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I was thinking of doing hair transplant for a couple of yours. Together with a friend I planned on going to Turkey, where I’ve read about cheap prices and their rich experience in hair transplant. We found a clinic online and booked an appointment, but due to personal problems I was forced to cancel at the last minute. My friend went alone. Now I see how lucky I was. What happened to my friend? He overpaid the entire experience because even though Turkish clinic covered the expenses for 2 night stay in a hotel and transfer to and from the airport, he had to stay there for four nights what resulted in extra costs. They even told him if he wants to ensure the best results, he has to buy their medical bag containing vitamins etc. which costed around 3.600 AED. With pocket money and all the above mentioned costs, he spent total around 15.000 AED. But ok, if the procedure went well, even the money wouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately, when he got back to UAE he found that there’s something wrong with his scalp. He called the clinic, but they weren’t very helpful. They didn’t even remember him or find his file in their records. They told him he can come for a PAID follow-up resulting extra charges for him – airplane ticket, hotel, follow-up cost…). He had to fix his problem in UAE and today he’s lucky he didn’t lose all his hair when doctors saw how badly his scalp was treated. We later found out that there’s only 50 clinics in Turkey certified by the government, and over 1.000 of them are operating pretending to be experts and we couldn’t verify their certificates from here.
I did my hair transplant
I did my hair transplant later in the Bizrah Medical Center. I have done my research more thoroughly this time and chose BMC hair transplant for several reasons. First of all, the cost of the entire treatment is much more affordable than the ones done abroad when you combine all the costs. I paid much less then my unfortunate friend!  Also, here you have a FREE FOLLOW-UP in duration of 12 months, starting from the first day after the surgery. Follow-ups abroad will cost you extra resulting in total cost (procedure  + flight + accommodation + pocket money + follow-up costs and additional fees as Medical bag requested by the foreign clinic) going way over above mentioned 15.000 AED. The total cost of a hair transplant abroad can come up to the double amount of the BMC hair transplant price. BMC Hair has a big team of professionals and all of their experts are certified and specialized in hair transplant. BMC FUE hair transplant is performed by the help of a high tech robot utilized only in top clinics worldwide.  Their equipment is modern, their facilities sterile and fully equipped.

BMC Worldwide renowned Surgeons

The most importantly, the owner of BMC is a worldwide renowned surgeon and an Author of the first surgical textbook on Rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery in the Middle East and Gulf so you can be 100% certain that you’re placing yourself in expert hands. Choosing the right Medical Center is really important. Dr. Bizrah and Dubai BMC team are award-winning innovators in hair transplant and hair restoration field known for their expertise as well as a professional attitude and compassionate approach. I was very pleased with the entire process, with helpful staff, and the entire team of professionals who lead me through the procedure and were there for me the entire time. The results were breathtaking! BMC has over 25 years of experience in hair restoration, clinics globally and have treated over 55,000 satisfied patients worldwide.

I’m so happy to have found them. Thank you BMC for everything!


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