Wrinkles and sagginess of skin is usually the first sign of ageing. The skin on face, hands and feet loses its freshness and firmness. Small creases appear around the eyes and corners of the mouth. These lines start to increase as the supporting tissue under the skin lessens. If you want to get rid of the wrinkles and the unwanted lines, then we have an answer.

Anti wrinkle injection and fillers is a widely known and popular cosmetic procedure that smooths the skin and helps in retaining its general firmness. Anti wrinkle injection for Skin Tightening results in noticeable reduction in furrows and wrinkles. An FDA approved procedure, Anti wrinkle injection is used for fine lines around the mouth and lips, as well as for the horizontal forehead lines. Whether you are opting for Anti wrinkle injection for Eye Wrinkles or an overall facelift, make sure you book an appointment at one of the best cosmetic clinic in Dubai.

Bizrah Day Surgery Medical Center is led by Dr. Bashar Bizrah, a world renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon. He’s a pioneer in several cosmetic treatments and facial procedures. His clientele is spread across the world and his main practice is set up in the UK and Middle East.

What Happens in Anti wrinkle injection

Anti wrinkle injection is a safe, short and minimally invasive procedure. It can produce dramatic results in very short time that remain for a few months. After the treatment the patient requires minor touch-ups and it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Anti wrinkle injection must be performed by skilled and trained cosmetic surgeons. If you compromise on quality, then the results can be quite disastrous and even complications can arise. At Bizrah Day Surgery Medical, our highly trained cosmetic surgeons perform these procedures regularly and with incredible results. If you choose right and smartly for yourself, then you can easily regain smooth crease-free skin with the help of our Anti wrinkle injection treatment.

People who suffer from excessive sweating also turn to the procedure. Anti wrinkle injection for Excessive Sweating is a half-hour procedure that reduces hyperhidrosis and lasts for at least seven months.

What Happens in Fillers

Filler is also a popular cosmetic procedure that helps in treating wrinkles. In this type of treatment a filling material is injected in the skin to fill the deep furrows, wrinkles or lines. In some cases the doctors even use the body fat as a filler to treat hollow cheeks or sunken eyes.

The surgeon has to be extremely careful while choosing the filler for the patient. Best quality fillers must be used so that the patient gets the maximum results from the procedure. Don’t hesitate in booking a consultation at the Bizrah Day Surgery Medical Center. Our state-of-the-art facilities, top-class team and post-op care will leave you completely satisfied.

You no longer have to be troubled by your wrinkles. Enjoy a smooth and youthful skin with Botox treatment, performed by the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in Dubai and UAE.