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Having a facelift at a young age can be ineffective as you will still experience signs of aging as you get older, which means you could require another facelift. Similarly, having a facelift too late can also be a wrong decision. This is because the primary aim of the facelift is to rejuvenate and preserve the elasticity and youthfulness of your skin. If you do the facelift surgery in your sixties, it may make the results highly noticeable.

Facelift surgery is quite popular worldwide for its rejuvenation properties. It gives your saggy skin, wrinkles and creases a boost and makes your face looks younger. Like any other surgery, a facelift also requires the skills and expertise of a qualified surgeon. When looking for the best facelift surgery in Dubai, Bizrahmed is one of the most trusted clinics offering tailored treatment for patients from all over the world.

At What Age you can have a Facelift Surgery in Dubai?

On average, most certified surgeons in Dubai recommend facelift surgery for patients between 35 and 60. However, the main factor to consider is how your skin looks at your age. For example, some people may show signs of aging at an early age. In such cases, you may go for facelift surgery after a recommendation by a certified surgeon.

The goal of the facelift is to preserve and maintain your face. So, it’s better to address the signs of aging as soon as you notice them. If you wait till your sixties, your skin would have already suffered too much age-related damage by then. Having surgery at that point may still work, but the results won’t be as subtle as you expect. You may end up with highly noticeable results that may not go well with your overall look. However, that does not mean you should not go for a facelift after you are sixty. With the help of a certified surgeon, you can still achieve desirable facelift surgery results in Dubai.  Patients in their early to mid-forties are more likely to experience better, longer-lasting results than other individuals, particularly if they combine the facelift with other skin rejuvenation treatments. Patients in their fifties may have a higher degree of skin folds and wrinkles over their face and neck. If this is the case, your surgeon may recommend you go for a neck lift and facelift surgery to improve your overall facial aesthetic.

Factors to Consider Before a Facelift Surgery

Your age is the primary factor to consider before committing to facelift surgery, but your entire decision should not revolve around this. There are other factors to consider as well:

Volume Loss in the Skin

Even though your skin may not show any sign of aging, your face might tell another story. Some people lose volume in their skin before seeing any sign of wrinkles or saggy skin. When your skin loses volume, you may notice hollowness around your eyes, cheeks, neck and forehead temple. While dermal filler injections or fat grafting can be an option, in some cases, facelift surgery offers you a more aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting result.

Analyzing Skin Quality

Some tissues are prone to suffer from the downside of the skin’s aging process. A skin quality analysis by a qualified surgeon can determine the nature of your skin tissues. Your surgeon will analyze the skin appearance and the extent of sagginess to determine whether you need facelift surgery.


What we consume, how and where we live all play a significant role in how we age. For instance, people living in an arid tropical zone such as Dubai can experience earlier skin damage that normal. Excess consumption of fatty food, alcohol and smoking can also take years away from your skin. When considering facelift surgery, you must be honest about your lifestyle with your surgeon. Your surgeon can help forecast how your skin will age in the future and whether a facelift can help prevent that. Avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol consumption followed by a balanced diet and exercise plan can do wonders for your skin.

Your Personal Goal

After all, it all matters how you feel in your skin and the changes you have seen recently. If you have seen any drastic change in your skin and believe a facelift can change your look, you should communicate that to your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will assess your condition and see whether you are a good candidate for facelift surgery in Dubai or not. Your surgeon will provide you with comprehensive information about the procedure, downtime, risk, and pre & post-operative routines if you are eligible.

Types of Facelifts

There are different types of facelifts that can go well based on your age and aesthetic goals.

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift is best suited for a minimal improvement in your lower facial area. If noticing minor signs of ageing, opting for a mini facelift should be ideal. Mini facelift surgery is prevalent among people in their late 30s and 40s as this is the age where you start noticing the first sign of aging. A mini facelift involves minimal incision and heals faster than a traditional facelift.

Traditional Facelift

Also known as a Full Facelift, traditional facelifts can help resolve moderate to severe aging signs around your midface and neck. In this process, the surgeon removes and reshapes excess skin and fat tissue, giving you a youthful and toned appearance. It is a long-lasting process that can deliver significant aesthetic transformation.

Neck lift

A neck lift is an ideal procedure to restore the sagging skin around your neck. It is usually performed with a full facelift for complete facial rejuvenation.

To know which type of facelift suits you the best, you must consult and discuss your treatment options with a board-certified surgeon in cosmetic surgery. If you are looking for facelift surgery in Dubai tailor-made just for you, you can consult with Bizrahmed’s top surgeons.

Combination Facelift

Facelift surgeries can be combined alongside other cosmetic procedures such as eyelid lifts and brow lifts. Your eyes are the window to your soul, and a saggy or puffy eye does not go well with a healthy face.

Facelift Procedure

The surgical procedure for a facelift starts with administering sedatives and local or general anesthesia.

While a mini facelift can be performed under local anesthesia, your surgeon may recommend general anesthesia, depending on the procedure you choose. Generally, the surgeon makes an incision to lift the skin and manipulate the underlying fat and muscles in the face and neck. The incision is then stitched back or taped closed.

The procedure takes around two to four hours and may even last longer depending upon the complexity. The surgeon will cover the area with bandages and place a drainage tube in front of the ear to drain the excess flood of fluid.

You may experience some bruising and swelling after the surgery, which will subscribe as you heal. Your surgeon will prescribe you painkillers and antibiotics, including detailed post-op guidance, helping you minimize the downtime and achieve faster results.


Facelift surgery can last for a lifetime when done at the right age and time under the guidance of a certified surgeon. The question here is not to find the right age for a facelift but rather to know whether you are at the best age for the surgery. If you are interested in facelift surgery in Dubai, you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with our top surgeons at Bizrahmed.

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