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The hair condition can say a lot about your health. And for women, there is also an aesthetic factor, the happiness of having luxurious hair. However, often women are faced with a problem such as loss, which causes concern.

Every healthy person loses about 100 hairs per day, but they are replaced by newly grown hairs. In this situation, the balance is not upset.

The natural process of prolapse becomes more intense during pregnancy, lactation, autumn, and spring months.

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FUE is One-stop Solution For All-Female Hair Loss Causes

Extremely popular among women due to its innovative and harmless technique, the FUE hair transplantation method (Follicular Unit Extraction – extraction of follicular associations) is a microsurgical manipulation of obtaining grafts) and their implantation without cuts and sutures.

Hair groups (follicles) of 1-3 hairs are individually taken in the occipital region of the patient or in other parts of the body, the operation is painless and one day.

Indications for FUE Female Hair Transplant

  • Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Hair loss due to mechanical or traction alopecia
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery results and hair loss around the incision sites
  • Hairline recession
  • Vertex thinning
  • Hair loss due to trauma, including burn victims, scarring from accidents, and chemical burns
  • Alopecia Marginalis

 Contraindications for Female Hair Transplant

  • Unrealistic expectations of patients (For example: when the patient wants her hairline to be too low or any other look that doesn’t go with his face or when the donor area is too small that can’t provide enough hair)
  • Poor wound healing or tendency to make keloid scars
  • Women’s hair loss can’t be always treated with hair restoration so the good patient selection is critical
  • Discoid lupus, lichen
  • Planopilaris
  • Psoriasis
  • Alopecia areata
  • Diabetes
  • Coagulation disorders

At Bizrahmed, a hair loss specialist will guide you whether you need to go for a women hair transplant or other hair loss remedies. We are recognized as the best clinic for Hair Transplant In Dubai. The FUE Hair Transplant can be not suitable for you. It is required to have an evaluation by an experienced hair specialist to assess the hair loss and create an expert hair restoration plan which is both aesthetically pleasing and budget efficient.

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