Bizrahmed is one of the leading cosmetic and plastic surgery centers in the UAE. Home of the world-renowned Dr. Bashar Bizrah, we are pioneers in closed Rhinoplasty And Hair Transplant. With 25+ years of experience, we are the most advanced &  one of the top Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery centre in the GCC region. We continue our successful journey in providing the highest international standards for your quality, safety, and privacy.

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It was the first time to had a surgery, great experience with you Doctor, you gave me back the confidence. I highly recommend it guys.

Lila Magi

I have had my rhinoplasty surgery at Bizrahmed, it was very pleasant experience, the hospital and the stuff all was really great. don`t worry just get your appointment and head to BMC

Ghabi Nork

Dr. bizrah is extremely good on what he is doing and most importanly he makes sure that patient will feel comfortable and satisfied too. More power and success and thank you for doing a great job.

Lina Bassam

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Established in 1993, our luxury international clinics have been providing aesthetic procedures and hair transplants for over 27 years. We pride ourselves on our high standards of patient care, our affordable fees, and our doctors’ outstanding experience. 

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