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Breast Augmentation refers to the process of increasing the shape and size of the breasts by surgical means. Also called Augmentation Mammoplasty, it is primarily an elective procedure. It can also be used to correct congenital breast defects and provide vital reconstruction to patients who have had to undergo a mastectomy as part of their breast cancer treatment. Apart from changing the size and shape, breast augmentation can improve the overall texture of the breasts as well.  It can be done either by inserting silicone implants or via other fat transfer methods to the breasts. Laser technology is also an alternative treatment that is used for contour enhancement. Determining which method to opt for depends on the individual patient and their journey to surgery.

Why Choose Breast Augmentation?

  Breast Augmentation is mostly chosen by patients unsatisfied with the appearance of their breasts and who want to add volume. However, it is also an option for underdeveloped breasts or breasts that have been destroyed through trauma, accident, or botched surgery. It is also a cosmetic aid for cancer patients who are post-mastectomy. Sometimes breast augmentation is desired by patients whose breasts are asymmetrical or those facing sagging breast issues after a period of intense weight loss. Overall, you should choose breast augmentation if you want long-lasting improved breasts that will transform your posture and self-esteem. Remember, this is an invasive procedure, so it’s essential to choose a reputed cosmetic surgeon who can perform the safest and most effective breast augmentation in Dubai.

Advanced Breast Augmentation Options

  The type of surgery conducted depends upon several factors. Elements like size, the material used for adding volume to the breast, and the preferences of the patient will determine the type of surgical procedure. Patients should be wary of any clinic or surgeon offering a risky, lower-price non-medically approved procedure.  If you are interested in Breast augmentation in Dubai, it must be with a certified cosmetic surgeon. There are two main options for breast enlargement in Dubai: 1) Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer that uses the patient’s body fat to add volume to the breasts 2) Breast Implants with Silicone where silicone implants are used to create volume

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

  Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer is a common surgical procedure for breast enlargement in Dubai. It uses fat from other parts of the body to improve the structure of the breasts. It is sometimes, improperly, referred to as ‘Stem cell Breast Augmentation.’ Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer is usually indicated in breast modification for reconstruction purposes in the case of asymmetrical breasts or congenitally small breasts. You are an ideal candidate for Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer if you are above 18, have enough transferable fat in the body, or have enough breast tissue to hold the fat post-transfer. A healthy weight, good skin and muscle tone are required for a proper fat transfer. Additionally, your systemic conditions, overall health, and allergic conditions also impact the procedure’s success rate. This type of Breast augmentation in Dubai is prevalent among patients as it offers minimal invasiveness with a shorter recovery time than other forms of surgeries.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 The patient is put under anesthesia followed by liposuction. The fat is removed from the thighs, buttocks, and other fat-prone areas of the body Step 2 The collected fat is purified and processed Step 3 The modified fat is injected into the breast tissues through special needles Step 4 The process is repeated till the desired breast volume and shape have been achieved Step 5 The patient has to stay in the recovery room. The doctor monitors the body parameters for any sign of complications before releasing the patient

Benefits of Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

  Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer is a natural way of improving the contour of the breasts without the use of artificial elements. Since it uses the fat from the body, the results are more natural-looking and often long-lasting than other methods. This procedure has no implant-related risk like rupture, wrinkling or shrinkage, thus adding to its effectiveness. Additionally, this safe and scar-free Breast enlargement in Dubai can be achieved without letting the patient go under the knife. Overall, the process helps achieve better quality breasts with improved symmetry and no implant damage within minimum downtime.

Breast Augmentation with Implants

Breast Augmentation with Implants uses prosthetic or artificial implants to enhance the overall contour of the breasts. In this method, the implant is surgically inserted inside the breast tissue or chest to enhance or reconstruct the breasts. A mastectomy is used to create a physical form of the breast. The implants can be saline implants, silicone gel-filled implants, or alternative composite implants based on the material. Saline implants consist of an elastic silicone shell filled with sterile saline solution. In silicone gel implants, the saline solution is replaced by a thick silicone to achieve its shape. Alternative composite implants use other materials apart from silicone for breast augmentation, mainly polypropylene or sometimes soy oil. These procedures are performed under general anesthesia as they are more invasive than fat transfer breast augmentation.

How does it Work?

Step 1 After the anesthesia, incisions are made in the chest for inserting the implants. These incisions may be made under the breast, near the armpit, or around the nipple, depending on the size of the implants and the surgeon’s treatment plan. Step 2 The breast implant is inserted in the body either under the pectoral muscle in the chest or behind the breast tissue. Step 3 The incisions are closed with one of several methods depending on your area of incision and positioning of the implants. Skin adhesives with surgical tapes are also used for effective closing of the incisions post-surgery. Step 4 You are shifted to the in-patient area and monitored for changes in pulse, heart rate, or any other risk of complications until your anesthetic effect wears off.

Benefits Of Breast Augmentation with Implants

Breast augmentation with implants provides a more curvy and voluminous shape to the breasts. Implant-based breast enlargement in Dubai is often chosen by patients with significantly underdeveloped breast tissues or those who want bigger breasts. It can help to enhance a new physical form to the breasts post-mastectomy. It even improves asymmetrical breasts. While silicone gel implants offer a more natural look and feel, saline gel-filled implants are more durable than other implants. These implants are beneficial for clients who have wrinkled or visibly damaged skin around the breast. Breast augmentation with implants adds firmness to breasts with a more permanent outcome than other methods and is thus considered the most popular form of breast enlargement in Dubai.

Breast Implant Vs. Fat Transfer: Pros & Cons

The most crucial benefit of Fat Transfer is it rarely leaves any visible scar. The fat is injected via injections which eliminate the need for surgery. The breast and nipple sensation also remains intact. Overall, the fat transfer Breast augmentation surgery in Dubai gives a natural and aesthetic appearance. This is highly preferable for patients who want a more natural look and feel. However, this is not an option for mastectomy patients. Plus, over time, the fat will be absorbed in your tissue, so it may take up to 6 months to get the natural shape of your breasts. However, a fat transfer breast augmentation surgery in Dubai under the proper guidance can make a huge difference. Breast implants produce a dramatic improvement in the overall breast contours. The process is beneficial for patients with saggy and congenitally small breasts. It works best in mastectomy patients for breast reconstruction as well. There is no risk of absorption of the implant like that in a fat transplant; thereby, the results are visible from early on. The life cycle of the surgery results for implants is approximately 10-15 years.

Hybrid Breast Augmentation 

The hybrid breast augmentation method combines both fat transfer and implants to provide the best results to the patient. It is usually advised in people with a very lean physique. It is the preferred mode of treatment in cases of botched implantation surgery resulting in shrinkage of the implants or visible edges. The Hybrid Breast augmentation surgery in Dubai involves injecting a small amount of fat after the implantation to balance the contours and give them a fuller, natural appearance. This procedure is ideal for you only if you have sufficient fat deposits in your body required for the process.

Alternative Options for Breast Augmentation

Apart from Fat Transfer and implantation techniques, there are quite a few other options for breast augmentation. One of them is the Breast lift process, also called Mastopexy, used exclusively to treat sagging breasts. There are some non-surgical methods as well for breast enhancement. Techniques like Aptos Threading and Caci bust treatment use threads and laser treatments for achieving outstanding results. Thermage is another non-invasive procedure that targets the protein fibers, and through them, the collagen bonds to enhance the breast contours. Vampire Breast Lift, Dermal Fillers, and Botox injections are a few other alternative options for Breast Augmentation. Get connected to the experts at Bizrahmed for a free consultation and find out which procedure could be right for you.

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