Bizrahmed is a leading cosmetic center with its branches in Dubai, London and Jeddah. We are specialized in three pivotal directions: Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplant, and Facial and Body Contouring.
The clinic is named after Dr. Bashar Bizrah, one of the most experienced Rhinoplasty and Otolaryngology Specialists in Europe and Middle East. Having over 25 years of practical experience, he has performed over 38,000 scarless Rhinoplasty procedures on various nose shapes and ethnicities. He is the pioneer of Facial Plastic Surgery in the Gulf Region and specialist on demand for the most challenging cases.

Having high-qualified and internationally recognized doctors on the board, we aim to shape the appropriate perception of local communities about plastic surgery and educate on self-care principles for better and healthier life.

We have helped thousands of patients to solve both their aesthetic and medical concerns; boosting their self-confidence, recovering from traumatic injuries, and restoring facial function caused from genetic disorders.

With more than 25 years of experience in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, we have the finest doctors on board and modern tools to help you to look and feel
better. Why Bizrahmed? Because your health and wellness are our commitment.

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A Message from the Founder

We, at Bizrahmed know the importance of Plastic Surgery in the modern world, and we are committed to make all efforts to provide our patients with outmost safe, compelling, compassionate and
high-quality and professional med care.

Being a Pioneer in the region in Rhinoplasty, we take pride and hold ourselves accountable for performing the highest-class surgeries with excellent results for any ethnic group.

We understand the value of investment in state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled medical professionals to ensure that we make all efforts to care and promote health for everyone who visits our clinic.

Our mission is to provide high-quality healthcare at affordable cost and guide every patient on every step
throughout their medical journey with us.


What our patients say

من افضل المراكز التجميليه بدبي شكرا مركز بزره

Ana Salzeer

مركز برزة الطبي... انا مريض عملت عملية وتمت بالنجاح المركز من أفضل المراكز الموجودة بالامارات علما ان المركز يستقبل عدد كبير من الأشخاص من خارج دولة الإمارات أيضا الذين يقومون بزراعة الشعر وتصليح اعوجاج الأنف اتمنى التوفيق والنجاح لهذا المركز الرائع وأشكر الطاقم الطبي على الخدمات والرعاية التي يقدمونها

نصوح درويش

عملت زراعه شعر اخر شهر رمضان المبارك 1440 2019 م وكان فريق العمل والطاقم الطبي صادق ومتعاون لابعد حدود


سويت العملية عند الدكتور بشار لتعديل الحاجز الانفي والشكل الخارجي للانف تحت تخدير موضعي والحمدلله عملية ناجحة


عملت زراعة شعر عندن والنتيجة كانت ممتازة بنصح الكل يجي المركز ويشوف النتائج الحلوة

Alaa Touma

مركز خمس نجوم المعامله رائعه و جلسة التقشير للبشرة كانت مفيده جدا ، بنصح الجميع يعملو عندهم لان اسعارهم حلوه و دايما عندهم عروض بصراحه

Mohammed khodour

It was the first time to had a surgery, great experience with you Doctor, you gave me back the confidence. I highly recommend it guys.

Lila Magi

I have had my rhinoplasty surgery at Bizrahmed, it was very pleasant experience, the hospital and the stuff all was really great. don`t worry just get your appointment and head to BMC

Ghabi Nork

Dr. bizrah is extremely good on what he is doing and most importanly he makes sure that patient will feel comfortable and satisfied too. More power and success and thank you for doing a great job.

Lina Bassam
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