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BMC Rhinoplasty Surgery Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedure in cosmetic surgery nowadays. It’s being performed, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to improve nose functions (breathing). Bizrah Medical Center, thanks to its founder, world renowned surgeon Dr. Bashar Bizrah is the most searched clinic in Dubai for Rhinoplasty. About Dr. Bizrah Dr. Bashar Bizrah is one of the leading rhinoplasty surgeons with vast experience worldwide. He has operated over 36.000 noses of different ethnic backgrounds what makes him a genuine expert in the field. He wrote the first surgical textbook on Rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery in the Middle East and Gulf and has also a rich experience of teaching surgeons around the globe how to improve their rhinoplasty skills. Except for his expertise, he is known for its compassionate approach what facilitates the entire experience for patients and makes it more soothing. How Does a Rhinoplasty at BMC Look Like? Nose Job is one of the most complicated procedures in Cosmetic Surgery and the experience of the surgeon determines the outcome. When you’re in the right hands, Rhinoplasty rarely holds any serious complications.
  • With help of BMC Computer Imaging you will be able to see how your nose will look after the rhinoplasty. The Plastic Surgery team at the Bizrah Medical Center makes sure to agree on the same goals with the patients so that realistic results are expected.
  • What makes rhinoplasty at BMC better than other clinics is the fact that is being performed under local anesthesia (except in special cases) so the recovery is much quicker.
  • Following the surgery, a small plaster is applied, which is normally removed after a week. At this phase, some bruising and discoloration is normal and it usually completely fades away in two weeks. Also, it’s possible that the patient will feel slight numbness of the upper teeth and a mild nasal blockage but those symptoms disappear in time.
  • Patients can resume their normal activities ten days after the surgery.
  • It takes the nose approximately six months to settle into its final shape. Rhinoplasty results are permanent (in case, of course, you don’t suffer any nose related injury later on in life).
If you want to know more about rhinoplasty, via a consultation with us, we invite you to make an appointment.

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