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  1. How high is the risk of infection after Breast Augmentation or the risk that the implants will not “take root”?
BMC Plastic Surgeon: In our practice at Bizrahmed, there were no cases when the implant simply did not take root, but there are individual reactions. For example, some kind of chronic inflammatory process, the formation of seromas. The patient can see this for herself: the mammary gland visually increases on the one hand, while there is no inflammation or redness, just a slight increase. All of this may indicate the accumulation of serous fluid, which requires removal. In general, complications after surgery depend on the individual characteristics of the patient, as well as on how the rehabilitation period has passed (it is important that there are no bumps or injuries). Even capsular contracture (note: a complication of augmentation mammoplasty, in which a dense capsule of fibrous connective tissue forms around the silicone implant) occurs due to the characteristics of the body, and, of course, it requires prompt re-intervention. From my colleagues, I heard a lot of unpleasant stories. For example, a chest blow on the steering wheel during an accident, after which there may be some complications. Moreover, if the patient complies with all the doctor’s prescriptions, then no complications arise.  
  1. What should you not do after Breast Augmentation surgery?
With Breast Augmentation with implants, there are a number of prohibitions that are agreed upon at the first consultation at Bizrahmed. Basically, the prohibitions are associated with limiting physical activity – we recommend that you refrain from this for a month (but depending on certain circumstances, this period may increase). It is also worth avoiding water procedures during which the body is steamed: first of all, these are saunas and baths. The recommendations are also associated with compression underwear, which patients should always wear after surgery, practically without removing, day and night. However, it is, of course, possible to take off the time of taking a shower – by the way, you can take a shower during the rehabilitation period calmly, and only during the first week after the operation we advise you to refrain from this. The estimated wearing time for compression garments is 30 days. The underwear protects the patient from various kinds of endoprosthesis dislocations: during the operation, the surgeon does not fix the implant in any way, and the compression underwear locally restricts his movements. After a month, we already know that a thin-walled capsule of the endoprosthesis is formed inside, the body itself limits the implant from the surrounding tissues.
  1. Is it true that a new generation of artificial breasts cannot be distinguished from the real one?
This will certainly be noticeable if the patient does not have enough tissue – here, in any case, the sensations will not be close to natural, because there is overstretching. If the patient has her own sinewy tissue, which more naturally fits the implant, the effect is quite natural. So the result always depends on the complexion of the person and the size of the implant. We at Bizrahmed always start from the natural features of the patient, choosing the size based on physical data.  
  1. What are the trends in Plastic Surgery today?
Today, all Plastic Surgery is aimed at minimally invasive techniques, but good surgeons always carefully choose which technique to use. Let me explain, there are a number of minimally invasive techniques that lead to almost the same effect as full-fledged surgical interventions. For example, to perform endoscopic lifting in high-grade surgery, you need to make a large incision from ear to ear, and in minimally invasive surgery we make only four small incisions. Such operations are more expensive since they require special equipment, plus, the specialist himself must have this knowledge. As for the endoscopic lifting itself, the result is the same. Sometimes minimally invasive techniques do not work say, breast thread lifting will never give the same result as with a full-fledged lift (the result here is more stable, but the execution method is more radical). Nevertheless, the use of minimally invasive technologies is precisely the trend. The result of such techniques in some operations is complete, while in others it is not quite. As for the trends in breast plastic and implants, today, I think, little has changed. Medical polyurethane is intensively in fashion here, and many Bizrahmed patients choose the highest quality and most reliable implants.  
  1. What is the advice you could give to girls who plan to enlarge their breasts but still have doubts?
If in doubt, but there is a desire or need, it is better to make a decision in the direction of implants because today they are incredibly reliable. We can talk not only about a good aesthetic result but also about the methods themselves, which are developed as qualitatively as possible. Moreover, if you are afraid of the time spent on the operating table, then I can say that usually, the operation lasts about 40 minutes. Our doctors at Bizrahmed always tries to make it as easy as possible for the patient. To book your free consultation at Bizrahmed to know more click here

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