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    Celebrity Aesthetician

    Dr Khaldoun Ammer, MD

    UK : London Harley Street Cosmetic Clinics / York Cosmetic Clinics
    Now : Bizrahmed, Dubai



    English & Arabic

    Dr. Khaldoun, MD is a UKs celebrity aesthetician is recently working at Bizrahmed, Dubai. He has over 15 years of UK working experience with an eye for perfection and perfecting angles. Whether you are looking for a natural rejuvenated look or a sharp angle, Dr. Khaldoun carries a bespoke approach to suit your needs. He had performed thousands of dermal fillers and Botox treatments also specialized in a Russian lip treatment. He provides full facial analysis before any procedure to achieve a sharp jawline and contoured chin. Dr Khaldoun performed hundreds of facial aesthetic procedure on celebrity and high-profile people in London, UK. He is still doing a regular visit to his clinics in UK, performing most advanced facial procedure on a highly selected patient 

    Services Offered at Bizrahmed
    • Anti-wrinkle injection/Botox
    • Dermal Fillers
    • RUSSIAN lips
    • TEXAS / Jawline contouring
    • Facial slimming or nose slimming
    • Cheekbone contouring
    • Anti-age treatments
    • PROFHILO  – anti-age and facial rejuvenation
    • 5-point profhilo
    Medical Speciality
    • Russian Lips
    • Botox and fillers
    • Non-surgical Rejuvenation
    • Board certified : American Board of Aesthetic Medicine
    • Fellow of the Royal College Surgery of Edinburgh
    • Full UK general medical Council registration, GMC 520 8972 
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