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Eyelid Surgery: Preparation, Recovery & Long-Term Care

Our skin starts losing its elasticity as it ages. This causes a constant pull from gravity, forming creases and wrinkles around the upper and lower eyelids. Excess skin buildup can cause creases and bulges around the lower eyelid. Meanwhile, a lack of elasticity on the upper eyelid can make the skin droopy, making it hard for you to see correctly. With aging, the fat that acts as a cushion to your eyes also starts to protrude in the form of bulges, giving you an older appearance.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that involves removing the skin around the eyesswelling under the eyes, and tightening the skin around your eyes. This process is also done for medical purposes, especially in older people, by tightening the skin around the eyelids to improve their sight. Remember, eyelid surgery may help remove bags under the eyes, but it does not treat dark circles, crowfeet, or wrinkles. For that, you may ask your surgeon for other options such as skin resurfacing, facelift, etc.

If you are looking for a reliable and result-oriented eyelid surgery in Dubai, we recommend scheduling a consultation at Bizrahmed.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Preparation

  • Getting a lab test or a medical evaluation
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Whether you have any plastic surgery before
  • Taking certain medications or readjusting your current prescriptions
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoiding blood-thinning medicines (aspirin), anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal supplements, etc.

Once your surgeon feels you are eligible for this surgical procedure, you will have to do some pre-op preparations. This includes arranging for a family member to drive you to and from the surgery and stay with you on the first night after the surgery.

It would help if you also made some preparation at home for when you will come back after the surgery.

Make Sure To Get These Items Ready At Home:

  • Ice cubes or ice packs
  • Small gauze pads
  • Eye drops to treat dry eyes
  • Clean washcloths and towels
  • OTC Painkillers (ask for surgeon’s permission before taking them).

The surgical areas will take a week or two to heal. So, if you are working, you must plan your leave accordingly as you won’t be able to leave your house until your eyelids heal. Some people

may experience dry eyes after eyelid surgery, but it will go away within two weeks. In the unlikely event that you do still experience dry eyes after two weeks, you must contact your surgeon.

Taking proper care and administering excellent post-surgical care makes Bizrahmed’s eyelid surgery in Dubai the most sought-out by patients. Apart from prescribing the required medications, the surgeon at Bizrahmed will prepare a carefully planned post-operative care regime that involves periodic visits with your surgeon after your eyelid surgery in Dubai. The surgeon will assess your condition and tells you when you are ready to go back to work.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Procedure

Eyelid surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that only takes a couple of hours to complete both upper and lower eyelids. If your surgeon only suggests one-sided eyelid surgery, you can expect it to finish within an hour. However, the time it takes to complete an eyelid surgery may differ based on the complexity of the process.

Surgeons at Bizrahmed follow a carefully assessed and planned procedure, ensuring complete satisfaction without compromising the patient’s safety. Eyelid surgery in Dubai at Bizrahmed starts by injecting local anesthesia around the eye with oral sedation. Since it is an outpatient treatment, you will stay awake during the process without feeling any pain and can go home soon after the treatment.

The eyelid surgery procedure starts by making an incision around the natural lines of your eyelids. Your surgeon will separate the skin underneath the tissue and remove the excess fat, skin, and muscle (if needed). Then the surgeon will close the incision with tiny stitches. However, if you do a lower lid surgery, you may not require any stitches (depending upon the method used).

Surgeons may use one or more techniques during lower eyelid surgery. The surgeon may make a cut inside the lower eyelid to remove the fat. In such procedures, the cut is rarely visible. The surgeon may use laser skin therapy to soften the lines and make them invisible. In another process, your surgeon may make an incision along the eyelash margin to remove excess muscle, loose skin, and fat. This procedure may leave a scar, but it will fade after a short period.

Soon after the surgery completes, your surgeon will put some ointment in your eyes to provide adequate lubrication and keep them moist. Then you have to cover your eyes with a cold compress and wait for a while in the recovery room. You might expect blurry vision and light sensitivity right after the surgery. It will go away as your eyes start to heal. It will help if you put ice packs on your eyes and sleep by raising your head a little higher. Your surgeon will give you the complete detail after the surgery.

Eyelid Surgery: Recovery

The recovery after eyelid surgery will take around 1-2 weeks, while the scar may take up to six months to vanish completely. During your recovery period, you will be asked to cover your eyes with cold compresses and lubricating ointment. For the first few days, you may take pain

medications and antibiotics to reduce pain and the chances of an infection. Soon after the surgery, you may expect some swelling, bruising, dry eyes and discomfort for a few days. This can be controlled with proper care, and they will subside within a week. After the first week, you may have to follow up with your surgeon to remove the stitches (which is not required if dissolvable stitches are used).

Eyelid Surgery: Long Term Care

With proper care, eyelid surgery can last around ten years and maybe even for a lifetime. Remember, eyelid surgery does not stop the aging process. Your eyes will still age, and you might need to correct them with minor fixes. In some cases, your surgeon may recommend you do a forehead lift or skin surfacing, or chemical peels along with an eyelift surgery for achieving the perfect look. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can help your surgery last longer, such as using eye dark-tinted sunglasses, good aging cream, and avoiding smoke or alcohol.

Eyelid surgery cost

Putting it simply, you cannot estimate the right price for eyelid surgery as it is determined based on several factors such as the surgeon’s fee, the cost of the operating room, anesthesia, and any tests or prescription that will be needed.


Eyelid surgery should always be performed by an accredited surgical facility and a board-certified plastic surgeon. If you are from Dubai, then you are in luck. Bizrahmed for eyelid surgery in Dubai offers the best surgical and non-surgical treatments that are tailor-made for each individual’s requirement, including one-on-one consultation, assessment, preparation, and post-surgical care.

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