Where Can I Get The Best Hair Fall Treatments in Dubai?

Hair Loss Treatments- What You Need To Know

Hair loss that feels like a seemingly harmless phenomenon can cause very deep impacts on the psychological and functional health of the person owing to the stigma associated with it. Defined as the loss of hair from the scalp or other portions of the body, hair loss term covers mostly head hair and has varying levels of intensities. Several age, genetic, immunity, and environmental factors contribute to hair loss in men and women.

While hair loss and hair fall are confused, there is a slight difference. Hair fall or losing hair from the scalp is a part of the hair growth cycle and is considered normal if it is between 50-100 hair strands. More than this quantity with changes in hair volume is defined as abnormal hair fall or hair loss that requires professional help.

Hair Loss Solution & Hair Fall Treatment

Hair loss solution offers preventative, diagnostic, and, if required, medical attention to your abnormal hair fall. Under hair loss solutions, a detailed analysis of your hair along with a thorough examination and diagnostic tests are performed.

Several clinics offering hair fall solutions put you through a hair fall test by evaluating your lifestyle, systemic conditions, previous hair fall therapies, and the psychological effect of hair fall.

Not all hair loss needs treatment. Some reversible hair loss conditions are induced through stress and pregnancy. In these cases, the health practitioner councils the patient about the hair condition and educates them about its technical aspects. Similarly, in hair loss caused by hairstyle practices or nutritional deficiencies, the patients are explained proper hair handling techniques and advice on supplements.

Preventive measures like a good lifestyle, hair care regimen and diet regimen are also part of hair loss counseling solutions. When the hair loss is semi-irreversible or genetically induced or due to past medical conditions, then serious treatment options are taken into consideration.

Before further blood tests, hair pull tests and other diagnostic tests are advised to pinpoint the exact cause of hair loss. Some hair falls solutions clinics in Dubai even perform a scalp biopsy to prepare the best treatment plan for the patient.

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Treatments For Hair Loss in Dubai

There are several hair loss treatments practiced throughout the world. The most widely FDA approved hair fall treatments in Dubai are:


Medications like finasteride Propecia and minoxidil Rogaine are 5- Alpha reductase inhibitors used for treating alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, and other forms of hair loss. . These work by decreasing the production of the DTH hormone and contributes to healthy hair regrowth. Additionally, they stimulate the hair growth phases into the active growth phase for effective and successful hair growth.

Laser Treatment

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or red light therapy is a type of laser treatment for hair growth and male pattern baldness. It emits pulsed beams of light on the scalp surface that contain photons. These photons are absorbed by the cells and used for follicular stimulation for increased hair growth. Studies have proved that continuous laser sessions increase hair quality, resulting in increased volume.

Several hair loss treatment centers in Dubai combined laser treatment with medications for the best possible results for all types of hair loss. The treatment course is decided as per the practitioner’s treatment plan keeping in mind the hair loss intensity and aesthetic requirements of the patient.

Surgical Interventions

A surgical hair transplant is the only FDA-approved surgical method of treating hair loss. In this method, hair follicles are transferred from the donor area of optimum hair to the area of no hair. Usually, the frontal region of the scalp is chosen as the donor region, and the sides or center of the scalp is decided as the region of graft transfer. The grafts are placed ⅛th of an inch apart. Repeated sessions are performed for optimum transfer.

Apart from hair transplant, there are other surgical treatments for hair loss in Dubai like Scalp reduction, Flap surgery, and Tissue expansion. But the transplant method is regarded as the best hair fall solution in Dubai by the hair care community because of its quick results and patient safety.

The Best Hair Fall Treatment For You

Usually, hair fall treatment modes depend on the surgeon’s requirements, the intensity of your hair loss, and your expectations from the treatment program. Surgical methods of hair transplant have had the advantage over other methods because

– Of permanent results

-Increased effectiveness involves removing weak hair patterns and promoting healthy hair growth.

– Fewer requirements of post-surgical maintenance

– do not need continuous treatments like medications or lasers. This makes it a less cumbersome method of preventing hair loss than others.

Why Opt For A Hair Fall Solution in Dubai?

Hair fall solutions in Dubai are ranked among the top ten countries known for medical advancements, surgical efficiency, and inpatient care services. Treatments for hair loss in Dubai comprised a rich community of surgeons with a wide experience of conducting hair transplants with advanced technology and high-end in-patient care.

Hair fall treatment in Dubai is provided with a holistic approach; Aside from the medical factors bring considered, the psychological mindset of the patient and his expectations from the treatment are also considered. That, combined with the excellent in-house facilities and hospitality, has led to a great rise in the medical tourism population. People from various parts of the world prefer to visit the country to find permanent and affordable hair fall solutions in Dubai.

How to Choose The Clinic Offering The Best Hair Fall Treatment in Dubai?

Many cosmetic-surgical centers are offering the best hair loss treatment in Dubai. The factors that will give you an idea of the best clinic for you are

– The Online Reviews of The Clinic

Online reviews provide a good idea of the success rate of the clinic’s hair loss treatments. It also gives you an idea of the overall reputation of the place. If you are looking for hair fall treatments in Dubai, you can simply search “hair fall solutions in Dubai” or “hair loss treatment Dubai” on your search engine and check the online reviews of a clinic.

– The Location of The Clinic

A clinic located centrally within easy reach of public transport and accommodation facilities will enable a comfortable visit and subsequent check-ups.

– The Experience of The Surgeon Handling Your Case

Many surgeons providing hair fall treatments in Dubai provide before and after pictures. Along with the surgeon’s experience, be sure to check the before-after pictures to make the final decision about surgeon selection in your case.

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