all these symptoms subside within a few days of the hair transplant.

Our hair transplant clinic in Dubai requires minimal intervention but for the ease of the patients, anesthesia is administered as the area being operated on is large and needs sedation. Hence, anesthesia is used for making the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible.

In the cases of hair transplants, local anesthesia and mild sedatives are used to make for a comfortable and pain-free experience for both the patient and the surgeon. The patient stays awake during the procedure and does not feel pain while the surgeon works away at the scalp by tugging and pulling. There are rarely ever any risks involved with using anesthesia and rest assured, your experience here with us will be comfortable and hassle-free.

A hair transplant is a clean, precise procedure with little to no risk involved, both during the surgery and after the surgery. Our hair clinic in Dubai guarantees the best results and efficient procedure, courtesy of the professional staff employed here.

However, post hair transplant surgery is very important as patients have to take care not to irritate their already sensitive scalp. For the first week, exercise and a long duration of time in the sunlight should be avoided. After a week or so, the symptoms subside, and in extreme cases where patients do risk an infection; it can be easily treated with antibiotics and can be cured within days without any lasting damage to either the body or the hair.

Our hair transplant clinic in Dubai guarantees a 100% success rate. As with all hair transplants, patients can see the results for themselves in the first six months post-surgery. On average, all hair transplant cases have a success percentage that lies between 90%-95% for all the patients and with vigilant post-surgery care in the recovery period of the hair transplant, the patients can see for themselves the results that are yielded. This is a claim undisputed of our hair transplant clinic in Dubai and the patient’s vouch for their success story themselves.

Yes, you absolutely can have a hair transplant if you are diabetic. Here at our hair transplant clinic in Dubai, we use modern methods and a quality local anesthetic that does not hinder your health in any way possible. A local anesthetic is mild in nature and coupled with a sedative, it does not hinder the patient’s blood pressure at all and he/she can undergo the hair transplant without any hassle.

However, with some diabetic patients, it must be noted that their recovery period immediately after the hair transplant might take longer than non-diabetic patients due to blood-thinning but overall, no great threat is imposed.

For more information, feel free to contact us at our hair transplant clinic in Dubai and inquire about the hair transplant with a professional in detail.

For more information, book your appointment and inquire all about the hair transplant in our clinic in Dubai without any hesitance.

In many cases, a hair transplant lasts for a lifetime. This is because healthy hair follicles are transplanted to a place where the hair is thinning and due to this, all lost hair is restored. Here at our hair transplant clinic in Dubai, we guarantee lifetime results of the hair transplant due to our experienced medical staff and professional methods.

If you suffer from pattern baldness or thinning of hair which shows no hint of slowing down and going bald seems imminent, then a hair transplant is for you. As the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai, we offer you the best quality professional work and ensure that your hair problems will go away.

You can opt for a hair transplant if you:

  1. If you suffer from pattern hair loss.
  2. If your hair is starting to thin.
  3. If your hairline is starting to recede.
  4. If all prior methods have failed to provide you with desirable results
  5. If your hair loss is not stopping.

For more detailed information, please contact us at our hair transplant clinic in Dubai and choose the method that is deemed best for you.

There are two most commonly used methods of hair transplant, namely FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Both of these methods are immensely popular and guaranteed to yield results. However, FUE is a more popular method of hair transplant due to its non-invasive and precise nature.

At our hair transplant clinic in Dubai, we offer you both these methods tailored to your needs and proceed as per the customized method. Contact us for more details and in choosing the method which is suited to your hair type.

Yes, women can indeed undergo a hair transplant with just as much success as men. Although women rarely go bald, they do suffer from a receding hairline, mostly from the place where they part their hair. However, since the hair loss is less in number, it means that the strong hair follicles can be easily transplanted into the affected area and it can effectively stop their hair loss. The percentage of success of a hair transplant for women is just as high for the men, as in above 90%.

For more intensive queries, contact us at our hair transplant clinic in Dubai and book your appointment now.

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