Hump nose treatment
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(A) (B) Fig. 6 – 9. (A,B) Hump has been narrowed and tip plasty considered in order to achieve a straight dorsum and tip projection, elevation and rotation.   (A) Fig. 6 – 11. Hump has been reduced and tip plasty performed. In order to reach the hump, we have to perform intercartilagenous and hemitransfixion incisions. This will divide the anatomical attachment of the tip to the rest of the nose resulting in dropped, underprojected tip with wider nares. Therefore, tip plasty is essential to obtain tip projection, definition, rotation, and stretching of the nares   Fig. 6 – 12. The patient with mild hump with drooping tip.   (A) (B) Fig. 6 – 13. (A,B) Hump reduction achieved and tip plasty performed in order to achieve tip projection and a straight nose.   (A) (B) Fig. 6 – 14. (A,B) The hump has been lowered and the tip projection has been achieved by the manoeuvres of Bizrah’s modification of vertical dome division, columellar strut and tip grafts.   Fig. 6 – 15. Hump reduction achieved by a twelve mm osteotome. Tip projection and refinement obtained by the manoeuvres of new dome creation, columellar strut and tip grafts.  

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