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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is the most popular plastic surgery in the world. Surgical or injecting intervention allows you to correct the imperfections of the most prominent part of the face and make the features subtle and harmonious. It also gives the person confidence in himself and his beauty. The human nose is a complex organ that is responsible for many tasks: from breathing to proper metabolism. It has a complex structure of nasal and frontal bones, large, small, lateral and additional cartilage, so different types of rhinoplasty affect all parts of the body. With the help of Dubai`s Bizrahmed- an expert clinic for rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai , you can make your nose proportional, more direct, thin, with a clearly defined nose bridge, neat wings and nostrils, or with a small tip. A highly performed rhinoplasty visually transforms a person, makes his facial features more harmonious, thinner, more aristocratic. The problems of both aesthetic and medical nature are being corrected, which can be seen in the rhinoplasty before and after pictures . Rhinoplasty can be performed only by qualified doctors – plastic surgeons with many years of experience. The fact is that nasal correction requires great responsibility from a specialist, otherwise, the risk of encountering an unsuccessful result is increased. Bizrahmed takes pride in having on board only qualified and certified ENT specialists with colossal experience and a proven track of successful procedures done.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Features

You should be aware that surgical rhinoplasty involves making incisions with a scalpel to simulate the shape in the open nasal cavity by moving or partially removing cartilage. The doctor should be responsible for carrying out all stages of the operation. The nose is the organ responsible for breathing, which indirectly affects the correct oxygen saturation of the blood and, accordingly, the metabolic processes throughout the body.

Rhinoplasty Types

Modern plastic surgery offers several options for nose shape correction. Based on the wishes of the client, the physiological characteristics of the nasal cavity and cartilage, medical indicators, assessment of the volume of work, you can choose one or another method of surgery.
Indications and ContraIndications
Women and men strive to improve their appearance, and if the shape of the nose seems to them imperfect, they can resort to plastic surgery or filler injections Indications can be divided into 2 types: medical and aesthetic:
The medical factors include the following:
Medical Indications A curved cartilaginous septum, making breathing difficult and provoking airway oedema with temperature exposure Post-traumatic deformity, distortion or displacement of the cartilage Birth defects that make breathing difficult Aesthetic indications are very arbitrary and are no direct indications for surgery, except the obvious cases of imbalance. Wide nostrils Potato Nose (Large tip of the nose) The presence of a pronounced hump Lack of pronounced nose bridge Hooked nose, with the tip, bent down Snub-nosed Medical ContraIndications
  • Low blood coagulation
  • Acute rhinitis
  • Heart diseases
  • Chronic Disease
  • Mental disorders
At Bizrahmed, we approach every case individually and with outmost consideration and take cases of nose re-shaping during pregnancy and lactation, as well as during menstruation with no health risks. To inspect your individual case, like examining the inside and outside of the nose, evaluating the bones, cartilage, and breathing – all that you have to do is to book your doctors’appointment right now.

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