Any spot, mark, or bump that is present on an infant at the time of birth is called a birthmark. Birthmarks are categorized according to their composition – they can be in the form of big patches of small moles.

Birthmarks caused due to the blood vessels are called Vascular birthmarks and are generally blue, red, or purple in color. Some birthmarks are formed from the skin tissues like the breast, lymphatic tissue, and epidermal tissue. These types of marks are usually yellow or flesh-colored.

Usually, birthmarks occur due to a genetic mutation or a clumping together of the pigments responsible for your skin color.  Birthmarks are not known to produce any medical problems and sometimes fade with time. Birthmarks develop around the same time when the fetus is also developing. Doctors have cited the migration of cells as a cause.

What happens is that once the cells start to increase, they produce tissue with the characteristics of their cell type. There are no symptoms for pigmented birthmarks, aside from their general coloring. Vascular birthmarks first start to appear as flat lesions, likely at the time of birth. They can expand during the first few months, and slowly after ulcerating can disappear, leaving only a scar.

Birthmarks Treatment In Dubai

Birthmark removal treatment consists of treating the birthmarks with medications, cryotherapy, lasers, or surgical methods. These treatment procedures aim to remove it or considerably reduce its intensity ultimately. Treatment for birthmarks starts with a physical examination followed by diagnostic tests to rule out precancerous spots. It is essential to provide a detailed history of the onset and symptoms of your mark with your allergy and medication history to the physician.  

It helps the doctor conclude the diagnosis of your birthmark and plan your treatment regime accordingly. 

Luckily through the advancements in medicine and especially cosmetic surgery, it is easy to remove birthmarks on the face. At Bizrahmed our team of experienced surgeons provides the top treatment for birthmark removal in Dubai. Book a consultation and find out in detail from Dr. Bashar Bizrah about the most common types of birthmarks and their effective treatment.


An irregular red mark on the face is one of the most common birthmarks and is called Port-Wine Stain. They can be treated and removed quite effectively through a special form of laser. Dr. Bizrah and his team use the latest Pulsed Dye Laser which is considered the most effective treatment option for these types of birthmarks. Other lasers such as ND Yag and Q Switch are also quite beneficial for birthmark removal. Before the treatment, every birthmark has to be carefully evaluated and the type of laser to be used is selected after that. Lasers vary according to skin types and tones. Never compromise on the quality of the medical center from where you are getting the treatment. It is important to select the right place for birthmark removal treatment. Bizrahmed is equipped with the latest and most modern laser machines. Our doctors have vast experience, having provided treatment solutions for all skin types.

Why is Birthmark Removal Surgery Necessary? 


Usually, birthmarks are harmless pigmentations, and they either fade away or remain constant throughout a person’s lifetime. The removal surgery becomes important when:


  • They are insensitive regions like the face and risk hampering your daily activities 
  • When the mark starts increasing in size and pigmentations starts to increase in intensity 
  • When diagnostic tests reveal carcinogenic reasons for the pigmentation, making their removal surgery mandatory 
  • When they interfere with your self-esteem and thus becomes essential to remove them for cosmetic reasons
  • When some of the marks, especially strawberry marks, start turning into an infection on being in an area that is frequently irritated. 

Factors That Affect Birthmark Removal Treatment


Several factors could affect your plan for Birthmark treatment in Dubai. The most common of them are:


  • The experience and treatment plan of the surgeon you are consulting for your birthmarks 
  • The type of treatment finalized which decides the cost of the procedure 
  • The part of the body affected with the mark, especially  
  • The intensity of the birthmark (because the more significant the intensity, the harder it becomes to eliminate it).
  • The tendency of your body to form keloids as a keloid-prone skin will not respond well to surgical treatments.


Various treatment options for Birthmark removal in Dubai :


  • Corticosteroid Treatment for Birthmarks

Usually, childhood hemangiomas are treated by medications. Birthmarks, especially those on the face, need an effective removal surgery to avoid affecting the eyes and other parts of the face. Propranolol and Timolol are effective medications that work for vascular birthmarks. They shrink the blood vessels and inhibit the growth of new blood vessels to fade the birthmarks. 


  •  Cryosurgery Treatment for Birthmarks

You can go for this non-invasive birthmark removal treatment in Dubai for precancerous lesions, warts, moles, and skin tags. It involves using liquid nitrogen for freezing and subsequently peeling the moles and warts off the body. It is a simple non-complicated removal of birthmarks with minimal side effects or chances of complications during the procedure. 


  • Surgical Shaving Treatment for Birthmarks

Surgical shaving is a minor invasive treatment of birthmark removal used for smaller moles. It involves using the method of cauterization to remove the moles and does not require any stitches. It is usually performed under topical anesthesia. 


  • Laser Treatments for Birthmarks

Laser Treatments are used for port-wine stains and other pigmented birthmarks on the body. It involves applying short wavelengths of light on the birthmarks to reduce the size, fade the pigmentation along, and prevent further growth of the birthmark. Even though they require multi-session for effective treatment, laser treatments are effective birthmark removal surgery procedures. 


  • Surgical Treatment for Birthmarks

Surgical Treatments are preferred for deep birthmarks and are considered an invasive procedure. You need to be eligible for the procedure, along with having to follow pre-operative and post-operative instructions. But it is the most popular birthmark removal treatment in Dubai and requires fewer follow-ups. 


Ideal Candidates for Birthmark Removal Treatment in Dubai


An Ideal Candidate for Birthmark removal treatment in Dubai:


  • Should have healthy skin tilting towards the oily side 
  • Must have raised benign moles already confirmed non-cancerous by the dermatologist 
  • Should not be prone to keloids as they can further intensify the scar 
  • Should have moles size of >= 8mm 
  • Should have realistic expectations about the removal treatment along with being psychically and mentally fit for the procedure 
  • If you want to decide your eligibility for the treatment for birthmarks, get in touch with Bizrahmed today. 


Preparation Period 


During the preparation periods of laser or surgery, you will be required to drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated. It is also essential to avoid the sun for at least two weeks before your birthmark removal treatment in Dubai. Additionally, before removal treatment, it is necessary to stop taking any herbal medications to impact the treatment outcome. 


During The Treatment for Birthmarks


It will be done either after applying topical anesthetic or under general anesthesia with sedatives given for additional relaxation. The surgical removal treatment and the laser treatment can take a few minutes or a few hours for completion, depending on the severity of the birthmark and the location of the marks on the body. To know more in-depth about the procedure, talk to one of the experts from Bizrahmed and clear all your doubts regarding birthmark removal treatment in Dubai. 


Post Procedure Precautions 


Post laser treatment for birthmark removal, there will be soreness and inflammation. You will notice a sun-burn type of pigmentation that will reverse in the next 24 hours. You will see a fading mark but will require at least 7-8 sessions for good fading of the scar. 

Post-surgical removal of birthmarks, you will need to avoid strenuous activities along with avoiding blood-thinning medications. It is a minimally invasive procedure, but the area will need to be kept clean to prevent chances of infection. 


Recovery And Follow-up 


After you go through birthmark removal treatment in Dubai, it is imperative to maintain a periodic follow-up with the doctor till your complete recovery.  Recovery consists of applying antiseptic creams on the treated area and ensuring that it stays dry and clean. Usually, birthmark removal treatment has a short recovery period irrespective of the type of procedure. You can get back to work in a few days, provided there is no major complication post-treatment, and you don’t exert yourself. 

After you successfully go through birthmark removal in Dubai, follow-ups are essential because:


  •  They enable the surgeon to evaluate infection risks, if any, over the incisions 
  • They provide an idea about the recurrent appearance of the mark post-removal, which happens at times 
  • They are essential for the laser dates while removing the birthmarks through laser methods. 
  • However, you don’t need to stress over it as clinics usually guide their patients, looking for treatment for birthmarks, on the same. 

Risks of Birthmark Removal 


Irrespective of the clinic you go to for birthmark removal in Dubai, some risks are associated with the surgery. Infection, delayed healing of the incision surgery, water retention over the wounds, and keloid scarring causing further disfigurement of the birthmark post its removal are some of the side effects of birthmark removal. Additionally, skin irritation and complications related to anesthetic effects and creams can also occur during birthmark treatments. But the chance of these complications is significantly less. With an efficient surgeon and following pre-treatment and post-treatment precautions, all of these can be avoided or efficiently reversed. 

What To Expect

Birthmark Removal is a minimally invasive procedure. After the treatment, the patient might feel slight discomfort but it can be managed through doctor-prescribed painkillers. During the procedure, anesthetic gels are used so that the patient doesn’t feel anything.

It takes few treatment sessions for the birthmarks to generally fade away. After the treatment, the skin can be slightly swollen or pink but it gets better by itself. If you or any of your loved ones have a birthmark on the face, or any part of the body that’s visible then don’t hesitate to book an appointment at the Bizrahmed. Our team will assure you get the best consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions


The medication works on children only if used in a very early period. Surgical and laser treatments can effectively remove a birthmark. But it is essential to ascertain the type and carcinogenic status of the birthmark to remove it effectively and permanently. 

Depending on the level of pigmentation on the birthmark and the area of its formation, it can be decided whether or not laser treatments for birthmark removal can be permanent. Sometimes it significantly fades the marks, and sometimes it completely removes them. It also depends on the number of laser treatments as to the permanent removal of the mark. It is better to consult an ideal clinic to plan your laser treatment for birthmarks effectively. 

Young children have increased elasticity on their skin along with a more incredible speed of healing. So removing the birthmark, if it is on the face, should be done before the child reaches maturity. It is essential to minimize the effects and chances of scarring. 

At least 3-8 sessions of laser treatment are required for the complete removal of a birthmark, with each session spaced 3-5 weeks apart. This is for the inflammation and soreness to improve before commencing the following sessions. 

Some brown birthmarks completely fade when the child gets older without any treatment. Because they are usually pigmented birthmarks, their effective removal depends a lot on their size, type, and area of the body affected by them. Flat brown birthmarks need laser treatments, while elevated brown birthmarks need surgical intervention. 

Yes, a dermatologist is medically licensed to treat birthmarks and, if required, remove them. First, medications like corticosteroids are advised for the marks. But depending on the severity of the mark, he can also recommend laser treatments or surgical removal. 

It totally depends on the type of birthmark as to the fastest way of getting rid of them. Surgical shaving can remove the smaller moles with the skin tags and does not need sutures. Corticosteroids can slow down the development of marks but cannot eliminate them. Cryosurgery can freeze and fade spots and cause them to peel off, while surgical excision can get rid of the deeper scars. 

The removal process does not hurt as it is done under the influence of general anesthesia with anesthetic creams used for the laser removal. Post-treatment, there is some pain after the effects of anesthetics wear off, but it is quickly reversed with proper care and precautions. 

Depending on the area of affection of the birthmark and its size with intensity, the process of birthmark removal can take between a few minutes to a few hours. Laser sessions take 25-30 minutes for each session but need at least 5-8 sessions for satisfactory removal of the marks. 

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