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There are certain basics and criteria that should be taken into consideration when you decided to have aesthetics operation. This kind of operations differs from the others; it requires extraordinary efforts and special skills. So, when you choose your doctor, who will implement the operation, you must be sure that he has the scientific background which qualifies him to do it. Furthermore, he should have the skill and experience which are enough to achieve success. Be sure to ask all the questions you have about the surgery and ask to see photos of the doctor’s recent patients, before and after surgery. Here are the top 7 qualities and principles to follow for every Cosmetic Surgeon:
  1. To have a good scientific and practical background about the Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery, recognized by both international and local authorities. https://www.bizrahmed.com/about-us/medical-license-certifications/
  2. To keep on with industry progress ( https://youtu.be/Z0Wo81j-FV8 ) and innovations to be able to deliver the latest techniques.
  3. To have his internationally written and published researches or case studies. ( http://rhinobizra.net/ )
  4. To achieve the ultimate excellence during his operation, which is possible only with great hands-on experience.
  5. To have a professional conscience which impacts his decision-making process; he has an honest and integral approach to every patient with absolute evaluation on his individual health history and appropriate recommendations for doing or not doing a surgery.
  6. To explain in detail all surgery phases before and during the operation as well as discuss all the possibilities.
  7. To work in a healthcare facility (https://www.bizrahmed.com/galleries/facilities/) that provides an excellent quality technological supply and has a complete qualified trained staff from nurses to professional executives to perform an operation and do a follow-up after.
At Bizrah Medical Center in Dubai we have the team of internationally recognized and highly ethical board of Plastic Surgery specialists with proven track of over 1000 successful operations. (https://www.bizrahmed.com/about-us/doctors/) One of them is an internationally recognized ENT specialist (ears, nose and throat specialist), founder of Bizrah Medical Center in Dubai, an author of ` Aesthetic and Functional Rhinoplasty by Dr Bashar Bizrah. ( https://www.bizrahmed.com/team/bashar-bizrah/ ) He is one of the leading Rhinoplasty and Otolaryngology (ENT) Expert in Europe and Middle East, an active member of American and European Academies of Facial Plastic as well as Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, he has performed over 36,000 scarless Rhinoplasty procedures. Know more about Dr Bashar Bizrah click here ( https://drbasharbizrah.com ) Schedule a FREE consultancy with Plastic Surgeon at Bizrah Medical Center

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