Breast Enlargement in Dubai
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What is Breast Augmentation?

  Also called Augmentation Mammoplasty, Breast Augmentation involves using surgical techniques to improve the breasts’ shape, size, and overall texture. It is primarily a cosmetic procedure, but it can be used to enhance the shape of congenitally defective breasts or those with excised post-cancerous growths. It typically uses fat-transplant techniques or breast implants to achieve the desired look according to the patient’s preferences.

Why Should you Opt for Breast Augmentation in Dubai?

  People worldwide choose to have their breast augmentation or ‘boob job’ in Dubai as the city offers a range of multispecialty clinics for cosmetic surgeries. The city is a hub for highly qualified medical professionals with vast experience in breast enlargement. Bizrahmed itself is one of the leading cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai. It is equipped with the most up-to-date treatment modalities and the finest surgeons with extensive experience in breast enlargement.

What is Trending in Breast Augmentation in 2021?

 Rapid Recovery

  Rapid recovery after breast augmentation surgery is vital for several reasons. Firstly, quick recovery helps enables patients to get back into the swing of everyday life faster. This reduces the amount of time they will have to take out from work or home commitments. More so, rapid recovery will ease the cost involved in medications and follow-ups to a great extent. Many surgeons in 2021 prefer rapid recovery methods, from improving on the surgery methods to implementing a diet helpful in post-operative recovery. That said, recovery or healing time will vary from person to person. The best surgeons will apply a personalized surgical technique with bespoke recovery procedures to suit the needs of each patient

Minimizing or Avoiding Surgical Drains

  Surgical drains are plastic tubes extensively used by clinics offering boob jobs in Dubai to drain the excess fluid or even air from the incision area. Surgical drains are painless yet cumbersome and restrict the movement of the patient in general. They become particularly inconvenient in breast augmentation surgeries as they can prolong the recovery period and may even increase the infection chances of the wound. Also, surgical drains can increase the cost of your boob job in Dubai. Drain-free breast augmentations are proving to be one the most popular trends of 2021. Surgeons are opting for breast augmentation techniques implementing drain-free methods. This, with fast recovery, has popularized and led to an increase in augmentation requests. At Bizrahmed, we also offer such advanced treatment modalities for boob jobs in Dubai.

Minimal Scarring

  Scarring occurs as a part of the healing process at the incision sites. It involves the growing of fibrous tissue to cover the gaps resulting from the incision wound. Though a natural process, scarring hinders the time taken to see results. It also creates conspicuous lines on the surrounding clear areas of the skin that compromise the aesthetic look of breast augmentation results. The scars caused post augmentation will typically fade eventually. But longer scars take more time to heal, with sometimes an additional scar revision surgery needed to blend them better. A scar is considered small if it is less than four centimeters in length. These scars fade and can be concealed better than the long ones. Surgeons worldwide prefer methods like Motiva implants and implant devices to reduce the intensity and healing time of the scars.

Optimum Results

  Keller funnels are increasingly in trend this year for their efficacy in producing optimum results. They are funnel-shaped tools that allow quick and effective insertion of the implants into the cavity during the augmentation procedure. The funnel glides into its position instead of requiring manual insertion by the surgeon. It even allows easy visibility of the implant during all stages of implantation, thus allowing a better quality of the procedure. Additionally, it reduces manual handling issues, which increases the longevity of the implants with needing less incision size and small-sized scars that heal efficiently.

Better Quality Implants

  When it comes to implants, there is a wide range of options ranging from saline implants to textured implants, including other implants like gummy bear implants, smooth implants, silicone implants, and different variations of saline implants. Silicone breast implants are more popular but need more follow-ups for regular assessment. The aim of 2021 is to widen the choices for breast implants. Saline implants produce dramatic results but run the risk of collapsing quickly. Textured implants, though more firm than saline ones, increase the risk of breast implant-induced lymphoma and thus are out of the question. The purpose of breast implants in recent years has reduced from wanting unnaturally fake-looking large breasts to small yet natural-looking ones. Breast augmentation techniques in 2021 aim at paying proper attention to the needs, requirements, and type of the patient’s body and skin to achieve the best possible results.

Optimum Placement of Implants

  Placing the implants correctly is vital for maintaining the longevity of the implantation. While some clinics opt for implantation that produces quicker results, these do not help the patient in the long run. The 2021 trends in breast implantation techniques are focused on achieving more successful, long-term results. The subpectoral muscle is the area in the chest region below which the implant is placed to produce more effective results. Referred to as dual-plane placement, this method has natural-looking results post-surgery. Because it is placed below, the need to surgically remove the breast tissue and nerves is negligible, thus making it a sensible choice option for most women. Dual-place placement additionally helps the implants stay in position for a longer time, thus increasing their durability. If you would like to know more about the optimum placement strategies or how these procedures can impact your boob job cost in Dubai, get in touch with Bizrahmed today.

A word of caution before you go for Breast Augmentation in Dubai

  There are a few things to be considered when it comes to new breast augmentation procedures in 2021. There has been a massive rise in the number of people looking for Breast Augmentation, which has thus caused an increase in pop-up clinics and overseas holiday surgery centers. Their boob job cost in Dubai could be the lowest as their sole aim is to promote the clinic’s name. They either get deregistered or come under investigation owing to their substandard boob job in Dubai, leading to them getting shut down in a small amount of time. That is why it is better to avoid such clinics as the chance of good quality results will be highly limited in these pop-up clinics. Another problem on the rise these days is that of overseas holiday centers. These centers offer quick and immediate surgeries for boob jobs in Dubai as a part of their holiday packages. Their services are highly unreliable and promise nothing but complicated monitoring and inefficacy. Thus, it is always advisable to go for a reputed clinic for breast augmentation in Dubai to be assured of quality results. In this regard, Bizrahmed would be your ideal bet for a boob job in Dubai.

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