Abdominoplasty in Dubai
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The demand for Tummy Tuck surgery in Dubai has continued to rise recently as more and more people become concerned about obtaining their ideal aesthetic look.  It is commonly requested by mothers, particularly those who report loose skin around the abdominal area after delivering their children, and middle-aged men. Another reason for the popularity of tummy tuck surgery in Dubai is the amount of weight loss techniques that require restrictive diets and exercise regimens that leave individuals with excessive abdominal tissue. Tummy Tuck procedures are generally considered to give individuals a boost of confidence by helping to correct their perceived flaws. It allows them to not only wear the clothes they desire but also show off their skin confidently on a hot summer day. So, what exactly is a tummy tuck procedure?.

Tummy Tuck Procedure (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy Tuck in Dubai is a surgical procedure which is also known as Abdominoplasty. It is conducted to remove the extra fatty tissues and skin around the abdominal area, along with the strengthening of the surrounding musculature. The surgeon starts by making careful incisions on specific places on your abdominal skin which have been marked accurately beforehand. The fatty tissues and excessive skin is usually removed in a horizontal, oval, or elliptical shape and it is then tightened via permanent sutures.

Are you a Good Candidate for Tummy Tuck Procedure?

A Tummy Tuck in Dubai can be performed on both men and women. However, there are certain criteria that you should meet before opting for tummy tuck surgery. You may be an ideal candidate for Abdominoplasty if:  
  • You have loose and saggy skin on your abdomen.
  • You have a bulging abdomen due to the separation of tissues.
  • You have a significant amount of stretch marks – particularly seen in mothers.
  • You feel like they are unable to get rid of fatty tissues around your abdomen despite diet and exercise.
  • You have excessive laxity of the skin on your abdominal region.

What is the Tummy Tuck Cost in Dubai?

The price of a tummy tuck in Dubai ranges between 25,000 to 35,000 AED. However, it may vary depending on certain factors like:  
  • The location of your clinic
  • The experience of your surgeon
  • The techniques used by your surgeon.
For instance, a surgeon who is just starting out is more likely to charge much less than a highly experienced surgeon with years of experience and hundreds of successful surgeries. The materials used by the surgeon and the techniques also have a significant impact on the cost of the overall procedure – hence it is always wise to ask about the complete details of the procedure at the time of booking.

How to Choose the Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon Dubai?

Choosing the right surgeon for your procedure can be a hard task and requires thorough research. It is common for patients to choose the surgeon who has the lowest rates; however, this should not be the criteria for choosing the best tummy tuck surgeon in Dubai. The factors that you should keep in mind include:  
  • The license, education, and certification of the surgeon:
The proof of license, certification, and educational background of the surgeon will tell you a lot about their background and what to expect.  
  • Their years of experience:
Perhaps the most important factor differentiating a good surgeon from an average surgeon is their years of experience and the number of successful tummy tuck surgeries they have performed over the years.  
  • Before and after pictures from previous patients:
Every clinic has various before and after pictures of previous surgeries done. By looking at these, you can gain a better understanding of the quality to expect from the surgery.  
  • The professionalism of the surgeon:
The professionalism of the surgeon and supporting staff is very important, as it directly affects the patient’s comfort levels.  
  • The hygiene and quality control of the clinic/hospital:
Especially with the current pandemic, hygiene and quality control are two very important factors to keep in mind while choosing a surgeon for their tummy tuck procedure.  
  • The surgeon’s mindset:
It is always best to choose a clinic where you feel like you are on the same page with the surgeon, and they completely understand what you want from the abdominoplasty procedure.  
  • Previous reviews:
The previous reviews on the website or social media page of the doctor can tell you a lot about the experience you will have.  Hence, it is always best to go through the reviews before making your final decision.

What Should You Do to Prepare Yourself for Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dubai?

You should make sure to have a thorough discussion with your doctor about the techniques that will be followed, along with any other questions you might have. Your doctor should advise you about the best diet, additional vitamins, and minerals you can take to prepare your body for the surgery and to aid in complete recovery following the surgery. Moreover, they should also discuss the supplements which should be halted before the surgery, as certain vitamins or minerals can interfere with the body’s clotting ability. Those who are habitual smokers are recommended to stop smoking at least two months before the surgery, as this can also interfere with the body’s ability to heal properly after the surgery.

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