blankAny spot, mark or a bump that is present on an infant at the time of birth is called a birthmark. Birthmarks are categorized according to their composition – they can be in the form of big patches or small moles.

Birthmarks caused due to the blood vessels are called Vascular birthmarks and are generally blue, red or purple in color. Some birthmarks are formed from the skin tissues like breast, lymphatic tissue and epidermal tissue. These types of marks are usually yellow or flesh colored.

Birthmarks are not known to produce any medical problems and sometimes fade with time. Birthmarks develop around the same time when the fetus is also developing. Doctors have cited the migration of cells as a cause. What happens is that once the cells start to increase, they produce tissue with the characteristics of their cell type.

There are no symptoms for pigmented birthmarks, aside from their general coloring. Vascular birthmarks first start to appear as flat lesions, likely at the time of birth. They can expand during the first few months, and slowly after ulcerating can disappear, leaving only a scar.

Birthmarks Treatment Dubai

blankLuckily through the advancements in medicine and especially cosmetic surgery, it is easy to remove birthmark on face. At Bizrahmed our team of experienced surgeons provides the best treatment for birthmark removal in Dubai. Book a consultation and find out in detail from Dr. Bashar Bizrah about the most common types of birthmarks and their effective treatment.

An irregular red mark on the face is one of the most common birthmarks and is called Port-Wine Stain. They can be treated and removed quite effectively through a special form of laser. Dr. Bizrah and his team use the latest Pulsed Dye Laser which is considered the most effective treatment option for these types of birthmarks.

Other lasers such as ND Yag and Q Switch are also quite beneficial for birthmark removal. Before the treatment, every birthmark has to be carefully evaluated and the type of laser to be used is selected after that. Lasers vary according to the skin types and tones.

Never compromise on the quality of the medical center from where you are getting the treatment. It is important to select the right place for birthmark removal treatment. Bizrahmed is equipped with the latest and most modern laser machines. Our doctors have vast experience, having provided treatment solutions for all skin types.

blankWhat To Expect

Birthmark Removal is a minimally invasive procedure. After the treatment the patient might feel slight discomfort but it can be managed through doctor prescribed painkillers. During the procedure, anesthetic gels are used so that the patient doesn’t feel anything.

It takes few treatment sessions for the birthmarks to generally fade away. After the treatment the skin can be slightly swollen or pink but it gets better by itself. If you or any of your loved ones have a birthmark on the face, or any part of the body that’s visible then don’t hesitate to book an appointment at the Bizrahmed. Our team will assure you get the best consultation.

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