Do you suffer from excess hair? Are you tired of wasting time on shaving, waxing, and tweezing only to end up with rough, dry skin filled with razor bumps and ingrown hairs? We have a solution for you at Bizrahmed. Offering the most effective and safe laser hair removal for the best laser hair removal in Dubai. This permanent treatment will guarantee results and silky-smooth skin all over your face and body.

Laser removal

Do you suffer from excess hair? Are you tired of wasting time on shaving, waxing, and tweezing only to end up with rough, dry skin filled with razor bumps and ingrown hairs? We have a solution for you at Bizrahmed. Offering the most effective and safe laser hair removal for the best laser hair removal in Dubai. This permanent treatment will guarantee results and silky-smooth skin all over your face and body.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal For Treatment Of Unwanted Hair?


  • Permanent solution for unwanted hair
  • Can be performed on all parts of the body, including the face
  • Targets ingrown hair and keratosis paralysis
  • No recovery period or downtime
  • Provides silky-smooth skin with no irritation
  • Long-lasting and instant results
  • Boosts confidence at minimal discomfort

We offer the best and most advanced machines in the world at Bizrahmed Dubai. Using Candela Gentle Max Laser, we ensure to provide our patients with the best techniques to ensure they achieve the best results that keep them coming for more.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?


Laser Hair Removal works on all parts of the body. It is equally effective for men and women, as you can enjoy the best results without pain or discomfort. Before the procedure, your surgeon will assess your skin condition. The best candidate for hair removal treatment is darker hair, which contains melanin that absorbs the laser.

laser hair removal treatment dubai

Are you the ideal candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Permanent laser hair removal in Dubai is a procedure that can be done for almost anyone that wants to get rid of unwanted hair, whether male or female. However, there are a few characteristics that the potential candidate must not have:

  • Not pregnant
  • Not breastfeeding
  • Not suffering from any skin diseases
  • Not suffering from any chronic illnesses.
  • Not tanned
  • No Henna
  • No Moroccan Bath.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure:

  • The first step consists of thoroughly cleaning the treatment site to avoid any dirt, makeup, or buildup from interfering between the laser and skin during the session.
  • The second step consists of removing the hair using the handheld laser device. The laser targets the dark pigment of the hair and heats up the root of the hair, prohibiting the follicle’s ability to regrow.
  • Step three involves coating your skin with a cooling gel to cool and prevent irritation. An antibiotic cream is also applied to minimize the risk of infections.

The session is afterwards concluded, and you will be able to book your next session around 4 weeks later. The results are instant however multiple sessions are needed to enjoy permanent and long-lasting results. The number of sessions will vary from person to person, depending on the density of the hair and skin type.

Pre-Treatment Care Of Laser Hair Removal  

  • Two weeks before your session, you should refrain from tanning. It is strictly prohibited as it minimizes the contrast between your skin and hair and makes it difficult for the laser to pick up.
  • All alternative methods of hair removal should be stopped, except for shaving.
  • Shaving the day before the session is essential.
  • Do not apply any creams, skincare products, or makeup on the day of your laser hair removal session.

Post-treatment care of laser hair removal:

The downtime or recovery period of laser hair removal is instant and easy. There are just a few post-treatment guidelines that should be followed regularly.

  • Wear sunscreen regularly to prevent your skin from UV rays.
  • Do not exfoliate the skin or use any harsh treatments.
  • Do not wax or tweeze between laser sessions. The only hair removal method allowed is shaving.
  • Do not suntan or fake tan between sessions.

Things to Consider For Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal requires precision and skills, so make sure you choose the best cosmetic surgeon for the procedure. Never compromise on cost and facilities. The treatment does not require recovery time, and the patient can immediately resume routine activities. It is, however, strictly advised to avoid direct sunlight for at least a month after your last session. After the procedure, redness and itching are expected, and discomfort can be minimized through ice packs and cold compresses. The gap between the two sessions is mostly four to six weeks. Patients should not miss any session as it can affect the treatment process.

Results of Laser Hair Removal

After undergoing several sessions, your hair will progressively start to disappear. Once it is gone, you will enjoy a lifetime of hair-free, smooth, silky, and glowy skin. Contact Bizrahmed – one of the top hair laser removal clinics in Dubai.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

  • Investing in laser will stop you from spending fortunes on waxing, shaving creams, and other hair removal methods. It is a one-time investment that, if done by the right clinic using the best machines, will guarantee you excellent results.
  • You will stop worrying about hair and what to wear as you will have the ease of mind to always have hair-free, smooth skin all year around.
  • It is described by many as a painless procedure; however, some say there is mild discomfort. However, it is entirely bearable and worth the discomfort.
  • You will enjoy smooth and silky skin afterwards, and razor bumps and ingrown hair will be things of the past.
  • It is an entirely safe procedure if done by professionals and has no side effects except for mild redness afterwards.

If you are looking for a laser hair removal clinic in Dubai, Bizrahmed is your answer. We provide high-class standard services and treatments, using only the latest advanced machines, and have the best team of health professionals to assist you. You will always feel at ease and in safe hands. For more information on our prices and laser hair removal packages, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be on call to answer all your inquiries and concerns anytime.

Laser Hair Removal In Dubai At Bizrahmed

Before the treatment, the area with hair is covered with a gel and given special laser light. Your doctor decides which kind of laser is suitable for your skin type. It takes around 30 to 40 minutes to carry out the laser procedure and the patient hardly feels any discomfort. Laser treatment for hair removal is carried out by trained staff and is an extremely safe procedure.

Dr Bashar Bizrah and his expert team are renowned all over the world, especially for developing innovative techniques in cosmetic surgery. Together they have performed hundreds of such procedures, using modern machines and state-of-the-art equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting rid of unwanted hair is the main goal of laser hair removal. However, added benefits to laser hair removal are smooth and silky skin that is free of cuts, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs.

Laser Hair Removal procedure helps to target hair follicles with the help of tiny heat-based laser beams. It gives you a feeling of snapping your skin with the rubber band, and you might not feel the heat. Most people experience mild discomfort once the procedure is being done, and could be accompanied with irritation similar to sunburn and mild redness as well.

Laser Hair Removal is considered to be safe even in your sensitive areas like groin.

The good news is that there is no such recommended age to get Laser Hair Removal done. You could benefit from it, even if you are 8 or 88 and also the treatment has proved to be perfectly safe as well.

In most of the cases, there is no chance for hair growth again after the Laser Hair Removal procedure. However, we cannot ignore the rare possibility of a condition called paradoxical hypertrichosis, where the hair grows thicker after the hair removal treatment, though it is not common at all.

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